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3GSM World Congress
Feb. 17-21, Cannes, France

The 3GSM World Congress, scheduled for Cannes, France during February 17-21, 2003, features an accommodating agenda that allows participants to register for sessions of interest in a compact format. There is a 2-day Technical Congress, a 2-day Content & Service Congress and a 1-day Mobile Enterprise and Wireless Ventures Session. The more than 600 exhibitor stands include a new Gaming Zone and Content Zone. A variety of admissions prices are available to cater to the interests of all registrants.

2003 Annual HIMSS Conference and Exhibition
Feb. 9-13, San Diego, CA

The 2003 Annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference and Exhibition is set for February 9-13 at the San Diego Convention Center. This year's Conference and Exhibition features the newest developments and innovations in the healthcare industry, along with information, government regulations, technology mandates, new system developments and much more. Sun will be present in a variety of partner booths and space will be available for customer meetings.

Training 2003 Conference and Expo
Feb. 24-26, Atlanta, GA

Training Magazine's 26th Annual Training Conference and Expo, scheduled for February 24-26 in Atlanta, GA and co-located with Presentations Conference and Expo and Online Learning Spring, represents an annual convergence of the world's leading corporate, government and non-profit executives and front-line managers in the training, presentations and e-learning sectors.

    Mass eComm Association Forum: Auto-ID Adoption
    Industry Leaders Share Experiences and Projections

    The Mass eComm association presents a space-limited forum on Friday, January 17, 7:30 a.m. to Noon, in Burlington, MA, on the advantages of using Auto-ID, chips with a radio frequency, to track products instead of the bar code. Presenters from Sun, Gillette and CVS Pharmacy are scheduled.

      Entry Level Servers
      New PCI Cards Introduced for the Netra 20 Servers
      Sun XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator, GB Ethernet Network Interface Cards

      The Netra 20 servers support two new PCI cards: a Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator and a Gigabit Ethernet network interface card. The Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator provides 24-bit color, high-resolution 2D and 3D graphics, with 32 MB graphics memory and 16 MB texture. The other card is a high-performance adapter designed to maximize the performance of Sun servers and workstations.

      Three PCI Cards and Storage Options
      Sun Fire V120 Server, Netra 120 Platform Targeted

      Three new Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) cards are being offered as X options on the Sun Fire V120 server: the Sun GigaSwift Ethernet UTP, the Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF and the PCI dual-channel Ultra-3 differential SCSI host adapter. Also, the Sun StorEdge D2 array is now supported on the Sun Fire V120 server and Netra 120 platforms.

      Education and Research
      Sun Fire 15K Server in Hong Kong Polytechnic University
      Coupled with Sun StorEdge 9900 Series SAN Solution

      The Hong Kong Polytechnic University has installed Sun's most powerful mainframe-class server, the Sun Fire 15K server, and a Sun StorEdge 9900 series SAN solution as part of an ambitious plan to implement a high-availability computing environment that is immune to disruptions. The deal is the first Sun Fire 15K sale to Hong Kong's academic sector.

      Storage, Monitor and Server Promotions
      Three Deals For Education Customers

      Sun has announced education promotions for the Sun 18.1 TFT LCD color monitor, the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array and the Sun Fire 280R server. The promotions are available worldwide and will end June 30, 2003.

      Stanford Databases Aid Researchers with Large Amounts of Genetic Data
      Stanford Microarray Database, Pharmacogenetics Knowledge Base

      Stanford University's work with large amounts of genetic data requires a system that can scale with the increase in the data. They chose Sun for the Stanford Microarray Database (SMD) and Pharmacogenetics Knowledge Base (PharmGKB).

      Understanding Solaris 9 Operating Environment Directory Services
      Secured LDAP Client Directory Server Requirements

      Tom Bialaski, senior staff engineer of the Sun Integrated Products Group, wrote an article in the December Sun BluePrints OnLine examining the differences between the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Client and the Solaris 9 OE Secured LDAP Client. Bialaski also explains how to support them on the same directory server. In addition, he details troubleshooting tips for common implementation problems.

      Performance Oriented System Administration
      Relying on the Default Configuration

      According to Bob Larson, writing in the December 2002 Sun BluePrints OnLine, using the default configuration for an operating system helps ensure that cascading effects don't overly complicate system tuning and maintenance. In some cases, however, you might need to tune a system. When making important trade-offs (for example, of speed over space efficiency), you might need to tune an OS algorithm or data structure. Larson's article explains the algorithms and heuristics surrounding the most important tunables and describes several kernel tunables and the algorithms behind them.

      Cross-Platform UNIX Systems Software Packaging with OpenPKG
      Leverages Red Hat Reports Package Manager for Bootstrapping

      OpenPKG is a software development and packaging project initiated by Cable & Wireless, an international Internet Service Provider (ISP). The project aims to create a modular and flexible UNIX subsystem for cross-platform software packaging and installation. The intended target community consists of systems administrators faced with a large and diverse set of UNIX system servers.

