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Sun RAS Profile Evaluates Servers
Configuration Analysis and More Offered

Sun is offering a Sun Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) Profile for servers. The profile is an annuity service that includes a server configuration analysis, a comparison of configuration to a database of Sun and industry best practices, a management-level report highlighting areas of risk and a technical report of risk analysis and recommendations for fix.

Service Program Offerings
Global Programs List

Sun provides an online list of service program offerings for Sun-contracted customers. The listing covers services programs offered in North and South America, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Sun Employees Join Effort to Provide Back-to-School Gear for Kids
Program Raises $118,260 Over Past Three Years

Thousands of underprivileged children returned to school with backpacks full of back-to-school supplies, thanks to the generosity of Sun Microsystems Inc. employees at Sun campuses around the world who contributed to a "Back to School Drive" organized by Sun's Global Community Development Community Action Volunteer (CAV) program. Despite the difficult economy, Sun employees donated 975 loaded backpacks, valued at $57 each, resulting in a total donation of $55,575, an increase of 45 percent from 2001 to 2002. Sun employees over the past three years have donated $118,260 worth of supplies and backpacks to thousands of underprivileged children.

Java Technology
Maintaining State for HTML Form Buttons
A Custom Tag Solution

Matthias Laux discusses how to maintain state for button elements (such as radio buttons and checkboxes) by using JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology custom tags. Laux's lightweight solution can easily be incorporated into both new and existing applications.

Deploying Wireless Java Technology Applications
Testing Tips

In the "Deploying Wireless Java Applications," article author Qusay H. Mahmoud shows the different ways users can download local and network applications to devices enabled with Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) technology, for both testing and final deployment. Mahmoud shows how to deploy wireless applications remotely, download local and remotely deployed applications, and download applications over the air.

RPC Calls and Messaging with Java Web Services Developer Pack
Client-to-Web Service Communication

An article on Java Web Services Developer Pack focuses on RPC calls, messaging and the Java API for XML-based RPC (JAX-RPC) and the Java API for XML-based Messaging (JAXM). The Java Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) is a package of technologies and tools for building Web Services using the Java programming language, and for building Java technology applications that access Web Services.

Siebel Systems, Sun Extend Global Alliance
Support for the J2EE Connector Specification

Sun and Siebel Systems have extended their global alliance to provide interoperability with the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform, by supporting the J2EE Connector specification in Siebel eBusiness Applications, version 7.5. Siebel Systems first introduced J2EE platform interoperability in Siebel eBusiness Applications, version 6.0.

Netscape 7.0 for Solaris Operating Environment Offers Enhancements
Multiple Site Viewing, Page Previews Added

Netscape 7.0 for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) is a cross-platform browser that provides fast and efficient tabbed browsing for viewing multiple Web sites; integrated mail and instant messaging enhancements; page preview and page layout options, faster and streamlined search; more secured privacy; and enterprise functionality.

Sun Management Center Change Manager Software
Aids Installation, Management of Software Stacks on Sun Systems

Sun Management Center Change Manager software is a provisioning and change management software product that delivers a fast and easy way to install, configure, update, provision and audit the software stacks running on Sun systems. Sun Management Center Change Manager software lets users roll out a software update or make changes to their servers while the servers continue to operate.

Getting Started With StarOffice Software
Web-based Courses Help with the Transition

There are now several Web-based courses available for customers who are transitioning to StarOffice software from other office productivity tools. Instruction is available on word processing, spreadsheet, drawing, database, presentation and scheduling programs.

StarOffice Software Offers Alternative to Microsoft Office Suite
Software Assurance Component Analyzed

Microsoft Office's licensing program, called Volume Licensing 6.0, provides organizations a compelling reason to adopt competing office productivity suites such as StarOffice 6.0 Office Suite - A Sun ONE Software Offering. While technology managers report they lack sufficient funds to upgrade to Microsoft Volume Licensing, StarOffice Office Suite offers simplified, affordable licensing and competing value.

Sun Fire Systems Design and Configuration
Online Discussion Forum November 18 - 22

Nathan Wiger and Roger Blythe, authors of "Sun Fire Systems Design and Configuration Guide," will hold online discussions of the subject on November 18-22.

Sun StorEdge SDLT 220 Desktop Tape Drive, StackLink Options
Fits Sun StorEdge L25 and L100 Tape Libraries

Sun is offering the Sun StorEdge SDLT 220 desktop tape drive and StackLink options for the Sun StorEdge L25 and Sun StorEdge L100 libraries. These components add value to the Sun StorEdge L25 and L100 library offerings by giving customers another drive technology option, while the StackLink provides the scalability to expand the libraries by adding modules.

Technical Details: Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array
Midrange Features at Volume Level Prices

The Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array is a 2U-high, Ultra160 SCSI LVD based array that is available in single RAID controller, dual RAID controllers and JBOD/expansion configurations. The Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array can easily fulfill a wide variety of network computing storage requirements by providing Sun storage customers with midrange/enterprise-class performance/availability features, management functionality and configuration flexibility at volume level (entry) pricing.

Sun StorEdge 9980 System 3 Phase 30 Amp Power Option
Helps Lower Costs

Sun has added an additional 3 Phase power option of 30 Amp to the Sun StorEdge 9980 system to help lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). For customers who don't already have 60 Amp circuitry, this feature provides what may be a less expensive choice for power to the Sun StorEdge 9980 system.

Standard Type Service Framework
Unicode Conference Presentation

Sun engineer Alexander Gelfenbain made a presentation on Standard Type Service Framework: Unicode-based Framework for Rendering Typographically Sophisticated Text. He covers some background on graphical user interfaces (GUI) and early computers, the shift to digital type and WYSIWYG applications and the plans for STSF.

Latest IDE Releases, Modules and Add-on Components for Sun ONE Studio Software
Developer Resources Available for Download

The Sun ONE Studio, Community Edition, release 4, update 1 and the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) v 1.4.0 co-bundle for the Sun ONE Studio, Community Edition are available for download at no charge. Developers can build standalone applications, applets, and JavaBeans components. The Sun ONE Studio, Mobile Edition, release 4, update 1 is also available for no charge.

Sun ONE Application Framework: Developing Applications
Standards-based Tool Simplifies Development

The Sun ONE Application Framework, a Sun component-based development tool for the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform, seeks to address the needs of developers who are new to application development or are in need of a standards-based, cross-platform development tool that is free of proprietary hooks and contingencies.

Resource Management in the Solaris 9 Operating Environment
Controlling Timesharing System for Multi-user Setting

Stuart J. Lawson's Sun BluePrints OnLine piece on resource management in the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) notes the inherent multi-user capability of the UNIX system and the enhancements to Solaris 9 OE that enable IT managers to control the timesharing system required in a multi-user setting.

The Secure Shell Frequently Asked Questions Web Page
Resources for SysAdmins

The Secure Shell Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Web page defines Secure Shell, discusses the differences between SSH1 and SSH2, provides information on installing Secure Shell and more.

HPC Administration Tips and Techniques
From HPC Engineer Omar Hassaine

HPC engineer Omar Hassaine provides an introduction to the features of the latest Sun HPC ClusterTools 4 software and discusses the administration practices for successfully configuring the Sun HPC ClusterTools software in his Sun BluePrints OnLine document.

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