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Sun Cluster Implementation Services
From Sun Professional Services Program

The Sun Professional Services program introduces the Sun Cluster Implementation Services (CIS). Made up of six fixed price/variable scope and duration modules, CIS provides the design, configuration and testing to ensure that a new Sun Cluster system is functioning correctly with a customer's applications.

Sun Datacenters Offer Business Ready Infrastructure:
Sun Fire Link Interconnect and Capacity on Demand 2.0

As part of the ongoing effort to provide a Business Ready Infrastructure, Sun datacenters are now offering Sun Fire Link interconnect and Capacity On Demand (COD) 2.0, which extend the range and speed of the Sun Fire 3800 servers through the Sun Fire 15K servers.

Protecting Data with the Sun LX50 Server VPN/Firewall Appliance
"Secured by Check Point" Software

The Sun LX50 server VPN/Firewall appliance -- "Secured by Check Point" software is inexpensive and easy to manage. It is well suited for remote offices, corporate offices and Internet service providers that need advanced Internet security without the work of developing and deploying a customized solution.

Java Technology
SPECjAppServer2002 Benchmark
Measures Performance of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition 1.3

The Standard Performance Evaluation Corp. (SPEC) released SPECjAppServer2002, a new benchmark that measures the performance of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 application servers connected to a database server.

Sun and Algorithmics Strengthen Ties
Target Risk Management for Financial Services Industry

Algorithmics Inc.and Sun Microsystems confirmed they will continue to work together to help financial services customers with risk-management solutions and other issues. Sun also is supporting the Algo Lab initiative, where Algorithmics clients can access Sun technology.

    Sun and Lucent Solutions in Asia, Europe and Latin America
    Driving Complexity Out of Network Infrastructures

    Sun and Lucent Technologies will expand their long term strategic alliance to deliver comprehensive, reliable and scalable business solutions to wireline and wireless service providers and enterprise customers. They will work together in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

    TMP Company: Conserving Costs with StarOffice Software
    Running Multiple Applications Crash Free

    The TMP Company, a small Seattle distribution firm, is reporting saving $1,000 per employee by switching over from a Microsoft Office/Windows setup to a Linux system using Sun's StarOffice software. But vice president Tim Payne also reports that he now has no problems running multiple applications with the new combination.

    Transition of Additional VERITAS File System 4-Tier Upgrade Licenses
    For Large Enterprise Computing Environments

    The transitioning of the last four-tier licenses for the VERITAS File System has been announced. This completes the implementation of the nine-tier license structure for both VERITAS Volume Manager and VERITAS File System. The last order date will be February 14, 2003, while the last ship date is May 16, 2003.

    Sun Releases New Versions of Rehosting Software
    Migration from IBM and PCM to Solaris OE Made Easier

    With the release of Sun ONE Mainframe Transaction Processing software 8.0, Sun ONE Mainframe Batch Manager software 10.0 and Sun ONE 3270 Pathway 2.0 (formerly known as Sun 3270 Pathway software), the migration of applications running on IBM and PCM to Sun systems running the Solaris 8 and 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) can be rehostied with little or no change.

    StarOffice 5.2 Application Suite Being Transitioned
    Replacement: StarOffice 6.0 Application Suite

    Sun has announced the end-of-life (EOL) for StarOffice 5.2 Application Suite. In May, Sun announced StarOffice 6.0 and StarSuite 6.0 Office Suite, part of the Sun ONE software offerings. This announcement removes 12 languages. The last order date is February 14, 2003, while the last ship date is May 16, 2003.

    OASIS Members Collaborate on Open XML-based File Format Specification
    For Text, Spreadsheets, Charts and Graphs

    Members of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) consortium have formed a technical committee to advance an open, XML-based file format specification for office applications. The new OASIS Open Office XML Format Technical Committee brings together representatives throughout the industry committed to establishing standard data interoperability for office applications. Their work will be suitable for documents containing text, spreadsheets, charts and graphs and will retain high-level information for editing.

      Netra Telecom Blade Servers Offer Scalability in Small Footprint
      Systems Scale Up to 16 Blades per Shelf, 48 per Rack

      Sun has enhanced the industry's first NEBS-certified CompactPCI (cPCI) commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) telecom blade servers with the release of the Netra CT 410 and 810 cPCI telecom blade servers, the Netra CP2140 and CP2160 cPCI blades and the Netra High Availability (HA) Suite Foundation Services (FS) 2.1 software.

      Porting Linux Applications to the Solaris OE
      Architectural/OS Issues and More

      Sun has built many features into the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) to make it compatible with Linux. However, users may run into porting issues. Among those covered are little-endian vs. big-endian approaches, multithreading and C libraries.

      Micro Focus Server Express 2.2 and Application Server
      Products Help Port COBOL to Sun SPARC Platforms

      The Micro Focus Server Express 2.2 and Micro Focus Application Server for Server Express 2.2 allow companies to redeploy mainframe-based COBOL systems to SPARC platforms, as well as to develop new COBOL applications and maintain them on Sun systems. The Micro Focus products create an integrated programming environment for developing and deploying client/server object COBOL and procedural 32- and 64-bit COBOL applications on SPARC systems.

      Quick Courses on XML
      Training for Managers and Developers

      Sun offers an XML training curriculum that can help you expand your knowledge of XML technology and develop specific skills for applying XML in your environment. Courses currently available cover XML for managers, how HTML and SGML relate to XML and more.

        The System Administrators' Guild (SAGE)

        The System Administrators Guild (SAGE) Web site is a community-driven forum for news, views, membership information help and more about the profession. Some of the current topics on the site cover certification, finding a job and hiring a sysadmin.

        "Designing Highly Available Architectures: A Methodology"
        Sun BluePrints OnLine Document

        Erik Vanden Meersch presents a methodology for discussing availability requirements for Information Technology systems. This methodology focuses on the interaction between system vendors and customers at the early stage of a project and defines the minimum information that should be exchanged to design an architecture that will satisfy the availability requirements of the future owner of the system.

        Managing More With Less -- Maximizing System Administrator Resources
        A 14-page Technical White Paper

        The shift toward a Services on Demand model moves the burden of administering the computing infrastructure from the end user and their PCs to the organizations providing the services, increasing the cost of management in environments with already limited IT budgets and staff. Using the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) system management solutions to administer and meet these needs is the topic of the white paper, Managing More With Less.

        Bug in the zlib Compression Library
        CERT Report

        CERT has reported a bug in the zlib compression library. Sun's implementations of the Java runtime environment include zlib and are affected. This bug may allow malicious code to corrupt memory and possibly crash the Java runtime environment (JRE).

        Bug in the zlib Compression Library
        CERT Report

        CERT has reported a bug in the zlib compression library. Sun's implementations of the Java runtime environment include zlib and are affected. This bug may allow malicious code to corrupt memory and possibly crash the Java runtime environment (JRE).

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