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Sun Works Closely With Customers To Provide E-manufacturing Solutions
May 5, 2003,
Volume 63, Issue 1

The Sun Web site outlines the company's position in the manufacturing industry. While the industry experiences a revolution fueled by a more global economy, Sun focuses on helping companies to create an open environment that can support systems from a variety of sources. Sun aims to provide proven, reliable, scalable solutions that manufacturers can rely on to help them collaborate, design and build intelligently.

The manufacturing industry is undergoing significant growth as it adapts to meet the demands of companies requiring a more aggressive, outward approach to their businesses. Companies increasingly turn to the Web and open, networked-based tools and technologies to better assist them towards the new generation of e-manufacturing.

E-manufacturing uses electronically transmitted knowledge to design products, transmit orders, procure components and drive production machines, as well as to provide remote product maintenance in the field. It allows factories to link to one another, to their supply chains, to dealers and to customers. E-manufacturing helps companies to meet customer demands to mass-customize items in quantities as small as one.

Sun has made it a practice of working close with manufacturing customers to better deliver the tools, technologies, strategies and solutions needed to better meet the fluid demands of the industry.

Using its successes in the open network computing systems space, Sun has become a leading supplier of computers for technical applications in the full range of manufacturing industries, including both Discrete and Process segments. Discrete Manufacturing is comprised of Transportation (automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding and railroads); High Technology (consumer, industrial, medical electronics and communications) and Semiconductors; and Machinery (industrial, commercial, mining, construction and agricultural). Sun's vertical industry focus within the Process segment includes Energy, specifically oil and gas, and Life Sciences (consumer product goods and pharmaceuticals).

Sun has several initiatives in place to better support the externally oriented applications common to e-manufacturing, including B2B (business/supplier), B2C (customer), B2D (distributor), B2E (employee) and B2F (factory). Sun continues to work closely with its key partners and systems integrators to build best-of-breed solutions that can effectively meet customer needs.

Sun is currently involved in the following specific manufacturing initiatives:

  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): Internet-based Product Development Process

  • Order to Deliver (OTD): Supply Chain Management and Execution

  • Retail Portals: "The Automotive Dealership Portal"

  • eMES: The High-Tech Electronics Shop Floor Automation

  • Telematics: The JavaTM Technology-based Intelligent Network Vehicle

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