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White Paper Describes the Oracle Collaboration Suite
Focuses on Components, Installation, Administration and Maintenance

A recent white paper on the Sun Web site, "Oracle Collaboration Suite -- An Oracle Technical White Paper," discusses the Oracle Collaboration Suite's components, illustrates three possible scenarios for configuring the suite (simple, typical and high availability installation), administration and maintenance, implementation services and benefits. The document covers Oracle's integrated communications systems and its ability to connect email, voicemail, phone, fax, scheduling, calendaring and file management in a single product.

Darden Restaurants Controls Costs with Sun Platform and Oracle E-Business Suite
Oracle Financials Release 11i also Boosts Efficiency

Darden Restaurants Inc., the casual dining restaurant company, recently chose Sun and Oracle to better control costs and boost efficiency. After a thorough search for a solution that could handle the company's frequent addition of new restaurants to its chains, Darden selected and implemented Oracle Financials Release 11i running on Sun servers.

Specialized Bicycles Saves on Expenses with Oracle on Sun
B2C and B2B E-commerce, Web Site Content Managment Solutions

Specialized, a designer and supplier of high-performance mountain and racing bicycles, runs its entire business with Oracle on Sun. As an early adopter of this configuration, Specialized has continued to use Oracle and Sun to their advantage over the years, offering B2C via Oracle iStore, bringing Web site content management in-house and recently deploying B2B e-commerce.

TeamQuest and Sun Reference Architectures
For Evaluating, Selecting, Designing and Deploying New Technologies

TeamQuest Performance Software has been included by Sun within several Reference Architectures that utilize both Sun and TeamQuest technology. The Reference Architectures aid in evaluating, selecting, designing and deploying new technologies in the workplace. The solutions are designed to let enterprises confidently implement customized, pre-tested solutions.

McNealy Interview Focuses on Linux
Sun CEO Discusses UNIX Systems, Competition and Linux Strategy

Sun's president and CEO Scott McNealy recently answered some Linux questions posed by the Inner Circle newsletter. Among the topics discussed were Linux's growth at Sun's expense, Linux's role in Sun's overall strategy and the short- and long-term impacts of Linux on both UNIX vendors and Microsoft.

"Digital Rights Management: Managing the Digital Distribution Value Chain"
Sun White Paper Examines the Trends and Drivers Effecting the Digital Media Market

A Sun white paper titled, "Digital Rights Management: Managing the Digital Distribution Value Chain" discusses Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology and the trends and drivers that are affecting the digital media market. DRM technology reviews, an overview of related Sun products and application examples are all included as well.

Java Technology
JFluid Project Releases Java Programming Language Profiling Tool
Developers Can Perform On-the-fly Introspection

The JFluid Project has developed a profiling tool for the Java programming language that is the first of its kind. JFluid enables developers to profile an arbitrary subset of a given program and change it on-the-fly while the program is running.

Using Java APIs to Develop Operation Support System Solutions
Java Community Process Helps Create Standards

A number of companies in the Operations Support System (OSS) market -- Sun, Nokia, Cisco and others -- have joined in support of the OSS Through Java (OSS/J) Initiative under the auspices of the Java Community Process (JCP) and the management of Phillip Lalande of Sun Microsystems. The initiative's goal is to find interchangeable, off-the-shelf business components for quick assembly into OSS solutions based on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE).

Free and Open Source S/W
Open Source Software Report from The Dravis Group
Adoption Driven by Cost Factor

The open source software report released in April 2003 from The Dravis Group LLC illustrates the diverse uses of open source software in many areas, including government and private industry. Case studies in the report feature Verisign, the U.S. Postal Service and the city of Largo, Florida. The report found that cost is a significant factor driving the adoption of open source software.

Nessus Remote Security Scanner Software
Modular Architecture

The remote security scanner software, "Nessus," audits a given network and determines whether it can be broken into or misused in some way. Nessus is free, is updated daily, and has a modular architecture that allows you to fit it to your needs.

Four Sun Webcasts in May
Focus on StarOffice, Web Services Integration, N1, High Availability

Four Internet Webcasts will be held in May. "EMEA Net Talk: StarOffice Software: The Office Productivity Suite Alternative" and "Web Services-Based Integration: The Key to Unlocking ROA" will be held on May 22. "N1 in the Real World: Strategy and Evidence" will be held on May 28 and "Designing for High Availability: Why, What and How" will be held May 29.

June 1-5, Atlanta, Georgia

Supercomm 2003 will be held from June 1-5 in Atlanta, Georgia. The conference invites attendees to evaluate the trends and innovations shaping the future of communications. Product and service areas at the conference include broadband networks, IP telephony and networks, wireless networks and infrastructure, network management, optical networking and fiber and many more.

