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In Search of the Universal Business Language: Which XML Schema Will Do?
An Interview with Jon Bosak, Sun XML Architect

eWEEK Lab Director John Taschek sought some answers from Jon Bosak, XML architect at Sun Microsystems, on the likelihood that XML would turn out to be the long-sought Universal Business Language (UBL).

    Digex Achieves SunTone Initiative Recertification
    Gains Cost and Operational Efficiencies Through SunTone Methodology

    Digex, a Web and application hosting service provider to roughly ten percent of the Fortune 1000, is one of the first companies in its field to achieve SunTone recertification.

    Itanium Platform Comes Under Fire from Sun
    Shahin Khan Calls Migration to HP-UX/Itanium Platform "Risky"

    Shahin Khan, chief competitive officer at Sun Microsystems, is far from convinced by HP and Intel that their proposed migration from PA-RISC and Alpha-based systems to the HP-UX/Itanium platform is either inexpensive or without risk. The two-year-old technology has failed to make an impressive impact on the market, according to Khan, and according to a Gartner projection, will account for a mere 7.6 percent of server revenue by 2006.

    Transitioning: Sun Cluster Application and Data Center Readiness Services
    Replaced with Sun Cluster Implementation Services

    Sun transitioned the Sun Cluster Application Readiness Service (ARS) and the Sun Cluster Data Center Readiness Service (DCRS), both fixed and custom priced, from its price list effective February 11, 2003. The last order date for both is May 16, 2003; the last ship date, August 15, 2003. The services have been replaced by the Sun Cluster Implementation Service (CIS).

    Java Technology
    "Portability Verification of Applications for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition"
    Portable Code to Other Application Servers at Zero Cost

    To develop multi-tier enterprise applications, the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) provides a comprehensive specification. One of the most important benefits offered by the J2EE platform is application portability. Qusay H. Mahmoud lists some of the benefits of portability, talks about using the Reference Implementation, best practices and more.

    February 2003 Java Technology Tech Tips
    MIDP 2.0, IXC, SMS and More

    Some recent tech tips about Java technology cover topics such as using the subclass CustomItem in MIDP 2.0, Inter-Xlet Communication (IXC), a proposed set of standard conventions for writing JavaServer Pages (JSP) frameworks, the Java Specification Request 124, Short Message Service (SMS) and the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) API optional package.

    New iForce ERP/Supply Chain Network Includes over 40 Sun Partners
    Partner Community Delivers Expertise, Solutions for ERP Efforts

    Sun and more than 40 of its premier partners have created the Sun iForce Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)/Supply Chain (SC) Network for ISV, SI and reseller partners. Based on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), the partner network will provide customers with integrated, efficient and secure ERP/SCM solutions.

    Emerson Selects Sun to Power its Global ERP Project
    Platform Standardization Offers Increased Economies of Scale

    Emerson has drawn on the resources of the Sun-Oracle Applications Center (SOATC) to develop an IT blueprint for its global enterprise resource planning (ERP) project. The manufacturer ultimately replaced numerous stand-alone legacy systems with Sun systems running the Oracle E-Business Suite to provide its worldwide divisions easier shared access to applications and computing power.

    Sun and the Manugistics Group Develop Collaborative Planning Solution
    Aims at Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Other High-tech Manufacturers

    Sun and the Manugistics Group Inc. have produced a collaborative planning solution that can enable the development and delivery of Java technology Web Services. Designed for Sun systems and optimized to run on the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), the solution can be sized for small, medium and enterprise-sized deployments.

    Sun and GE Utilize Sun ONE Portal Server
    To Improve Supply Chain Processes

    At the recent manufacturing trade show, Sun demonstrated how it is using the Sun ONE Portal Server (formerly iPlanet Portal Server) to streamline its own supply chain processes and reduce costs. Another company leveraging the Sun ONE Portal Server is the General Electric Company with its employee portal.

    Sun Management Center Enterprise Suite L.E. Software Promotion
    Priced for Systems with 2 CPUs or Less

    Sun is offering a promotion on Sun Management Center Enterprise Suite L.E. (Low End) software, priced for systems with 2 CPUs or less. This is a promotional part number that will be replaced when Sun Management Center software version 3.5 is released in mid 2003. This promotion will run until December 31, 2003.

