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Special Broadcasting Services (SBS) of Australia Develops iTV Solution
Uses Sun iForce Center, Sun Hardware, Java Technology

Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), a not-for-profit public broadcast company based in Australia, recently wished to develop the industry's first interactive television (iTV) solution. SBS chose Sun to design and implement the iTV proof-of-concept solution through its Sydney, Australia iForce Center. SBS and Sun were able to achieve significant reduction in time to market as well as other benefits.

Sun Fellow Nick Aneshansley Comments on his Appointment
Credits the Enterprise Systems Products Group for the Award

Nick Aneshansley, CTO Sun Enterprise Systems Products, was interviewed for the executive speeches segment following his appointment as a Sun Fellow. He recounts his experience with NCR and Cray and some of the accomplishments and goals of his group.

Developing an XML Schema for Document Interchange
OASIS Works to Free Users from Proprietary Solutions

Writing in the May 2003 XML Journal, Michael Brauer announces the goal of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) as the development of consensus on open standards that prevent documents from being locked up in proprietary file formats.

    Sun XACML 1.0 Implementation Provides Attribute Management Techniques
    Liberates Users from Proprietary Access Control Languages

    On February 18, 2003, the same day OASIS XACML was ratified by OASIS, the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, members of the Internet Security Research Group at Sun released XACML 1.0, which allows business and government users to create, deploy and enforce policies governing access to trusted assets while also providing information about them.

    Mozilla 1.2.1 Beta Software for the Solaris Operating System
    Faster and Streamlined Search Features

    The Mozilla 1.2.1 Beta software for the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) is now available. New features in this powerful, cross-platform browser include fast and efficient browsing; integrated mail; faster and streamlined search; more secured privacy; and enterprise functionality in one powerful cross-platform application suite.

    Jini Technology Starter Kit 2.0
    Beta Download Available

    The Davis project team at Sun is working on providing new programming models and infrastructure needed for a Jini technology security architecture. The Beta release contains new facilities, integrated with the services and utilities that will make up the 2.0 release of the Jini Technology Starter Kit and three proposals covering the associated specifications.

    Java Expo 2003 in Madrid, Spain
    May 27-28

    The Java Expo 2003 at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos, Campo de las Naciones in Madrid will feature business seminars and technical sessions. Speakers include John Gage and John Loiacono of Sun, Elie Simon, vice president, Sun, EMEA, and Adolfo Hernandez, Director General of Sun, Ibercia S.A. Topics include digital identity, financial services, mobility and broadband and iForce testimonials.

    HPC Consortium
    June 22-23, Heidelberg, Germany

    The HPC Consortium 2003 will focus on Computational Biology, Grids and HPTC software. The event will feature the inaugural meeting of the "Sun Extreme Working Group" or "SunX." SunX was designed by Sun Engineering to provide feedback about its products. Featured speakers include Wolfgang Gentzsch and Shahin Khan of Sun and others.

    Retail Systems 2003/VICS
    June 9-12, Chicago, Il

    The Retail Systems 2003/VICS Conference will take place June 9-12, 2003 at McCormick Place, Lakeside Center in Chicago, IL; the accompanying exhibition is scheduled for June 10-12.

      ClusterWorld Conference & Expo
      June 23-26, San Jose, CA

      The ClusterWorld Conference & Expo program will offer tracks in fields ranging from bioinformatics to petroleum exploration, CAD, aerospace and automotive engineering, digital content creation, and scientific visualization, distributed cluster computing and a special focus on emerging Grid computing technologies.

      International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology
      June 29 - July 3, Brisbane, Australia

      The International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB) is presenting the International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) June 29 - July 3, 2003 in Brisbane, Australia. The Institute for Molecular Bioscience and the Advanced Computational Modelling Centre of the University of Queensland will serve as local hosts.

      International Supercomputer Conference
      June 24-27, Heidelberg, Germany

      The International Supercomputer Conference (ISC2003) will feature sessions on "How to Protect Large Computer Centers" and Today's HPC Key Application: Earth System Modeling. Speakers from Sun include Marc Tremblay, Dir., Chief Architect and Senior Distinguished Engineer Processor and Network Products. There will also be a panel discussion on "Off-the-Shelf Processors for HPC."

      Entry Level Servers
      Architecture and Hardware Details: Sun Fire V60x Servers and Sun Fire V65x Servers
      Technical White Paper

      A 44-page technical white paper on the Sun Fire V60x server and Sun Fire V65x server compares product features and gives extensive hardware and architecture details for each server.

      The N1 Data Platform: Redefining Storage Systems
      Secure Provisioning, Capacity Pooling and Management

      The N1 Data Platform is the first Network Storage offering to roll out of Sun's N1 architecture roadmap as part of Sun's goal to deliver complete storage solutions designed to simplify management, increase utilization, and lower TCO. Get the details and hear what Bill Groth, Senior Director of Storage Systems, has to say about the N1 Data Platform.

      Sun StorEdge RAID Manager Software 6.22.1 Download
      Logical Unit (LUN) Creation Now Supported

      Sun StorEdge RAID Manager software version 6.22.1 manages the Sun StorEdge A3500FC array, Sun StorEdge A3x00 disk array and Sun StorEdge A1000 disk array. New features in the 6.22.1 release include Logical Unit (LUN) creation, SMART/PFA support, Dynamic Expansion Capabilities and more.

