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Version 1.4 of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Due Soon
New Version Will Support WS-I "Basic Profile" Specification

To further its goal of making the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) version 1.4 the standard for Java technology Web Services development and interoperability, Sun has included full support for the "Basic Profiles" specification proposed by the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I). Support continues for such Web Services standards as WSDL, SOAP, ebXML and UDDI, making the J2EE platform both the data model and programming model developers require for building end-to-end applications.

Uniting Sun's Partner Programs into One
Expanding the Portfolio of Customer Solutions on Sun Platform

Sun has combined its Sun Developer Connection Partner Program into its iForce Partner Program, uniting the programs under one banner. This enhanced partner program will help drive increased multi-company collaboration to expand the portfolio of customer solutions available on Sun's network computing infrastructure platform.

Expanding Scope of SunTone Initiative
For Datacenter Services

The SunTone Initiative is introducing a new SunTone Service Delivery Specification, consulting services, Reference Architectures and certification to enterprises. The SunTone Certified brand enables customers to identify high quality service offerings and deploy them with confidence. Some of the first companies to achieve SunTone Certification for their datacenter services are Hershey Foods Corporation and Siemens Business Services.

SunTone Service Delivery Specification 2.0 Now Available
Improves Bottom Line for Sprint, Interxion, FusionStorm/StormWatch, Colt

The SunTone Service Delivery Specification 2.0 is now available to both service providers and enterprises. The enhanced specification is a benchmark to measure open, available, reliable and secure networked service delivery and management that includes a best practices guide for assessing service architecture, integration processes and testing procedures, as well as management procedures and policy requirements. The new specification is now available for both enterprises and service providers.

Sun's Statement Regarding Court's Motion to Stay
Injunctions on Hold Until Appeal Process

On February 3, 2003, the appellate court granted Microsoft's request for a stay pending appeal in the copyright infringement and Java-Must-Carry motions for preliminary injunction that the U.S. District Court decided on December 23, 2002. Therefore, the injunctions will not go into effect until they are upheld on appeal.

Sun and Aether Expand Sales, Marketing and Engineering Efforts
Mobile Applications for Emergency First Responders and Others

Sun and Aether Systems will work together on joint solutions built on open standards using the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) and Aether's Fusion for scalability and availability. They will work together to market joint solutions for large field forces in enterprises and government agencies that perform functions such as maintenance and service, distribution and delivery, public safety and healthcare.

Sun Extends Solaris OE to Support SPARC, x86 Servers
Move Ensures Customer Continuity, Support for UNIX System

With the introduction of its Solaris 9 x86 Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Sun has moved to guarantee customer continuity and global support for the UNIX operating system on the entire SPARC and x86 line, as well as on third-party x86 systems.

U.S. Department of Transportation Uses iForce Solution for TranStats
Web Portal Offers Databases with Transportation-related Content

The U.S. Department of Transportation has launched TranStats, a Web portal used by its Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) to present detailed analysis of more than 100 databases containing transportation-related content. TranStats was developed using the iForce solution for Economical Data Management, which is based on the Enterprise Data Warehouse Reference Architecture jointly developed by Sun and Sybase Inc.

Centre of Excellence in Integrated NanoTools
To Be Established in Canada

Sun, the University of Alberta and the Government of Alberta are working together to establish a Centre of Excellence in Integrated NanoTools. The center will provide researchers with a nanotechnology design infrastructure to develop microchips, microsystems and nanodevices.

    Sun Servers, Open Source Run Biomolecular Database
    Blueprint Initiative Research Program in Toronto

    The Blueprint Initiative research program at Mount Sinai Hospital's (MSH) Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute in Toronto has acquired more than $5 million in Sun hardware, software and storage for the Biomolecular Interaction Network Database ( The database is a growing repository of data and research of molecular interactions and reactions in the human organism and other organisms.

    Sun LX50 Server VPN/Firewall Appliance Solution Now Sold Through Resellers
    Hardened Version of Red Hat Linux

    Sun LX50 server VPN/Firewall appliance -- "Secured by Check Point" software will now be sold exclusively through Sun's iForce partners in the USA, Japan and EMEA. There are new features for the software solution such as a hardened version of Red Hat Linux.

    VERITAS Volume Manager 3.5 Now in Japanese, French and Simplified Chinese
    Version 3.2 Being Transitioned

    Sun is introducing three new localized offerings, referred to as an L10N release, for its VERITAS Volume Manager 3.5 product. This product is now available in Japanese, French and Simplified Chinese. Version 3.2 of the VERITAS Volume Manager for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) will be transitioned off the Sun price list.