    Four New Agents for the SunPlex Platform
    Supports IBM's WebSphere MQ, WebSphere MQ Integrator, Samba and DHCP

    Four new agents are now available for the SunPlex platform. The agents provide support for IBM's WebSphere MQ messaging platform, WebSphere MQ Integrator messaging broker, Samba and DHCP. These agents should allow new and existing Sun customers to take advantage of the broader scope of the SunPlex platform.

    Transitioning of the Solaris 7 Operating Environment
    And Transition of Solaris Easy Access Server version 2.0 Software

    Sun is transitioning the Solaris 7 Operating Environment (Solaris OE). It has been superseded by later versions of the Solaris OE. In conjunction, the Solaris Easy Access Server version 2.0 software and version 3.0 RTUs are also being transitioned.

    Sun Remote Services Net Connect 3.0
    For Viewing System Status and Configurations

    Version 3.0 of Sun Remote Services (SRS) Net Connect is replacing version 2.0. New features include simplified hardware failure monitors, availability reporting, improved access control and system grouping, and others. SRS Net Connect is activated and used via the Web where you can view system status and configurations, trend and patch information, and alarms.

    Frequently Asked Questions about the SunPCi Hardware Card
    Memory, Compatibilty and More

    Do you have questions about the SunPCi card? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions list on the Sun Web page and get answers to questions about system support, compatibility, slots, memory and more.

    Transition: High Density 181 GB 7200 RPM Fibre Channel Hard Disk Drive

    Sun is transitioning the high density 181 GB 7200 rpm Fibre Channel Hard Disk Drive (HDD) from its price list. The Sun StorEdge T3 array, Sun StorEdge 3900 and Sun StorEdge 6900 product lines with the 73 GB 10K rpm Hard Disk Drive could be used as an alternative offering. The last order date is May 30, 2003.

    Throughput Computing: Sun's UltraSPARC Processor Strategy
    Plans for Future Enhancements

    The new UltraSPARC processors from Sun are built specifically to maximize throughput (the aggregate amount of work done) for network computing workloads. The processors are chip multithreading (CMT) processors and can execute tens of threads simultaneously, enabling tremendous increases in data processing per second. Over the next few years Sun plans to introduce even faster chips.

    UltraSPARC III Cu Processor User Manual
    Version 2.0

    "UltraSPARC III Cu processor User Manual" covers the architecture and operation of the UltraSPARC III Cu processor. The guide is geared toward programmers who write software for the UltraSPARC III Cu processor. Version 2.0 (dated February 2003) of the manual is 721 pages. Other topics include supervisor software, memory models, data formats, registers and instruction types.

    "The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Primer"
    Kernel Details and Remedial Actions

    The SunPCi IIpro coprocessor card product development team presents the "The Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Primer" which was developed while they were qualifying SunPCi software and hardware. The guide is 19 pages and its goal is to reveal some of the details on what a "Blue Screen Of Death" (BSOD) means and some remedial actions that may help in recovery and/or diagnosis.

    Register Online for the JavaOne Conference
    June 10-13, San Francisco, CA

    Online registration for the JavaOne Conference is now open. The event will be in San Francisco in June. Get the latest news and updates from Sun, the source for Java technology, and the industry. Learn why the Java programming language is the language most used by developers, now having surpassed the usage of C/C++.

    SunNetwork 2003 Conference and Pavilion
    April 8-9, Shanghai, PRC

    The SunNetwork 2003 Conference and Pavilion will be held April 8-9 in Shanghai, PRC. The conference will focus on getting the most out of the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Linux OS for the SPARC platform, Solaris OE x86 platform, the Sun Open Net Environment (SunONE) platform, Java platform and other open technologies.

    O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference
    April 22-25, Santa Clara, CA

    The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference will be held April 22-25 in Santa Clara, CA. The conference will explore and help create the new Internet infrastructure and culture. Keynote speakers will give presentations and four tracks will be available to discuss all aspects of emerging technology and the future.

