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mBalance and Sun Deliver Wireless Solution, Hardware to O2 Netherlands
Infrastructure Delivers GSM, SMS, WAP

O2 Netherlands has turned to mBalance and Sun to provide the TextPass Intelligent SMS Monitoring, Statistics and Routing solution it requires to deliver mobile anytime, anywhere services such as GSM, SMS, WAP, GPRS (and soon UMTS) to its clients.

    Sun and Bytemobile Inc. Target Mobile and Enterprise Markets
    Macara Optimization Service Node Software Runs on Sun Servers

    Sun and Bytemobile Inc. will deploy Bytemobile's Macara Optimization Service Node (OSN) software running on Sun Netra 1405 servers for the mobile operator environment and the Sun Fire V100 and Sun Fire V120 servers for the enterprise environment at Sun's Wireless Solution Center in Menlo Park, California.

    Vehicle Consumer Services Interface from Sun and Ford
    Offering Customized Information Services

    Sun has partnered with Ford Research Laboratory to create the Vehicle Consumer Services Interface. The architecture allows for a range of information services and devices to be added to a vehicle design. Devices such as cell phones, pagers and PDAs could all be enabled to offer future car buyers custom information services from their vehicles.

    Sun and Softwired Integrate iBus//Mobile Solution with Sun Open Net Environment
    Enterprise Mobile Users Realize Seamless Access to Web Services

    Sun has collaborated with Softwired to incorporate the Swiss company's iBus//Mobile solution into the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform. This venture will promote seamless access to Web Services for enterprise mobile users of Java Message Service (JMS) applications.

    Sun, Sybase and SPSS Develop New Fraud Solution
    Healthcare Industry Will Benefit First

    A collaboration between Sun Microsystems, Sybase and SPSS has resulted in the development of an analytical business solution that will allow healthcare organizations to detect and fight back against fraud. The Predictive Fraud Detection solution may also help healthcare organizations comply with federally mandated Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements.

    AdvanceMed Markets CompareCare with Sybase Solution, Sun Servers
    Serves Large-volume Payer Needs with Enterprise Power at Low Cost

    AdvanceMed Corporation has chosen the Sybase Solution for Economical Data Management to power its CompareCare analytic and reporting solution, which runs on the 8-way Sun Fire V880 server and Sun Fire V480 servers.

    Sun and Nokia: Mobile Content Delivery for Wireless Service Providers
    Sun Services to Resell Nokia Delivery Server

    Sun and Nokia have signed an agreement on digital content delivery for wireless applications and services. Sun Services will resell the Nokia Delivery Server as part of Sun's new Data Service Delivery Framework (DSDF) to service providers and operators.

    Amdocs Enabler Benchmarks on Sun Servers
    Large Deployments of Billing and CRM Tests

    The Amdocs Enabler from billing and CRM product provider Amdocs and its extended configurations (Amdocs Mobile and Amdocs Wireline) demonstrated unmatched scalability and performance capabilities in recent benchmark tests running on Sun servers. The tests utilized real-world customer scenarios and were monitored by a number of Amdocs tier 1 customers.

    Texas Instruments Migrates IT Infrastructure to SAP, Sun Servers
    Improvements in Overall Business Operations Result from Upgrade

    Texas Instruments has migrated the systems for its accounting, logistics, material management, sales and distribution, and production planning and control functions to SAP 4.0B using Sun Fire V880 servers and Sun Fire 6800 servers running the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

    Mark Tolliver on the Business Impact of N1
    Sun's Philosophical View

    At Sun's Network Computing 03 Web event on February 10, 2003, Sun's Chief Strategy Officer Mark Tolliver talked about Sun's business vision and demonstrated how all the pieces of the network computing strategy fit together.

