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Consolidate and Save with Oracle and Sun
Upgrades, Trade-ins and Switching to Save Money

The Oracle and Sun Consolidate and Save program helps customers decrease the complexity and cost of their infrastructure. The program also offers additional savings opportunities through trade-in programs. There are two components to the competitive trade-in offers from Sun and Oracle: The Sun Upgrade Advantage Program and the Oracle SafeSwitch Program.

Special Offer: Oracle9i on the Sun Fire V480 Server
Lower Your Costs, Not Your Expectations

This special offer enables you to get the Oracle9i Database on the Sun Fire V480 server at a discount. The Sun Fire V480 server provides the flexibility required for maximum system growth and expansion potential. The Oracle9i Database provides extensive functionality to support businesses running on the World Wide Web, as well as traditional mission-critical OLTP and Data Warehousing applications.

Sun and Oracle Architecture Solution for Biotech Firm
Exiqon Gets Strong Database Management

Danish biotechnology firm, Exiqon, deployed an all Sun solution architecture for its demanding computational and database management needs. Exiqon chose Sun and the Oracle9i Database to run its internal research and development and to fulfill its customer contracts.

Sun's Services and Support for Oracle Solutions
Combined Expertise

Sun and Oracle offer the combined experience and expertise of consultants, education and support to help ensure that your implementation works correctly today and keeps running at peak performance tomorrow.

Sun Services Software Only Support End of Life
Two New Support Levels Replace Legacy Programs

Sun has announced the end of life (EOL) for the Sun Services Software Only Support (SWON) program, as well as EOL for the Sun Software Support Gold, Silver, Bronze and Subscription Only programs (formerly known as iPlanet Maintenance) as of January 28, 2003. These EOL'd programs will be replaced by the Sun Software Premium Support and the Sun Software Standard Support services.

Getting Flowers and More Sent On Time
Sun and AT&T Fuel 1-800-FLOWERS.COM's Expansion

1-800-FLOWERS expanded its business and created an online ordering system with Sun and AT&T technologies. At first, online sales accounted for only ten percent of their business; now they make up about half of their revenue.

Japan's Kansai Electric Power Company Expands Fiber Optic Network
Delivers High-speed Internet Access with Sun and Kasenna MediaBase

Kansai Electric Power Company Inc. (KEPCO) is the second largest electrical power supplier in Japan, a country where, it is predicted, 30 million homes will use high-speed Internet access and 10 million families will use super high-speed Internet access by 2005. Given that projected market, Kansai management decided to expand its fiber optic network (and its services) to supply high-speed fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) and to add new content delivery services such as broadband Internet access, TV and video on demand, and voice services on its entire installed base using an IT infrastructure provided by Sun and Kasenna.

Sun in Digital Media
Solutions for Publishing, Video, Film, Music, Gaming and Other Areas

Sun has had a long-standing interest in digital media and entertainment services, which is reflected in its having been a founding member of the Liberty Alliance Project, a collaboration involving such corporations as Sony, Time Warner, American Express, Cisco Systems and Vodafone. Readers will find all the aspects of Sun's involvement in digital media reflected in the program of the Digital Media Universe 2003, scheduled for March 4-5 in Los Angeles.

Self-monitoring, Trend Reporting, Configuration and Patch Reporting in the Sun Remote Services Net Connect
Tools for Improved Management of Your Sun Server, Storage Systems

The tools of Sun Remote Services Net Connect (SRS) help you better manage your Sun server and storage systems. When you download the SRS Net Connect service, you are provided tools that give you knowledge about your system resources. The tools include self-monitoring, trend reporting and the configuration and patch reporting features of Asset Survey.

Troubleshooting Guide: GNOME 2.0 Desktop for the Solaris Operating Environment
Covers Installation, Startup, Hardware and More

The GNOME 2.0 Desktop for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) Troubleshooting Guide contains descriptions of known problems and solutions for the GNOME 2.0 desktop. The guide is relevant for the Solaris 8 OE and the Solaris 9 OE. The manual also contains advice about how to improve the desktop performance.

Solstice Enterprise Agents Software
Manages Both Network Elements and Computer Subsystem Components

Sun has made two versions of Solstice Enterprise Agents software available for download. The Solstice Enterprise Agents technology and Developer's Toolkit provides an open, extensible, standards-based solution to facilitate management of both network elements and computer subsystem components.

    Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 Board 1.1 Update
    Download Available

    A full install of the Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 Board 1.1 is available. This release includes support for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Apache 1.3.26 and minor enhancements to the driver.

    Transitioning Sun Fire 3800 Server Systems
    New Sun Fire V1280 Midrange Server Line Is One Migration Path

    As of January 2003 Sun is transitioning from its price list the Sun Fire server systems, including system base packages, standard configurations and system redundancy kits, as well as the Sun Fire 3800 and Sun Fire 4800 factory-racked base packages with the UltraSPARC III Cu 900 MHz processor.

    Sun Fire V1280 Server RTU License Available for SunPlex Platform
    Manages Service Rather than Server

    Sun has announced a Right-to-Use license for the Sun Fire V1280 server in the SunPlex environment, where it can manage the service levels of the application services. The supported operating systems are the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and the Solaris 9 OE.

    Opsware Blade Edition for Sun Fire B100s SPARC Blade Servers
    Automates Operations Tasks

    The Opsware Blade Edition for the Sun Fire B100s SPARC Blade servers automates operating system and application provisioning on blade servers and automates other critical blade server operations such as power and chassis management. The Opsware Blade Edition speeds many operational tasks by 70-80 percent in comparison to administering these tasks manually.

    Sun Fire B100s Blade Server
    The Next Evolutionary Step in Horizontal Computing

    The Sun Fire B100s Blade Server, hosted in the Sun Fire B1600 Intelligent Shelf (a 16 slot, 3U intelligent shelf), offers integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch fabric and fully redundant components, and 5x server density over typical one processor 1U servers.

    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Software License Transfer Offer Expands
    Now Includes APAC, as well as the Americas and EMEA

    Sun has expanded its early December 2002 Software License Transfer (SLT) offering for the Sun StorEdge 9900 series from the Americas and EMEA only to APAC as well. Sun StorEdge 9960 array and Sun StorEdge 9910 array customers in the APAC market who wish to migrate their embedded software licenses to the enhanced performance and software features (such as hyper-consolidation) of the Sun StorEdge 9980 and Sun StorEdge 9970 arrays can now do so more easily.

    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Dynamic Link Manager 4.0 Software
    For Solaris Operating Environment and Sun Cluster 3.0 Software Support

    Version 4 of the Sun StorEdge 9900 Dynamic Link Manager (SDLM) software includes support for Solaris 2.7, 7 and 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE). Version 4 also supports Sun Cluster 3.0 software. There is also news regarding power cords and other transitions.

    Sun Adds Sun StorEdge 3510 FC, Sun StorEdge 3310 NAS to Entry-level Line
    High-density, Scalabile, Low TCO Partners for Sun Fire Blade Platform

    Sun has released to market the Sun StorEdge 3510 Fiber Channel (FC) array and the Sun StorEdge 3310 NAS (Network Attached Storage) products. A common GUI interface enables users of both new products to perform consistent storage management across all arrays in the Sun StorEdge 3000 product line while reducing the time required for the task.

    Sun StorEdge 3510 FC Array
    Two-GB Fibre Channel Architecture

    The Sun StorEdge 3510 FC array features a 2-Gb Fibre Channel architecture, up to 12 Fibre Channel ports in dual RAID controller configurations, dual hot-swappable event monitoring module and support for up to 1024 LUNs with hardware LUN masking.

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