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Consolidating? Learn Why Sun and Oracle are the Best Choice
Benefits and Lists of Resources

The Oracle and Sun Alliance Web page now offers resources that illustrate why Sun and Oracle are the best choice when consolidating servers and groups of common applications. Learn the elements of a successfully operating IT center and how Sun and Oracle provide them. Sun and Oracle also provide the best-in-class hardware and software and the experience you can trust.

Best Uses of Java Technology Stored Procedures and Oracle PL/SQL
How to Get Unlimited Usage Patterns by Running Java Programming Language Code in the Database

Stored procedures allow a set of database operations to be processed in one call. The Oracle white paper "Unleashing the Power of Java Stored Procedures" discusses when it is best to use Oracle PL/SQL or Java technology stored procedures. Which one to use depends on skills of programmers at a company and application requirements.

Bankers Automated Clearing Services Chooses Oracle and Sun
Solution Includes SunPlex Systems and the Oracle9i Real Application Clusters

Bankers Automated Clearing Services (BACS), the clearinghouse that enables electronic payments for the entirety of the UK, recently needed to upgrade to a solution that could handle the projected five billion transactions the company expects to conduct annually by 2005. BACS turned to SunPlex systems and the Oracle9i Real Application Clusters to solve its problems.

Java Technology
"The Java Tutorial: A Practical Guide for Programmers"
Lessons Focus of Security in the Java 2 Software Development Kit 1.2

A group of lessons by Mary Dageforde focuses on security in Java 2 Software Development Kit (SDK) 1.2. "The Java Tutorial: A Practical Guide for Programmers" teaches readers how to use tools, how the built-in Java technology security features protect a user from malevolent programs and more.

Security Aspects of Creating Java Web Services
Achieving End-to-end Security

Chapter 18 from the Java Web Services Tutorial focuses on security. Authors Debbie Bode Carson and Eric Jendrock talk about deployment descriptors, authorization and the authentication service of the Tomcat server. The chapter also contains a section on "Users, Groups and Roles."

Enterprise Linux Forum Conference & Expo 2003
June 4-6, Santa Clara, CA

The Enterprise Linux Forum Conference & Expo 2003 will be held June 4-6, in Santa Clara, California. It aims to provide IT and business professionals with an understanding of all the issues and benefits related to the application of Linux and Linux-based datacenter solutions in the enterprise.

65th EAGE Conference & Exhibition
June 2-5, Stavanger, Norway

The 65th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) will be held June 2-5, in Stavanger, Norway. With a theme of "Geoscience, and its Role in Society" at this year's meeting, the event will focus on the human aspects of the profession and the importance of geosciences to society through presentations and discussions.

Internet World UK 2003
June 3-5, London, England

Internet World UK 2003 will be held in London, England, from June 3-5. The conference is designed to help attendees move their businesses to the next level of performance and profits. This multi-dimensional event will be comprised of six integrated shows and over 250 exhibitors, with three pillar events taking place at the same time.

Sun Storage Migration Services: Two Phases
From Project Planning to Testing and Sign-off

If you are planning a complex migration from one storage system to another, Sun Storage Migration Services can help make the migration successful. This service is designed for large Sun customers who are planning to install configurations of the Sun StorEdge T3 array, Sun StorEdge 3xxx series, Sun StorEdge 6xxx series and Sun StorEdge 9900 series storage systems. The service consists of two phases, the assessment phase and the implementation phase.

Trade Up Certain Sun StorEdge Products and Get a Free Assessment
Limited-time Offer

Sun Services is participating in the Trade Up, Consolidate and Save program and offering a one-day assessment service at no charge to customers participating in the IBB trade-up promotion of trading-in Sun StorEdge T3 arrays, Sun StorEdge A3500 series systems, Sun StorEdge A5000 series systems for specific Sun StorEdge 6120 or Sun StorEdge 6320 system configurations.

    Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software
    Protect Storage Assets and Minimize Downtime

    Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup software (formerly Solstice Backup software) automates data backup and recovery. Features include granular-level restore, automated media management and heterogeneous platform support. The software is available in four editions.

    Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager Software
    Simplify Sun Open Storage Area Network Infrastructure

    Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager software helps improve the availability and uptime of a Sun Open storage area network (SAN) infrastructure. The software provides a consolidated view of essential SAN management services, helping to streamline operational activities, improve efficiencies and reduce storage management costs.

    LTO Gen 2 LVD SCSI Drive for the Sun StorEdge L25 and Sun StorEdge L100 Tape Libraries
    200 GB/Cartridge Native Capacity

    The LTO Gen 2 LVD SCSI drive for the Sun StorEdge L25 and Sun StorEdge L100 tape libraries expands the capacities of the tape libraries. The drive has 200 GB/cartridge native capacity and 30 MB/sec native throughput, allowing more data to be stored on each cartridge, and faster transfer of data to/from each cartridge.

    Improving Translation with XLIFF
    Separating Text from Format for Localization

    XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF) is used for exchanging localization data. Translators often get files in many different formats, making translation more complex. XLIFF removes the complexities of localizing different types of source files by separating localizable text from formatting. It also gives localization engineers a common platform for localization. It enables software companies to exchange data with localization vendors.

      Understanding Locale in the Java Platform
      Create Multilingual Java Technology Applications

      Locales are identifiers for languages, regions and optional variant code. A Java technology application can have multiple locales active at the same time to create multicultural and multilingual Java technology applications. John O'Conner, staff engineer specializing in Java technology internationalization, explains locales, classes that are affected by the locale, locale constructors, using locales and more.

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