    Steve McKay Explains N1 Distributed Computing Architecture
    Sun Works Hand-in-hand with Clients in Transforming Data Centers

    Seeking to demystify what Sun has defined for a year or more as "a vision, an architecture and a set of products," Mark Jones, Tom Yager and Steve Gillmor of InfoWorld pressed Steve McKay, Sun vice president for N1, for a more specific and less rarefied explanation of exactly what N1 is.

    Sun Technologies in the Healthcare Industry
    Portals, iForce Partners and Other Strategic Solutions

    The use of information technology (IT) in the healthcare sector is rapidly changing. IT is increasingly being leveraged for better process management and more customer-focused product and service applications. Sun and its ISV partners are providing a broad range of e-transaction solutions to new challenges facing payors.

    Hershey Foods Corporation Attains SunTone Certification
    Information Week Ranks Hershey 17th Out of 500 in IT Innovation

    Seeking to improve the efficiency of its IT enterprise systems through SunTone certification, Hershey underwent a SunReady Availability Assessment. Sun Services then certified Hershey's data center infrastructure as an efficient and cost-effective enterprise environment at the 2.0 Level and awarded the company SunTone Certification.

    CeBIT 2003
    March 12-19, Hannover, Germany

    CeBIT 2003 will be held in the Hannover Congress Centrum in Germany. Exhibitors in Internet park will showcase Java technology solutions, Linux, 3-D graphics, m-commerce, banking and financial services, IT security and more. Researchers will be featured at the "future parc."

    The ICT World Forum at CeBIT
    March 10-11 in Hannover, Germany

    ICT World Forum @ CeBIT 2003 will be held March 10-11 in Hannover, Germany. The program is an invitation-only event for chief level leaders in ICT. This event will take place just before CeBIT. Speakers from Alcatel, Samsung and more are scheduled.

    Creating Java Platform Web Services Free Seminar
    February 25 in Santa Clara, CA

    Sun and Systinet will co-sponsor a free, half-day tutorial for Java platform developers that will focus on creating and deploying SOAP Web Services on February 25 at Sun's Santa Clara, CA, campus.

    "The Evolving Solaris Kernel: Past, Present & Future"
    Free Seminar: March 5 in Sacramento, CA

    Senior Sun Engineers, Jim Mauro and Richard McDougall, will be featured in a seminar on the changes to the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) up to the Solaris 9 OE. The complimentary and exclusive breakfast seminar is scheduled for Wednesday March 5, 2003, in Sacramento, CA. They authored the book, "Solaris Internals: Core Kernel Architecture."

    Two Sun and SunGard Seminars
    SWIFTNet and STP are the Highlights

    With SWIFTNet migration mandatory in 2004, and penalty fees coming for those who haven't complied by Q4 2004, SunGard Business Integration and Sun Microsystems are presenting three half-day executive seminars starting in February. SunGard will also be presenting a breakfast on the latest advances in straight-through processing (STP) in March.

    Food Marketing Institute's MARKETECHNICS 2003
    February 23-25, Dallas, TX

    The Food Marketing Institute's MARKETECHNICS trade event focuses on the products and services specific to the retail/wholesale community. Sun and other companies such as American Express, IBM, Microsoft and NCR will be exhibiting technologies at this event.

    MassWIT's Women's Leadership Conference
    March 6, Burlington, MA

    MassWIT is hosting its inaugural Women's Leadership Conference on March 6, to coincide with International Women's Day. The event, sponsored by Sun, will explore how women lead and live, as well as emerging trends in technology. The full-day event will feature top women speakers, an evening expo with reception and other festivities.

      Instant Messaging Planet Spring 2003 Conference & Expo
      February 24 - 25, Boston, MA

      The Instant Messaging Planet Spring 2003 Conference & Expo will be held on February 24 - 25 in the Park Plaza Hotel in Boston. The focus will be on both the technical and business aspects of IM.