    Japanese Variant of VERITAS File System 3.5
    EOL of VERITAS File System 3.4 for Solaris 9 Operating Environment

    A Japanese variant of VERITAS File System 3.5 is now available. The English version will continue to be offered. Version 3.4 of the VERITAS File System for Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) is being transitioned off the Sun price list.

    Wave 2003 Wireless Conference
    February 10-12 in Las Vegas

    WAVE 2003 is an opportunity to see first-hand the wireless voice and data trends and applications that drive business strategy and decision making, increase profits and improve service delivery. This year's forum will be on February 10-12, 2003, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Featured speakers include George H.W. Bush, Former President of the United States of America; Mark L. Feidler, COO, Cingular Wireless; and Scott McNealy, chairman and CEO, Sun, one of the sponsors.

    RSA Conference 2003
    April 13-17, San Francisco, CA

    The upcoming RSA Conference in San Francisco will provide in-depth information for those who are deploying, developing or investigating data security or cryptography products. The event will have four main components: General sessions, an expo, tutorials and class tracks.

    Adaptive Manufacturing Seminar Series
    Visiting Four Cities in February and March

    There will be a special Adaptive Manufacturing seminar series hosted by Sun and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, covering four cities in February and March. Hear about the latest Adaptive Manufacturing trends and technologies that can help users lower costs and improve efficiency throughout the value chain. The focus of this event is "Technologies for Enabling the Adaptive Enterprise."

    February and March Java Technology Developer Community Chats
    Sun ONE Studio 4, JavaServer Pages, Web Services and Security

    Upcoming Java technology-related chats in February and March include topics of Web Services Security, Sun ONE Studio 4 (formerly Forte for Java) software and JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology.

    Storage Management 2003
    April 9-12, Chicago, IL

    Storage Management 2003 is designed to help you get the most out of your storage operations, especially in today's atmosphere of shrinking budgets and increasing data. This event is free for qualified storage professionals and will offer state-of-the-art advice on the processes, procedures and technologies and unbiased expertise from the leading independent experts.

    Storage Networking World
    April 14-17, Scottsdale, AZ

    The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) and Computerworld will stage their fifth annual conference and expo, Storage Networking World (SNW), in Scottsdale, AZ on April 14-17. This event has become the standard for the industry with an agenda typically crammed with technology insights and practical, user-focused information.

    ASUG Annual Conference and Vendor Fair
    May 18 - 21 in New Orleans, LA

    The Americas' SAP Users' Group, ASUG, is presenting its annual conference and vendor fair in New Orleans in May. Gain direct access to SAP through multiple channels and have the chance to meet SAP representatives and discuss your company's specific business requirements.

    New Accelerated Storage Allowances
    Sun Upgrade Advantage Program

    The Sun Upgrade Advantage Program (UAP) is offering new accelerated storage trade-in allowances: for those ending in AC1 for systems less than one year old and AC2 for systems between one and two years old are available. Selected storage array systems found in the Sun Upgrade Advantage Program are eligible for trade prior to two years of age.

      Storage Bundles Offering: Transition of Sun StorEdge L9 LTO-based Tape Autoloader
      Bundles with VERITAS Netbackup and Solstice Backup Software

      Sun is offering Sun StorEdge L8 tape autoloader, Sun StorEdge L7 and Sun StorEdge L8 autoloader bundles with Solstice Backup software Business Edition and VERITAS NetBackup BusinesServer. Sun is also transitioning the Sun StorEdge L9 LTO-based autoloader and all Sun StorEdge L9 autoloader options (it will no longer be manufactured).

      New 146 GB Hard Disk Drive Reduces Storage TCO
      Brings Improved Productivity to Sun StorEdge 9970, 9980 Arrays

      Sun has made a 146 GB hard disk drive (HDD) available for the Sun StorEdge 9980 and the Sun StorEdge 9970 systems as a replacement for the slower 73 GB HDD. With twice the capacity, the 146 GB HDDs reduce the cost per GB while also reducing the footprint of both systems because fewer frames and array controllers are required for a given capacity.

      Announcing VERITAS NetBackup 4.5 Japanese L10N
      Four New Media and Documentation Kits Introduced

      Four new VERITAS NetBackup version 4.5 media and documentation kits for UNIX systems and Windows have been released in Japanese. The media kits do not include documentation, which must be purchased separately.

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