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UBS Switzerland Migrates to SWIFTNet
Utilizing Sun Servers and the Solaris Operating Environment

Financial institution UBS Switzerland is connecting to SWIFTNet, a cutting-edge technology in the financial services industry that is geared toward improving market efficiency and reducing risk. UBS is working with Sun on its migration project which is being carried out in three phases.

Kirchman Corporation Makes Move to Solaris Operating Environment
Banking Software Company Likes Scalability

Kirchman Corporation of Florida, a developer of banking software solutions, decided last year to port its mainframe-based system to the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). Kirchman president Rachel Landrum describes the move in an article appearing in the winter edition of OpenFinance magazine.

Sun and IFS Report Highest Concurrent User Record
For IFS Applications on Sun Fire 15K Servers and Sun StorEdge Arrays

Sun and IFS announced the highest concurrent user record for IFS applications running on Sun Fire 15K servers and Sun StorEdge arrays.

Sun ONE Portal Server on Nextel Handsets
Mobile Portal Solution

The mobile portal solution from Sun, Nextel Communications and EDS securely extends functionality of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) to Java technology-enabled Nextel handsets and wirelessly-enabled devices. With it, employees, customers and partners have a personalized, customizable interface for company information, applications and services.

The Grid Computing Solution Program from Sun iForce Partners
Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region

Sun introduced expanded services, training and industry-specific solutions for grid computing at Sun's recent EMEA iForce Volume Partners Conference in Barcelona. The program rolls out immediately across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. The Grid Computing Solutions Program provides a deployment and services structure that helps customers implement grid solutions, while reducing the cost, risk and complexity associated with these implementations.

Handheld Wireless Devices Help Healthcare
Java Technology Provides Alternative to Paper-based Practices

Mobile solutions can literally accompany healthcare professionals in the performance of their jobs, whether the professional works in care delivery or in the back office. Handheld, wireless applications, such as those made possible with Java technology, can enable doctors and nurses to gain ready access to complete patient treatment histories and gain access to the right information at the right time to prescribe the right treatments.

Winter 2002 of OpenFinance Magazine
Modernizing Branches, Retail Banking and More

The winter 2002 issue of OpenFinance magazine includes an interview with Sir George Mathewson, chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland Group. Editor Jane Ure Smith reports on the evolving concept of the branch and modernizing its technology. Also covered in the magazine is the BAI's Retail Delivery conference 2002 and other topics.

Early Access Program for Sun HPC ClusterTools 5 Software
Beta Scales Up to 2,048 Processes and 256 Nodes

Sun is offering an early access program for the beta release of Sun HPC ClusterTools 5 software for the high-performance technical computing market. The new software delivers scalability up to 2,048 processes and 256 nodes, a four-fold increase over previous versions. It supports a variety of interconnects, including the new Sun Fire Link interconnect technology.

Sun Fire Link Interconnect Hits 1 Teraflop/Second Peak
Sun Targets Optical Link for 'Superclusters'

Sun has premiered its new Sun Fire Link interconnect that supports an industry-leading 4.8 Gbytes/second peak throughput and peak performance of more than a teraflop -- one trillion floating-point operations per second -- in a cluster of systems. The optical interconnect technology dramatically accelerates cluster communication among up to eight high-end Sun systems powering up to 800 processors.

Capacity on Demand 2.0 Brings 'Pay-As-You-Go' Computing to Sun Fire Servers
Enables Customers to Add One Processor at a Time

Sun's new Capacity on Demand 2.0 (COD) is an enhanced "pay-as-you-go" computing option that allows customers to upgrade Sun Fire midframe and high-end systems one processor at a time when user demands increase. Sun customers can take advantage of COD 2.0 at no extra cost -- paying only for the resources when they're used -- and without having to report or monitor upgrades.

Sun's Life Sciences Best Practices Series
December 9, 10, 12 in Northeast Cities

Sun is bringing its Life Sciences Best Practices Series to Philadelphia on December 9, Princeton, New Jersey on December 10 and Cambridge, Massachusetts on December 12. Researchers in life sciences can hear about scientific and IT best practices, along with emerging strategies to assemble, manage and analyze their discovery data.