      "Information Security Policies Made Easy, Version 9"
      The Complete Guide to Corporate Information Security

      NetIQ (formerly PentaSafe Security Technologies) has released the most comprehensive set of information security policies available: "Information Security Policies Made Easy v.9," by Charles Cresson Wood. The book contains a completely revised text, policies organized in ISO 17799 format and a Web-based CD-ROM version, which is fully linked and searchable.

      Books on Java Foundation Classes/Swing API, Jess Introduced
      "Swing" Updates for J2SE 1.4; "Jess In Action" Covers Rule-Based Programming

      Manning Publications has introduced two new books. The new second edition of "Swing" by Matthew Robinson and Pavel Vorobiev updates its coverage of the Java Foundation Classes/Swing (JFC/Swing) library for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4. The second book is "Jess In Action: Java Rule-Based Systems," a handbook for programming rule-based systems.

      "XMLSPY Handbook"
      Covers XML Development Environment

      "The XMLSPY Handbook" reviews XMLSPY 5, the XML development environment used by more than one million users. Author Larry Kim, technical director at Altova Inc., shows how to create and validate documents, design XML schemas and WSDL files, and build and debug XSLT stylesheets.

      "Storage Security: Protecting SANs, NAS and DAS"
      Author of "Hack Attacks" Focuses on Storage Systems

      "Storage Security: Protecting SANs, NAS and DAS" is a 408-page handbook from security expert and "Hack Attacks" author John Chirillo. Chirillo and co-author Scott Blaul analyze storage area networks (SAN), direct-attached storage (DAS) and network-attached storage (NAS). They examine strengths and weaknesses, describe architectural security concerns and considerations, and identify ways to implement and design more secure storage systems.

      Java Technology
      Secure Internet Programming with Java 2, Standard Edition 1.4
      Applications of JSSE, SSL from the Client-side

      Qusay H. Mahmoud follows up his server-side discussion of SSL and Java Secure Socket Extension (JSSE), which appeared in his article "Secure Internet Programming with Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)," with an overview of JSSE and SSL from the client-side. Both perspectives include consideration of the HTTPS server.

      J2EE 1.4 Beta Arrives: Web-Services Ready
      Enterprise JavaBeans Features New Timer Service

      In his article on the December Java Technology Web page, Jon Byous writes about the new features in the 1.4 Beta release of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), including a timer service that "wakes up" Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) components. Byous says the new release makes it possible to write and use "enterprise-class Web Services applications on a mature, industry-standard platform."

      Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and a Tracing JVM
      Get the Latest Download

      Users who require access to the Java runtime environment and the new open source product called Tracing JVM will find both now available on the Web.

      Security+ Certification from CompTIA
      Skills List, Training and Exam Information

      The CompTIA Security+ certification exam was developed by leading industry experts from all sectors of the IT industry, including training and academia, consulting firms, government and other affiliated associations. The technology community has identified Security+ as the way to validate knowledge of information security.

      Sun Enterprise Network Security Service
      Early Access Release Available

      Sun has made available an early access release of Sun Enterprise Network Security Service (SENSS). Source code is available for download and is licensed under the Sun Community Source-Code License. Sun Enterprise Network Security Service is a Java technology-based security tool that enables organizations to audit and secure their systems and networks in modern corporate intranets.

      Vulnerability in Sun Cobalt RaQ 4 Server Appliances
      With Security Hardening Package Installed

      The CERT Coordination Center has issued a security advisory concerning a vulnerability in Sun Cobalt RaQ 4 server appliances running Sun's Security Hardening Package (SHP). The vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code with root privileges. Patches and workarounds are available.

      New Product Marketplace
      ILE-Capable AS/400 Rehosting Tool
      Enables One Source Code for Multiple Platforms

      California Software has released its RPG ILE version of its AS/400 rehosting tool. End users and independent software vendors can now utilize California Software's Integrated Language Environment (ILE) capabilities to rehost native AS/400 applications. This means that the developer or end user can migrate to a multi-platform version of their AS/400-based software without having to rewrite it.

      CrossOver Office Server Edition 1.3.1
      Allows Operation of Windows in Distributed Thin-Client Environments

      CodeWeavers Inc. has unveiled CrossOver Office Server Edition, which allows enterprise users to operate popular Windows software in a distributed thin-client environment for both Linux and Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). CrossOver Office Server Edition 1.3.1 also offers a simplified, less expensive licensing setup based on concurrent users.

      TeamShare Integrates TeamTrack into Serena ChangeMan DS
      Automated, Comprehensive Change-Management Solution

      TeamShare has integrated its TeamTrack defect and issue-management solution with Serena Software's Serena ChangeMan DS, the software change manager for distributed systems. The integration enables development teams using TeamTrack to manage changes to multi-level, multi-platform software applications and maintain a version control history throughout the application lifecycle.

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