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Web Services Application from AfterBOT Inc. -- ReceiptsPLUS
Sun Technology Delivers Digital Receipts Using In-store POS Data

AfterBOT Inc. has developed ReceiptsPLUS, an XML-based database of customer transactions that, according to Jim Nadler, senior vice president, " easily integrated with other applications and...that can be easily accessed and leveraged across other applications. By leveraging open standards, our customers can upgrade their systems quickly and easily while at the same time integrate applications like ReceiptsPLUS with other business applications."

EPL Shifts Technology to Meet Changing Credit Union Marketplace
Software ISV/ASP Moves from UNISYS to Sun Open Net Environment

Hoping to capitalize on the movement toward consolidation among credit unions, EPL has determined to shift its software products for in-house use by credit unions away from a UNISYS mainframe to the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) running an Oracle database. EPL will develop new systems on the Java2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) with the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) architecture.

Convergys Turns to Sun for High Availability CRM Solutions
Sun Enterprise Servers, SunSpectrum Program Fill the Bill

To characterize the nature of operations at Convergys as "mission-critical" is something of an understatement. With clients such as Sprint, Toys 'R Us, Pfizer and Telewest Communications who have turned over their wireless billing and customer care support operations to Convergys, Convergys has a mandate to keep its IT systems up and running. They turned to Sun for a reliable technology solution.

French Retailer Kiabi Picks Sun Technology for ERP Infrastructure
Sun Fire Server Domain Allocation Solves Capacity Problem

Kiabi has modernized its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) capabilities by selecting technology from Sun Microsystems. The second largest clothing retailer in France, Kiabi uses a Sun Fire 6800 server equipped with Sun StorEdge T3 disk arrays to power its Retek application and human resources software from HR Access. The resulting improvements in productivity and added sales convince Kiabi that it will recover its costs in short order.

Java Technology
Using SOAP-encoded XML to Interact with Legacy Systems
Client Application and Connector Scenarios

For a standard way to use SOAP-encoded XML to interact with legacy systems, Sun engineer Venkat Amirisetty recommends combining Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) connector architecture and SOAP technologies. Amirisetty (with Marina Sum) outlines three approaches to implementation and provides code and illustrations.

Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) Specification 0.9
Proposed Final Draft Available

Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB) specification 0.9 proposed final draft is available. Enhancements include support for a subset of W3C XML Schema and XML Namespaces. JAXB provides an API and tools that automate the mapping between XML documents and Java technology objects.

Building SVG Libraries on Java Platform
To Display Rich Graphics

Software architect Christophe Jolif builds a weather map with the ILOG JViews Component Suite as an example of how to build visually rich user interfaces with the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. To illustrate how SVG works, the author provides a code example and a figure demonstrating the result.

Nominees Sought for Jini Technology Technical Oversight Committee
Three Individual Seats Open

Nominations are now being accepted for three General House members for the Jini technology Technical Oversight Committee (TOC). The Jini technology TOC is an oversight body for the Jini Community program, made up equally of three individuals (General House), three commercial licensees (Commercial House) and three representatives from the original contributor, Sun. Nominations are being accepted through January 31, 2003.

    The Three Layers of I-Fabric Architecture
    Creating Server Farms and Supporting N1

    I-Fabric (Infrastructure Fabric) software from Terraspring consists of three layers that create server farms within the I-Fabric. The server farms are managed by Terraspring software. Farm Mark-up Language (FML) is a Terraspring-developed XML dialect used to represent the logical blueprint of a server farm. This all works together to support and enhance Sun's N1 strategy and architecture.

    Sun Ray Server Software 2.0 Download Available
    Now Deploys on Existing LANs

    Sun Ray server appliance software 2.0 is available for download. Sun Ray server appliance software authenticates users, can redirect input and output to the Sun Ray thin clients, and includes administrative functions such as managing authentication policies. New features of version 2.0 include the ability to deploy Sun Ray thin clients on existing Local Area Network infrastructure.

    Net Talks on Identity Management and Web Services
    Join Jonathan Schwartz, Mark Tolliver, Hal Stern and Others

    Upcoming Net Talks in January and February include topics of Identity Management, how Network Identity makes buisness sense, Web Services and more. Speakers include Mark Tolliver, Jonathan Schwartz and Gary O'Brien.