    Wireless Java Training Course Set
    Hong Kong December 5th

    The Wireless Java technology training course on Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) will be held Thursday, December 5, 2002, in Hong Kong, at the Novotel Century Hotel. The registration deadline is November 25.

    BioGrids Conference Takes Place December 4, 5
    Part of the EJK Life Science Expo

    The EJK Life Science Expo and conference program taking place December 4 and 5 in Baltimore includes the Sun-sponsored BioGrids Conference portion. BioGrids explores the challenges of computational biology solutions, including grids, clusters, shared computing and supercomputing. Speakers include Sun's Howard Asher, director of global life sciences and Dr. Wolfgang Gentzsch, Sun's senior director of grid computing.

    National Retail Federation's 92nd Annual Convention
    January 12-15, 2003

    Sun is a sponsor of the National Retail Federation's (NRF) 92nd Annual Convention to be held January 12-15, 2003, in the Jacob Javits Convention Center, New York City.

    Sun Fire Link Hardware Cluster Interconnect
    High Data Rate and Low Latency

    Sun Fire Link hardware is a high-performance cluster interconnect targeted to the upper end of the UltraSPARC III processor-based servers, specifically the Sun Fire 6800 server, Sun Fire 12K server and Sun Fire 15K server. The high data rate and low latency of a Sun Fire Link hardware interconnect will benefit the performance of clustered applications.

    Additional UltraSPARC III Cu 1.05 GHz CPU and Memory Board
    For Certain Sun Fire Servers

    Sun Microsystems has announced new CPU/Memory board (Uniboard) configurations with the new high-performance 1.05-GHz/8 MB UltraSPARC III Cu processors for the Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4810, 6800, 12K and 15K servers. The new Uniboards are shared across the product line, thereby increasing the vertical scalability from Sun Fire 3800 server to Sun Fire 15K server.

    HA Service Packs for Sun Fire Servers
    Life-Cycle Availability Solution

    With High Availability Service Packs from Sun, downtime can be proactively addressed before they affect business operations. Each pack combines field-tested consulting, training and support services to deliver end-to-end support and expertise at every phase of the application life cycle.

    Entry Level Servers
    Netra CT 410, Netra CT 810 Servers Suit Telecom Needs
    Two 6U CompactPCI Slots in Netra CT 410, 6 Slots in Netra CT 810

    The Netra CT 410 and CT 810 servers are CompactPCI (CPCI) network servers that meet and often exceed telecommunications requirements in a commercial, off-the-shelf platform. The principal difference between the servers is that the Netra CT 410 carries two 6U CompactPCI slots while the Netra CT 810 offers exceptional I/O density with six CPCI slots.

    Sun LX50 Server VPN/Firewall Appliance
    Package Boosts Internet Security

    Sun has packed its Sun LX50 server VPN/Firewall appliance with "Secured by Check Point" software. With Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 software pre-installed, a hardened operating system and a user-centric GUI -- all right out of the box -- the appliance offers security, one-step creation of virtual private networks (VPN) and central security management.

    Sun Fire V120 Server Support in the SunPlex Environment
    With Sun Cluster 3.0 Software

    The Sun Fire V120 server is now supported with Sun Cluster 3.0 software in the SunPlex platform environment. When a Sun Fire V120 server is configured in a SunPlex platform environment, the Sun Fire V120 server can be used to manage the service levels of the application services.

    Sun Fire V480 Server Configuration with 32 GB of Memory EOL
    And Other Server/Storage Bundle Transition

    The Volume Server group at Sun will transition off the Sun price list the Sun Fire V480 server with four 900-MHz UltraSPARC III processors and 32 GB of memory. Also being transitioned is the server/storage bundle that includes the four-processor Sun Fire V480 server with 32 GB of memory and the Sun StorEdge T3 array with nine 73-GB drives.

    PatchPro: SunSolve Online Program Service for Sun Storage Products
    Simplifies the System Administration of Patch Management

    PatchPro from the SunSolve Online program simplifies the system administration task of patch management for customers using Sun storage products. The new release of PatchPro Interactive analyzes your system configuration and suggests repairs.

    Sun StorEdge Configuration Service 1.0 L10N
    Offers Multiple Languages

    Sun has introduced the Sun StorEdge Configuration Service 1.0 L10N version that provides configuration service in English, Japanese, French, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese languages. With this version, Sun announced the end-of-life of the previous version of Sun StorEdge Configuration Service 1.0.