HIMSS Summer Conference 2003
June 9-10, Chicago, Illinois

The HIMSS Summer Conference 2003 will be held June 9 and 10, in Chicago, Illinois. The conference will offer events like an ACPOE symposium and golf outing, keynote presentations from noted speakers, solutions showrooms and education tracks on patient safety, IT strategy, electronic health record and emerging technologies.

June 2003 NANOG28 Meeting
June 1-3, Salt Lake City, Utah

The June 2003 NANOG28 Meeting will take place June 1-3, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The meeting will provide a forum for the exchange of technical information and the discussion of implementation issues that require cooperation. The meeting will include tutorials on a range of subjects such as Issues in IPv6 Deployment, Introduction to MPLS and BGP Multihoming Techniques.

Two Linux Events
Ottawa Linux Symposium and Linuxbierwanderung 2003

The Ottawa Linux Symposium will be held July 23-26, in Ottawa Canada. It is a hard core technology event targeting software developers working on the Linux kernel and major operating system infrastructure and research projects. Another Linux event, Linuxbierwanderung 2003, will be held August 9-17, in Tajov, Slovakia.

On Line Citizenship
May 30-31, Venice, Italy

The City of Venice and TeleCities have organized "On Line Citizenship: Emerging Technologies for European Cities," a conference that will be held May 30-31, in Venice, Italy. The event, sponsored by Sun, aims to bring together European municipal representatives to discuss how emerging technologies can be better used at the political and technical level to provide integrated local development to citizens.

1.05 GHz and 1.2 GHz Uniboards for Some Sun Fire Servers
Lower List Price, More Memory per Uniboard

Uniboard configurations are available at a lower list price. 1.05 GHz and 1.2 GHz Uniboards for the Sun Fire 4800 servers, Sun Fire 6800 servers, Sun Fire 12K servers and Sun Fire 15K servers provide customers greater flexibility to meet their processor/memory requirements.

Repricing: Sun Fire V480 Servers and Sun Fire V880 Servers
Get Better Price/Performance

The Sun Fire V480 and Sun Fire V880 servers are being repriced to offer even better price performance. Both of these Sun Fire servers offer high performance with the UltraSPARC III processor.

Sun Offers Consolidated Storage Solutions at a Discount
Sun StorEdge 6120 Arrays, 6320 Systems at 35 Percent Off

Sun is offering its customers a discount of up to 35 percent on an easily deployable storage solution that features open, modular flexibility and ease of management with availability to mission-critical applications in the combination package of the Sun StorEdge 6120 array and the Sun StorEdge 6320 system.

Sun StorEdge 6320 System Gets Two New Standard Configurations
73 GB 10K RPM and 146 GM 10K RPM Drives Now Available

Sun now offers the Sun StorEdge 6320 system in two new standard configurations that feature either the 73 GB 10K rpm or the 146 GB 10K rpm drive. Liberal trade-in allowances apply.

New for the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Arrays
73 GB Sun Customer Ready Systems Program Configurations

There are now 73 GB Sun Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program configurations and x-options for the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array available to users of Sun volume server products.

    Sun StorEdge L8 Tape Autoloader Offers More Capacity, Throughput
    Single-drive Unit Can Accommodate 425 GB Database

    The new Sun StorEdge L8 Tape Autoloader with the Sun StorEdge SDLT 320 drive offers increased overall capacity to 1.28 TB native and provides 16 MB/sec. native throughput. The solution comes bundled with either Sun StorEdge Enterprise Backup Software (EBS) Business Edition or VERITAS NetBackup BusinesServer.

    Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS) End-of-Software-Support
    Solaris 9 OS Release 4/03 Removes Numerous Features

    A number of features have been removed from software support with release 4/03 of Solaris 9 Operating System (Solaris OS).

    Building a Global Compute Grid -- Two Examples
    Using the Sun ONE Grid Software and the Globus Toolkit

    In their 19-page Sun BluePrints OnLine article, Charu Chaubal and Radoslaw Rafinski begin with a generalized discussion of grid computing that makes the necessary distinctions among cluster, enterprise and global grids, noting the three aspects of resource sharing: compute, data and access. Chaubal and Rafinski concentrate on the access aspect of the grid in their article.

    "Sun Fire 6800/4810/4800/3800 Auto Diagnosis and Recovery Features"
    With System Controller Firmware 5.15.0 and Solaris Operating System Kernel Updates

    In a 14-page Sun BluePrints OnLine article, Peter Gonscherowski describes the system availability enhancements provided in the system controller (SC) firmware version 5.15.0 release and Solaris 8 Operating System (Solaris OS) kernel updates for the Sun Fire 6800/4810/4800/3800 servers.

    Network Configuration on the Solaris OS Platform
    A How-to for Setting Up Network Interfaces

    Eric Rinker has written an article entitled "Network Configuration on the Solaris Platform" for users responsible for using the command-line interface to set up network interfaces and who have a firm grasp of the Solaris Operating System (Solaris OS). Readers must also understand the boot process as it involves boot scripts and know how to create and edit system files. Root access is mandatory for application of the information.

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