    SIA Technology Management Conference and Exhibit
    June 17-19, New York City

    The SIA Technology Management Conference and Exhibit will be held June 17-19 in New York. The conference will bring together executives responsible for managing information and technology within the securities industry.

      PlanetStorage 2003
      June 9-12, Las Vegas NV

      PlanetStorage 2003 in Las Vegas this June will feature 16 full-time Gartner storage analysts who will discuss how to architect, procure and implement effective storage network infrastructures. Keynote speakers will be from IBM, Gartner, Quantum/ATL and others.

      ServerSide Symposium
      June 27-29, Boston, MA presents its symposium in Boston, MA, on June 27-29. It will focus on server-side Java technologies and development practices, including Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), open source frameworks, methodologies, Web Services and more.

      Sun Fire 15K Server Systems Now Support 576 GB Per Domain
      Benefits Applications that Need More Memory

      576 GB per single domain is now a supported memory configuration on Sun Fire 15K server systems, effective immediately.

      Repricing for 1.05 GHz-based Building Blocks for Sun Fire 3800 Servers-Sun Fire 15K Servers
      Price Reduction on 2 GB and 4 GB Memory Expansion Kits for UltraSPARC III Processor-based Systems

      For Sun Fire 3800 server through Sun Fire 15K server customers, the price reduction of the 1.05 GHz building blocks and base packages brings the 1.05 GHz systems to a lower price point than the 900 MHz systems. Also being repriced are the 2 GB and 4 GB memory expansion kits for UltraSPARC III processor-based systems.

      Sun Fire 4800 and 6800 Server New Base Packages (1.05 GHz and 1.2 GHz)
      Assemble-To-Order (ATO)

      Sun announces new base packages for Sun Fire 4800 servers and Sun Fire 6800 servers with UltraSPARC III Cu 1.05 GHz/8 MB and 1.2 GHz/8 MB processors.

      Repricing of Sun Fire B1600 Intelligent Shelf
      Standard Configuration & Factory Integration Part, with 8 Blades

      The Sun Fire B1600 Intelligent Shelf, standard configuration part with eight blades is being repriced. Two previously announced part numbers are being repriced: A44-SCONF4-8X102S and A44SCONF48X102S-IP.

      From the Sun BluePrints Program: "Securing the Sun Fire 12K and 15K Domains"
      "Securing the Sun Fire 12K and 15K System Controller"

      Alex Noordergraaf and Dina Nimeh have written two Sun BluePrints OnLine articles on enhancing the security of the Sun Fire 12K and Sun Fire 15K servers: "Securing the Sun Fire 12K and 15K System Controllers" and "Securing the Sun Fire 12K and 15K Domains."

      "Understanding Gigabit Ethernet Performance on Sun Fire Servers"
      Sun BluePrints Document Examines Gigabit Ethernet Behavior

      Sun has released a 26-page Sun BluePrints document on the Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF adapters hardware on a Sun Fire system. Along with a product overview, the article "Understanding Gigabit Ethernet Performance on Sun Fire Servers" examines the network performance and network behavior of the Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF adapter on a Sun Fire server and other Sun servers.

      Sun RAS System Analysis Automated Service
      Proactive Management and Prioritized Report Results

      Sun RAS System Analysis is an automated service from Sun that combines technology, automation and expert knowledge designed to increase system reliability, availability and serviceability. It provides customers with a continuous assessment of server configuration.

        Trusted Solaris 8 Operating Environment and Common Criteria
        Update Expected in First Half of 2003

        The Trusted Solaris 8 Operating Environment extends the capabilities of the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) to provide superior safeguards against internal and external threats beyond the protection commonly found in standard operating systems. Work on the next update to Trusted Solaris 8 OE has begun, with availability expected in the first half of 2003.

        "System Administration Guide: Security Services"
        SEAM, PAM and More

        The "System Administration Guide: Security Services" is part of a multivolume set that covers a significant part of the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) system administration information. It covers Diffie-Hellman authentication, the PAM framework, Basic Security Module (BSM) and more.

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