      Sun StorEdge Remote Response Service
      Support for Sun StorEdge 3900 Series or Sun StorEdge 6900 Series

      Sun offers remote support for the Sun StorEdge 3900 series and Sun StorEdge 6900 series in the form of the Sun StorEdge Remote Response service. The service proactively identifies operational anomalies to help prevent them from becoming business problems. It also helps maximize a storage system's availability.

      Education and Research
      University of Strathclyde Implements Sun IT Infrastructure Solutions
      Oracle and VERITAS Software Run Mission-critical Services

      The University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, chose Sun solutions for its mission-critical financial and student record systems. The university was the first organization in the world to cluster two Sun Fire 3800 servers situated a kilometer apart and that access a single database running Oracle Parallel Server.

      Jordanian University Chooses Sun Solutions
      School Invests in Sun Servers and Sun Ray Appliances

      Philadelphia University, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, has adopted Sun Ray Appliances to better provide its student population with an advanced programming and development environment. Having previously deployed Sun technology in the development of its computer labs, the university recently decided to invest in a centralized server environment using Sun servers and Sun Ray appliance thin client interconnections.

      Sun Ray Technology in Saskatchewan Schools
      Sun Ray 1 Appliances Provide Student Access at Lower Cost is a Web-based curriculum initiative jointly developed by Sun Microsystems and SaskTel, the Canadian telecommunications company. Forty-eight schools across four Saskatchewan districts access 3,300 Sun Ray 1 appliances, helping simultaneously to maintain hardware infrastructure, reduce student-to-computer ratios and eliminate technical support issues.

      Implementation Guide for Sun Cluster 3.0 Software
      Installation and Configuration

      A recent 58-page Sun BluePrints document provides an implementation and installation guide for the Sun Cluster 3.0 series. The module is designed to guide the reader through the tasks that need to be completed before installing the software. These include setting up the administrative workstation and configuring the Sun Cluster 3.0 hardware components.

      New Article Series Looks at OpenSSH
      "Secure Shell: Part 1"

      A series of articles on the Sun Web site details the Secure Shell, a suite of tools that provides secure encrypted communications between two untrusted hosts over an insecure network. The first article in the series offers information on OpenSSH, and most of the information included in the article is applicable to the Secure Shell packages included with Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS).

      Trusted Solaris 8 HW 12/02 Operating System Changes
      Trusted Solaris Standard Edition and Trusted Solaris Certified Edition

      There are two major changes taking place in the Trusted Solaris 8 HW 12/02 Operating System (Solaris OS) product line. There will be two Trusted Solaris Editions released by Sun: a Standard Edition and a Certified Edition. Trusted Solaris is also available on the x86 platform, in addition to the SPARC platform.

      Java Technology
      "Garbage Collection (GC) Analysis and Performance Tuning Using the GC Portal"
      Optimize Memory Allocation

      The article "Garbage Collection (GC) Analysis and Performance Tuning Using the GC Portal," by Alka Gupta, introduces Java language developers to GC Portal, a performance and analysis tool for optimization of garbage collection. The article appears on the Web site and includes background information, a readme and a download link to the GC Portal code.

      Java Card 2.2 Platform Specification Available for Download
      Provides Enhancements to Facilitate Design and Deployment

      The latest release of Java Card Platform Specification, describing the open, interoperable platform for smart cards, is now available for download. Java Card 2.2 Platform Specification provides a set of enhancements to facilitate the design and deployment of secure services using Java Card technology.

      Solstice Enterprise Manager 5.0 Software
      Central Access Control via LDAP

      Solstice Enterprise Manager 5.0 software is used by NEPs as the underlying management technology of a network. New features in version 5.0 include improved performance and the ability to write to multi-threaded applications. Version 5.0 can be integrated with Sun Management Center software.

      Simplify the Creation of Networked Wireless Applications
      Using the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition Wireless Connection Wizard for Sun ONE Studio

      Wireless software architect and developer, C. Enrique Ortiz, presents an overview of the typical elements of a networked wireless application and how the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Wireless Connection Wizard for Sun ONE Studio (formerly Forte for Java) software simplifies the creation of networked wireless applications, by automatically generating J2ME platform and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) code for you.

      New Product Marketplace
      Solution with Cerberian Web Filter and iMimic's EdgeReactor
      Helps Businesses Monitor Internet Usage in the Office

      Cerberian and iMimic Networking have introduced a solution to help business users control Internet use in the office while enforcing Internet use policies. The integrated solution works on an outsourced service model and features the Cerberian Web Filter and iMimic's EdgeReactor suite of edge services and caching software.

      SPSS Inc. Releases Predictive Web Analytics Solution
      Helps Organizations Turn Web Data Into Customer Intelligence

      SPSS Inc., a provider of predictive analytics, has released Predictive Web Analytics, a solution that allows organizations to transform their Web data into deeper customer intelligence. Predictive Web Analytics tries to provide meaningful historical and predictive insights to drive actions that maximize customer value and increase returns from Web investments.

      Citadel Security Software Releases Hercules 2.0
      Automated Vulnerability Remediation Across Windows, Solaris Operating System and Red Hat Linux.

      The automated vulnerability remediation (AVR) and policy compliance solutions provider, Citadel Security Software, has released Hercules 2.0. The AVR solution resolves all five classes of vulnerabilities. It is designed to provide users with the control, flexibility and scalability necessary for the resolution of vulnerabilities within an enterprise network across major platforms.

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