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Carolina Hurricanes Launch First NHL Wireless Service
Powered by Sun Cobalt RaQ 4 Servers and OceanLake's mScope

As the first NHL franchise to launch a wireless interactive game, the Carolina Hurricanes declared itself The Home of Wireless Hockey. The official wireless Web site of the Carolina Hurricanes is powered by Sun Cobalt RaQ 4 servers and OceanLake's SunTone Certified mScope mobility engine.

Schneider National Ramps Up Service Online and Over the Road
Using Sun RAS Profile Service Increases Uptime, Fulfillment

The orange trucks of Schneider National Inc. are a familiar sight to the company's customers, who include two-thirds of the Fortune 500, as well as businesses in Europe, Latin America and Asia. Less visible but equally critical to Schneider's success are the strides the company has made in developing Java technology-based transportation and logistics solutions and implementing them on Sun IT infrastructure to aid its customers in managing their enterprises.

"Transforming the Economics of Computing" -- White Paper
Using N1 and Terraspring Software to Turn Data Centers into Server Farms

"Transforming the Economics of Computing: Optimizing IT Infrastructure Utilization," a 14-page white paper, assesses current data center management practices and makes recommendations toward their reform that would allow optimal response to business initiatives within the confines of an increasingly restrictive bottom line. Toward that end, the white paper recommends adoption of N1, Sun's new unitary vision, architecture and products for the data center of the future.

Wall Street and Technology Brochure
Scott McNealy Discusses the Importance of Return on Investment

The Wall Street and Technology brochure features Scott McNealy, chairman, president and CEO of Sun, discussing the importance of return on investment (ROI) in the financial services industry. Sun recently launched the eSolutions for STP initiative. The brochure also covers concepts driving (straight-through processing) STP, lists iForce partners and examples from the real world of finance.

Java Technology
Knudsen on MIDP Application Security 3
Creating Authentication Schemes in MIDP

Jonathan Knudsen focuses on authentication in MIDP and techniques MIDP clients can use for authentication. He covers HTTPS support, use of TLS and creating a simple password authentication scheme.

Java Technology Applications on the Mac OS X
Three Tips

Developer Daniel Steinberg presents tips for giving your Java technology applications a native look and feel so that Mac OS X users can install and run your application. He focuses on some of the runtime properties you can set to move the position of the main menu bar, customize the application menu and tweak the appearance of the frame components.

Tutorial Guides Developers in Using Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition for Embedded Applications
Qusay Mahmoud Focuses on Connected Device Configuration and Profiles

The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) comes in two configurations, the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) -- designed for smaller embedded electronic devices -- and the Connected Device Configuration (CDC) -- designed for such devices as home appliances, Internet TVs and set-top boxes. In his tutorial, Qusay Mahmoud focuses on CDC, its virtual machine, CVM, and three related profiles: Foundation, Personal and Personal Basis.

Java API for XML-based RPC Brings Portability to Web Services
Vendors Can Develop on One Product, Deploy on Another

Janice J. Heiss has written a piece for the Java technology Web site on Java API for XML-based RPC (Remote Procedure Calls) (JAX-RPC) Portability in Web Services applications. She points out that the Java technology platform includes a core API, JAX-RPC, which is designed to enable developers to write interoperable, portable SOAP-based Web Services. JAX-RPC, she predicts, will be the instrument for bringing a portability feature to the interoperability of Web Services.

Solaris 9 12/02 Operating Environment (Intel Platform Edition) Release
Runs on 32 bit PC Systems Based on x86 Compatible Processors

Beginning with the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) update release 12/02, Sun is introducing support of the x86 platform (Intel Platform Edition). New features in the Solaris 9 12/02 OE are password management framework for LDAP, UFS Logging performance enhancements and Network Cache Accelerator (NCA) multiple instance server support.

Project JXTA Brings Maturity to Peer-to-Peer Solutions
Opens New Possibilities for Business Case Applications

Daniel Brookshier, Sing Li and Brendon Wilson explain how Project JXTA can be used for P2P solutions and assert a business proposition for it. They also examine the role of server-side functionality and whether or not P2P can replace a server and the expected market for P2P in the next few years.

Marix Integrates AppLink Technology With StarOffice 6.0 Software
Remote and Local Users Can Alter Documents That Stay on Secure Server

Marix Technologies Inc. has reached a licensing agreement with Sun Microsystems Inc. to integrate StarOffice 6.0 software into Marix's technology. This agreement, which integrates StarOffice 6.0 software with Marix's AppLink and permits central hosting for StarOffice, will enable remote and local users to securely edit and return changes to StarOffice documents without those documents leaving the secure server.