    16-port Channel Host Adapter for Sun StorEdge 9980 and 9970 Systems
    Extending the Connectivity Choices

    The 16-port Channel Host Adapter (CHA) further extends the connectivity choices for the Sun StorEdge 9980 and the Sun StorEdge 9970 systems and encourages greater storage consolidation. It supports greater SAN connectivity and reduces the per-port cost by approximately 17 percent (based on US list price) compared to the current eight-port CHA.

    Education and Research
    Education Promotion: Sun LX50 Linux Server
    Linux-based Sun Open Net Environment Applications Pre-installed

    Sun is offering a promotion for education and research institutions worldwide for the Sun LX50 server. This server is a dual Pentium III processor-based 1U rack-mountable server with Sun Linux Version 5.0 and Linux-based Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) applications pre-installed. The promotion is good until March 28, 2003.

    Promotion on the Sun Blade 2000 Workstation
    2 x 1.015 GHz, 2 GB, Sun PGX64 Hardware, 73 GB Configuration

    Sun is offering education and research institutions a promotion on the Sun Blade 2000 workstation configurations based on 2 x 1.015 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu CPU. These configurations and their increased performance are being offered at the same price point as the previously announced systems based on 900-MHz UltraSPARC III Cu CPU.

    PGX32 Graphics Accelerator Promotion
    Offer Runs until June 27, 2003

    The PGX32 Graphics Accelerator promotion is designed for professionals and education researchers who need fast X Window system performance that displays 24-bit and 8-bit graphics at full speed.

    Education License for Sun Ray Server Software 1.3
    New 20-seat Education-only RTU License

    A per-client right-to-use (RTU) license for Sun Ray server software 1.3 may now be purchased in packs of 20 for research and education customers only. The software license is no longer restricted to any one server.

    Java Technology
    Setting Up Solaris 7, 8 and 9 Operating Environment for Java Servlet Graphics
    Can Use Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition and X Window

    Tom Gould's article, "Setting Up Solaris 7, 8 and 9 Operating Environment for Java Servlet Graphics" outlines how a server system can be set up with the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) SDK and the X Window system. It also provides information on programming servlets to create images or installing a servlet engine like Tomcat.

    Tutorial on High-level Network Programming
    HTTP-based Applications

    An article, "High-level Network Programming" by Qusay H. Mahmoud focuses on how to develop HTTP-based applications using the high-level application programming interfaces of the package. The package contains the classes and interfaces that provide both low- and high-level APIs for network programming. The high-level APIs allow faster development of network applications.

    Java Technology Web Site Targets Visual Basic Developers
    Java 2 Platform Resource Center Set Up

    The Java 2 Platform Resource Center Web site has been created for Visual Basic developers who are looking to add the Java programming language to their existing set of programming skills. Visual Basic developers will find a platform development tool, tutorials and evaluation versions of deployment software.

    New Product Marketplace
    SAS Scientific Discovery Solutions and SAS Drug Development 2.0
    Getting New Medications to Market Faster

    SAS launched two new solutions at the Bio-IT World Conference to help pharmaceutical companies get new medications to market faster: SAS Scientific Discovery Solutions and SAS Drug Development 2.0. SAS has worked closely with Sun Microsystems to develop SAS Scientific Discovery Solutions and SAS Drug Development for the open, robust Sun platform.

    Ximian Releases Ximian Evolution Version 1.2
    Provides Enhanced Usability and Email Management

    Newly released Ximian Evolution version 1.2 offers a host of enhancements designed to improve the usability, performance and interoperability of the personal and workgroup information management solution for Linux and UNIX-based systems. Version 1.2 of Ximian Inc.'s solution upgrades its integrated email, calendar, contact and task-list management functions.

    Ximian Connector 1.2 for Microsoft Exchange 2000
    Enhances Collaboration for Corporate Linux and UNIX System Users

    Ximian Inc. has released version 1.2 of its Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange software, which allows Linux and UNIX system users of the Ximian Evolution groupware suite to manage personal information and collaborate with Windows-based co-workers using Microsoft Exchange 2000. Ximian Connector now supports advanced Exchange features such as public folders, calendar delegation and direct resource booking.

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