      Sun Fire V1280 Server Technical Details
      Hot-swap CPU/memory boards with Dynamic Reconfiguration

      The Sun Fire V1280 server is an entry-level server that provides enterprise-class features such as Hot-swap CPU/memory boards with Dynamic Reconfiguration, System Configuration Card (SCC) for rapid transfer of system identity, LOM and more. It offers a balanced performance of processors, memory, network and storage.

      High Performance Sun Fire 12K and Sun Fire 15K Server Models
      Memory Placement Optimization

      The performance of the Sun Fire 12K server and Sun Fire 15K server has been improved with the addition of a Memory Placement Optimization (MPO), a feature of the Solaris 9 12/02 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) which is needed to take full advantage of these new models. Other improvements include new features to the warranty.

      Entry Level Servers
      Introducing Sun Fire B1600 Intelligent Shelf
      The Foundation of the Sun Fire Blade Platform

      The Sun Fire B1600 Intelligent Shelf is geared towards users wishing to reduce time-to-market while accommodating growth and lowering costs. The shelf is a 16 slot, 3U chassis offering 5x server density over typical 1 processor 1U servers. Integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch fabric and fully redundant components are also featured.

      Upgrade Kit Promotion: From Sun Fire V880 Server to Sun Fire V880z Server System
      Add a Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator Board

      For customers who want to upgrade and enhance the functionality of their existing Sun Fire V880 server system to be equivalent with the Sun Fire V880z system, Sun is offering an upgrade promotion. The Sun Fire V880 server to Sun Fire V880z server system upgrade kit includes Sun XVR-4000 Graphics Accelerator board, Removable Media (RME) console bezel and associated software.

      Sun StorEdge 3310 NAS
      For the Sun Fire Blade Server Platform

      Sun has released a new network array storage product, the Sun StorEdge 3310 NAS, that is designed to complement Sun Fire Blade Server products. The NAS solution is rack-dense and scalable, and represents an "entry-level" solution. Customers should be able to implement incremental storage for the support of their servers, cutting down on the individual configurations and complex components of other storage types.

      Sun StorEdge LTO Generation 2 SCSI Tape Drive
      For Sun StorEdge L180 and Sun StorEdge L700 Tape Libraries

      Sun StorEdge Linear Tape Open (LTO) Generation 2 SCSI Tape Drive for Sun StorEdge L180 tape libraries and Sun StorEdge L700 Tape libraries features a 30 MB/sec. transfer rate and a 200 GB capacity (doubling the capacity and performance of the LTO Generation 1 Drive). Sun is also offering a 10 Pack LTO Gen 2 media with 200 GB capacity.

      Repricing Sun StorEdge T3 and Sun StorEdge 3900 and 6900 Series
      Extending Momentum

      Sun is reducing the price of the Sun StorEdge T3 array, Sun StorEdge 3900 and Sun StorEdge 6900 series. These storage arrays and systems have been very well received by the market. This pricing action will enable Sun to extend momentum and continue to provide customers with affordable storage products that meet market and business requirements.

        Free and Open Source S/W
        JBoss: Java Technology-Based Application Server
        Two Million Downloads In 2002

        JBoss 3.0 is quickly becoming an application server of choice as indicated by its number of downloads. JBoss Group LLC announced that more than two million people downloaded JBoss 3.0 in 2002. It provides high-quality, Java technology-based, cost-effective platform for developing scalable, secure Web applications.

        "Building OpenSSH -- Tools and Tradeoffs"
        Using the Essential Components in Their Latest Versions

        In his new Sun BluePrints OnLine article, "Building OpenSSH -- Tools and Tradeoffs," Jason Reid updates the information in the July 2001 Sun BluePrints OnLine article he co-wrote with Keith Watson, "Building and Deploying OpenSSH for the Solaris Operating Environment."