    AFCOM's Spring Conference and Expo
    March 23-27, Las Vegas, NV

    Sun will be participating in the AFCOM Spring Conference and Expo to be held in Las Vegas, NV, from March 23 to March 27, 2003. Topics include mainframe rehosting. An optional data center tour will be available for attendees.

    MicroStrategy World 2003
    February 3-6 in Las Vegas

    The MicroStrategy World 2003 event in Las Vegas on February 3-6 takes a look at the latest developments and trends in business intelligence (BI). Topics presented will cover enterprise-deployments, advanced analytics, event-driven reporting with Narrowcast Server, and building extranet applications with MicroStrategy technology.

    Retail Finance Asia-Pacific 2003 Conference and Expo
    March 12-14 in Singapore

    Retail Finance Asia-Pacific 2003 Conference and Expo will be held in Singapore on March 12-14. Plenary sessions will focus on defining the market for retail financial services and understanding segments of deposit gathering, consumer and mortgage lending and card products.

      StorageTek's Email Xcelerator and Sun SAM-FS
      Helping Archive Email Efficiently

      Sun and StorageTek recently launched an initiative in London to offer tailored solutions of software, hardware and professional services. They are specifically targeting the need to effectively archive email.

      Sun Hardware RAID Storage Systems Administration Course
      Focus on RAID Groups, Logical and Virtual Volumes

      The Sun Hardware RAID Storage Systems Administration course (number ES-255) covers successfully performing administrative-type tasks on RAID controller-based storage arrays. It provides hands-on experience creating RAID groups and logical and virtual volumes on storage systems such as the Sun StorEdge T3 array, Sun StorEdge A1000 array and Sun StorEdge A3500 array.

      Transitioning of Sun SAM-FS 3.5
      Also Replacing Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite 3.5

      Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite 4.0 software is replacing Sun SAM-FS 3.5 and version 3 of the Sun StorEdge Utilization Suite software. Some of the powerful new features in version 4.0 include disk to disk archiving capability, both locally and to a remote site, for better performance.

      Solaris OE Implementation for Win32 API Version 1.1
      Adds 43 More Win32 APIs, Windows 2000 APIs

      Sun's Web page on migrating from NT to the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) provides an implementation for porting Windows NT/2K applications to Solaris OE. New features in the Solaris OE Implementation for Win32 APIs (library) include support for the Windows 2000 APIs.

      Developer Technical Support Programs
      Longer-term, Personalized Support and Per Incident Options

      Sun offers developers a variety of support programs, including the Developer Support Plus program, Developer Support Direct program and the Developer Support Online program which has two levels of support.

        StarOffice 6.0 Software Administration Guide
        For System Administrators Installing Multiple Copies

        System administrators responsible for installation and setup of multiple user copies of StarOffice 6.0 software from a source installation on a server will find the 209-page StarOffice 6.0 Software Administration Guide a useful resource.

        Using LDAP as a Naming Service Course
        Updated for Solaris 9 Operating Environment

        The course Using LDAP as a Naming Service teaches system administrators how to migrate from existing naming service data to LDAP and how to manage an enterprise-wide LDAP naming service for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

        "A Strategy for Managing Performance"
        Distinguishing Between Availability and Performance

        John Brady, principal solution technology consultant for the Sun Professional Services program, has written a Sun BluePrints Online article on managing performance of computer systems directed to CIOs, CTOs, IT managers and service delivery managers. Brady offers suggestions for developing a high-level strategy for managing performance that can be applied to almost any compute environment. He also discusses a variety of performance related products.

        "Trust Modeling for Security Architecture Development"
        Building in Security at Every Layer

        The underlying assumption of "Trust Modeling for Security Architecture Development," a Sun BluePrints OnLine article by Donna Andert, Robin Wakefield and Joel Weise, is that security is too critical to append to a solution as an afterthought but must instead be built into every layer. The authors describe a vocabulary of trust relationships and demonstrate the need to use trust modeling to formalize risk thresholds.

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