Web Services Edge 2003 East Conference & Expo
March 18-20 in Boston, MA

Web Services Edge 2003 East conference and expo is the largest independent event for Web Services, Java technology, .NET and XML. There will be educational opportunities from the Java University program, an all-day Mobile .NET workshop and fast path certification for XML developers.

CTIA Wireless 2003
March 17 - 19 in New Orleans

CTIA Wireless 2003 is a gathering place for network providers, carriers and manufacturers and users of wireless technology such as those in the healthcare, government, military and automotive markets. Special interest seminars will cover mobile wireless technologies for persons with disabilites.

CERAWeek 2003
February 10-14, Houston, TX

Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) will host CERAWEEK 2003, the annual executive conference for the energy industry. The theme is Restoring Confidence: Leadership Strategies for the Energy Future. Speakers scheduled include Daniel Yergin, CERA chairman; the Hon. Donald L. Evans, U.S. Secretary of Commerce; and Robert Klein, Senior Vice President, PacifiCorp.

Digital Media Universe 2003
March 4-5, Los Angeles

The Digital Media Universe 2003 conference for media and entertainment executives (DMU 2003) is being sponsored by Sun. This invitation-only event will address the opportunities, challenges and solutions in the digital age. Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun, will deliver the keynote.

NSPI Cuts Costs through SAN Based on Sun Fire Servers
Consolidation Eliminates Five Servers

When Nova Scotia Power Inc. (NSPI) needed to simplify its infrastructure, they consolidated a collection of smaller systems they accumulated over the years to more powerful and higher-capacity platforms. NSPI chose a Sun solution offered by Sun reseller xwave which combined Sun Fire servers and Sun StorEdge complete storage solutions.

Sun Fire 3800-6800 Servers and Sun Fire 15K Servers
Accelerated Allowances Transitioned on Units Less Than Two Years Old

Sun is expiring accelerated allowances for Sun Fire 3800-6800 servers and Sun Fire 15K servers. New allowances are introduced to more accurately reflect current market values of used Sun Servers. UAP accelerated allowances for mid- and high-end servers less than two years old are affected with this announcement.

    Transitioning Sun Enterprise 10000 Systems
    Upgrade to Sun Fire 12K Server or Sun Fire 15K Server Recommended

    Sun Enterprise 10000 server systems will be transitioned off the Sun price list as the final EOL of UltraSPARC II processor-based Enterprise servers. Key configure-to-order and standalone x-options for Sun Enterprise 10000 server systems will remain available.

    On the Market: Sun StorEdge SDLT 320 Desktop Tape Drive
    Ideal for Workstations, Small and Mid-range Servers, Manual Backup

    The Sun StorEdge SDLT 320 desktop tape drive, with its 160 GB single cartridge capacity and 16 MB/second throughput speed, is the ideal product for non-automatic backup operations, for workstations and for small and mid-range servers. With the introduction to the market of this drive, Sun is also lowering the price of the Sun StorEdge DLT8000 tape drive.

    Sun StorEdge L5500 and L6000 Tape Libraries Get New Part Numbers
    Sun Services Program Installation Now Included as Bundle

    Sun Services program installation of the Sun StorEdge L5500 and L6000 tape libraries is now available as a bundle. At the same time, Sun is transitioning the Sun StorEdge L5500 and L6000 tape libraries without installation from its price list.

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Software License Transfer Offer Now Worldwide
      Offer Now Includes Asia-Pacific (APAC) Market

      The Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Software License Transfer (SLT) offering, previously available only for the Americas and EMEA, is now available in the Asia Pacific (APAC) market.

      Resources for Migration From HP MPE/iX to the Solaris Operating Environment
      HP MPE/iX Intrinsics

      The kit for migrating from HP MPE/iX to the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) contains resources, tools and knowledge from Sun and its migration consultants. HP MPE/iX Intrinsics is one of the technologies discussed on the HP MPE/iX page.

      SVG- 1.1 and Mobile SVG as W3C Recommendations
      Language has Changed

      The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has issued Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 and Mobile SVG Profiles as W3C Recommendations. SVG 1.1 separates SVG capabilities into reusable building blocks, and SVG Mobile re-combines them in a way optimized for mobile devices.

        Solaris Operating Environment Analyzer for C/C++ and Cobol Source Code
        Version 1.2 Upgrades

        The Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) Analyzer for C/C++ and Cobol Source Code is an application based on Java technology that is used to identify porting issues in C/C++ and Cobol source code files. Version 1.2 has now been upgraded to support the Cobol language.

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