        GNOME Foundation and Bitstream Release Ten Fonts
        Enhancing Graphics Capabilities

        The GNOME Foundation and Bitstream will release ten fonts (serif, sans serif and monospaced) under an open source license after they have been adapted to meet the requirements for technical use. The GNOME Foundation will incorporate the fonts into future GNOME releases.

        samhain File Integrity/Intrusion Detection System
        Developed for Linux and UNIX-based Systems

        samhain has been developed for use as a file integrity/intrusion detection system for Linux and UNIX systems with such optional uses as a client/server system that can provide centralized monitoring for multiple hosts.

        "Java Performance Tuning" Addresses Performance Problems
        How to Speed Up Applications

        Jack Shirazi has updated his book "Java Performance Tuning" with a second edition. The original book, which taught experienced Java programming language developers how to improve on the speed and performance of their Java technology applications, is now supplemented with several new chapters on topics such as optimizing the performance of distributed systems.

        Ethernet and Messaging Technologies Books
        Planning Ethernet Networks and Multimedia Content

        Two books from Wiley address the needs of network planners working on Ethernet networks and content providers and others working on messaging applications.

        "Linux Server Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools"
        Rob Flickenger Takes His Readers Beyond the Basics

        In his book, "Linux Server Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools," Rob Flickenger has compiled a tool for Linux system administrators that goes beyond the basics available online and provides his readers with information that will enable them to manage the high-performance system confidently and competently.

        "Java Development with Eclipse"
        A New Comprehensive Guide to Using Eclipse

        Software consultant, David Gallardo, has written "Java Development with Eclipse," a new book aimed at providing a comprehensive guide to using the new open source, Java technology-based, extensible development platform. The book illustrates how to use the Eclipse features and plug-ins, all in the context of real-world Java programming language development.

        Java Technology
        Security Architecture of MIDP 2.0
        Permissions and the Protection Domain

        Jonathan Knudsen's article "Understanding MIDP 2.0's Security Architecture" explains at the outset exactly why the Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) works so well as a platform for mobile devices. Knudsen attributes part of the credit to the Java technology programming model; the rest of the credit he grants to the security architecture designed into MIDP 2.0.

        Bluetooth vs. Infrared and 802.11b for Wireless Connectivity
        Part I: The Basics of Bluetooth

        In part one of his two-part series on Bluetooth, Qusay H. Mahmoud presents the basics of Bluetooth technology for wireless applications, distinguishing between infrared and IEEE 802.11b technologies and Bluetooth.

        Push Registry Lowers Resource Use, Latency with Asynchronous Method
        Incoming Messages, Timers Wake Up MIDlet

        The MIDP 2.0 Push Registry, Enrique Ortiz points out in his January 2003 article on the subject, controls application lifecycles, including installation, activation, execution and removal, while it also exposes the push API and records instances of push registrations.

        Sun and Alcatel Develop Java Technology-based Wireless Provisioning Solution
        Gives Vendors a Flexible "Kiosk" Business Model

        With their new jointly developed, end-to-end mobile environment, Sun and Alcatel are targeting service providers who need to offer enterprise applications over wireless networks.

        New Product Marketplace
        Synplicity Enhances RTL Prototyping Software with Key Improvements
        Certify Features Gated-clock Reporting, Source-code Level Partitioning

        Synplicity Inc. has added gated-clock reporting and source-code level partitioning to the newest version of Certify, its verification synthesis software, that will give designers increased insight into the ASIC prototyping process.

        Opsware System 3.6 Adds Automated Configuration Tracking Feature
        Gives One-click Access to Configuration History and Restore

        Opsware System 3.6 includes an automated configuration tracking capability that tracks the manual changes made to applications and servers within a data center. It provides a one-click viewing of configuration history and one-click restore to any previous server configuration version.

        IONA Announces Orbix ASP Mainframe Edition v5.1
        Service-Oriented Architecture for the Mainframe

        IONA, a provider of Rapid Integration software, has announced the availability of Orbix ASP Mainframe Edition v5.1. The release, which is based on IONA's Adaptive Runtime Technology, aims to deliver both scalability and performance advantages -- much like a "Service-Oriented Architecture" -- to the mainframe.

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