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Sun Outlines Life Sciences Strategy for Success in 2003
Four Top Issues: Security, Standards, Efficiency and Visualization

In his keynote speech at the BioITWorld Conference and Expo in San Diego this month, Howard Asher, director of global life sciences at Sun, addressed the convergence of IT and life sciences, the major trends in the industry and the four cornerstone technology issues of 2003: Harmonization through standards, security, efficient data management and visualization of data.

Sun Labs Jackpot Project
Aim is to Make Programming Tools More Effective

In 2000, Sun Labs started the Jackpot Project to make compiler and editing tools more productive. So far, the project has yielded a metrics module that points out high maintenance areas to programmers to help simplify code earlier in the development cycle and a program editor architecture that incorporates pluggable language-analysis components.

Net Talk on Implementing Network Identity
"Experience it Live"

The Net Talk on November 20, 2002, "Experience it Live" -- Implementing Your Network Identity Solution (9 - 10 a.m. PDT) will include a virtual tour through the entire implementation of a Network Identity solution using Sun's software products. The tour will demonstrate how to configure products so your existing heterogeneous legacy environment will be optimized.

    Storage Management Summit in Colorado
    December 3-5, 2002

    The "Storage Management Summit" will be held at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort in Colorado Springs, CO, December 3-5, 2002, presented by the SNIA Technology Center. Topics include CIMSAN and the Bluefin specification.

    Sun Acquires Terraspring
    Automation Software and N1

    In a step to advance Sun's N1 technology, Sun has acquired Terraspring, a privately-held developer of infrastructure automation software. N1 is Sun's strategy for data center optimization.

    Sun StorEdge SDLT SCSI Tape Drive
    Offers Faster Transfer Rates than Predecessor

    The new Sun StorEdge SDLT 320 SCSI tape drive for the Sun StorEdge L180 and L700 tape libraries offers faster transfer rates than its predecessor, the Sun StorEdge DLT8000 tape drive. The new SCSI tape drive provides transfer rates up to 16 MB/sec and 160 GB capacity. Like its predecessor, the SDLT 320 SCSI drive comes with installation at no charge and includes a 6-meter 68-pin SCSI cable with each drive.

    Sun StorEdge Availability Suite Volume Licenses
    5 TB and 50 TB Licenses

    Sun is offering volume licenses for Sun StorEdge Availability Suite software. These new 5 TB and 50 TB licenses provide lower price per terabyte for customers that need to replicate more than 1 TB of data.

    Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager Software 1.1
    Release is Fully Localized with New Health Management Features

    With the release of Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager software 1.1, Sun is transitioning Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager software 1.0 from its price list. The new release will be fully localized and available in several languages, including English, French, Japanese and Simplified Chinese. Documentation is available in all these languages plus Korean and Traditional Chinese.

    CERT Alert: Buffer Overflow in Kerberos Administration Daemon
    Hackers Can Gain Root Privileges

    Multiple Kerberos distributions contain a remotely exploitable buffer overflow in the Kerberos administration daemon. A remote attacker could exploit this vulnerability to gain root privileges on a vulnerable system. A workaround is recommended that reduces the opportunities for exploitation but does not prevent them.

      Security Components of the iForce Perimeter Security Solution
      Seven Layers of Defense

      Designed by security experts, the iForce Perimeter Security solution helps companies deploy multilayered security to protect their vital business information networks. It provides a single, integrated view to a multilayer security defense system that can prevent, quickly detect and identify new intruders and viruses/worms that pass through the firewall.

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