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Sun's Revenues for the First Quarter of Fiscal Year 2003
Workforce Reductions also Announced

Sun reported results for its fiscal first quarter which ended September 29, 2002, and announced plans to reduce its workforce. Planned workforce reductions will be approximately 11 percent from its first quarter fiscal year 2003.

What's New in the Solaris 9 OE 9/02 Update Release
Development Tools and System Performance Enhancements

Several new features in the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) update 9/02 include an IP quality-of-service feature, an updated version of the routing information protocol, packet tunneling and memory placement optimization.

Introducing the Sun ONE Portal Server 6.0
Web-based Training Course Designed for Netscape Browsers

"Introduction to Sun ONE Portal Server 6.0" is a course that provides students with background knowledge on the portal technology and product architecture, emphasizing the differences between Portal 3.0 and 6.0. The course walks students through the installation and configuration of the product and instructs them in basic administration tasks. (The Sun ONE Portal Server was formerly the iPlanet Portal Server.)

Upgrade to Sun ONE Studio 4 update 1, Enterprise Edition for Java and Save
Special Discount Available to Select Customers

There is now a special upgrade discount available on Sun ONE Studio 4, Enterprise Edition for Java, update 1. Users who own Sun ONE Studio 3.0, Enterprise Edition, a fully licensed Forte Developer product, the iPlanet Developer Pack (which was recently renamed the Sun ONE Developer Pack), specific products from Borland, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or WebGain, or who have taken any five-day developer course (classroom only) through Sun Educational Services, are entitled to a discount on Sun ONE Studio 4 update 1, Enterprise Edition for Java.

Overview of Sun ONE Message Queue Software Performance Tuning
Performance Aspects Evaluated

Sun ONE Message Queue software, a middleware technology that provides support for reliable messaging between applications, implements the Java Message Service (JMS) API technology standard. Application developers use this technology in their programs to send messages to other applications. Performance tuning is an iterative process of both developing an application that uses Sun ONE Message Queue software and configuring the software system to meet performance goals.

Enter the Sun ONE Starter Kit Sweepstakes
Win a Digital Camera, DVD PalmTheater or a Sun Cobalt Qube 3 Appliance

The Sun ONE Starter Kit Sweepstakes offers entrants the chance to win one of several prizes, including a Fujifilm Finepix 30i Digital 2 Megapixel Camera, a Panasonic DVD-LV57 Palmtheater or a Sun Cobalt Qube 3 appliance. Entries must be received prior to March 7, 2003.

Solaris Operating Environment 09/02 Release End-of-Software-Support Announcement
Features Removed, Release Notes on Installation Problems and More

The Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) end-of-software-support announcements have been updated for the Solaris 9 OE 09/02 release. Features removed from the Solaris 9 OE include AnswerBook2 Server software, ATOK8 Japanese Input Method, and the crash Utility.

Sun StorEdge Instant Image 3.0 Software and Oracle8i Databases
Best Practices by Art Licht

Sun Storage Technology Engineer Art Licht outlines some best practices for the point-in-time (PIT), non-intrusive backup of Oracle8i databases using Sun StorEdge Instant Image 3.0 software. He also presents a method for repurposing PIT Oracle8i data for parallel business processes.

Sun, Hitachi, IBM and VERITAS Plan Interoperable Storage Products
Vendors Adopt SNIA Specifications for SAN-based Storage Management

Sun, Hitachi, IBM and VERITAS have jointly committed to supporting the standards for Storage Area Network (SAN)-based storage management of the Storage Network Industry Association (SNIA). As part of this effort, the companies are planning to introduce CIM/WBEM-based products in calendar year 2003.

X-option Arrays for the Sun StorEdge 3900 and 6900 Series
Arrays Offer Easy Way to Expand Capacity

Sun is announcing x-option arrays for the Sun StorEdge 3900 and 6900 series, providing users of these midrange storage systems with an easy way to add capacity. These x-option array part numbers are in line with the current factory-built (ATO) array part numbers, which were announced on January 8, 2002. These x-option array part numbers are as follows: XTBEA-N2-655 (36GB/10K), XTBEA-N2-1321 (73GB/10K), XTBEA-N2-S655 (36GB/15K), and XTBEA-N2-Q3240 (181GB/7200).

JNI Native Host Bus Adapters for Sun StorEdge 9900 Series
Old Product, New Part Number for Improved Customer Support

Sun is preparing to transition the current XT8 Host Bus Adapters (HBAs) off its price list in Q2FY03. Replacing the transitioned product are the same six JNI HBAs with new part numbers and the native JNI driver for DAS and SAN connectivity with the Sun StorEdge 9900 series. No other Sun StorEdge products are supported by these HBAs.

Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray Servertop-to-Rackmount Conversion Kit
Rackmount Existing Servertop Media Trays

Sun has announced the availability of the Sun StorEdge D240 media tray servertop-to-rackmount conversion rail kit. The kit allows rackmounting of existing servertop media tray configurations and is supported on the following Sun Fire servers: 280R, 3800, 4800, 4810 and 6800.

    DOM Level 3 Validation Specification
    Dynamically Update Content Style of Documents

    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 3 Validation Specification. The DOM Working Group has released a Last Call Working Draft of the DOM Level 3 Validation Specification. The DOM allows programs and scripts to update the content and style of documents dynamically.

    Printing Solution Resources for the Solaris Operating Environment
    Integrating Print Functionality, Basic Principles and More

    Software engineer Eric Reid provides tips for integrating printing into Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) applications. Alice Soteriou has written about basic principles of printing in the Solaris OE 2.6 and above. Soteriou provides a simple guide on how to create and administer print servers and clients.

    Challenges in Developing Indic Scripts Support
    Support, Processing and Presentation Considerations

    Developers attempting to implement Indic scripts in applications and systems face challenges such as language diversity, lack of presentation standards and inconsistencies in character support between ISCII and Unicode Indic script support. Having a common code and keyboard for all the Indian scripts would yield many advantages.

    The Twenty Most Critical Internet Security Vulnerabilities
    Updated List from The SANS Institute

    The SANS Institute and the National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC) have released an updated listing of the twenty most critical Internet security vulnerabilities (also known as the SANS/FBI Top Twenty) for Windows and UNIX platforms. The list, whose sources include experts from security-conscious federal agencies, security software vendors and consulting firms, contains step-by-step instructions and pointers to additional information useful for correcting the vulnerabilities.

    Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI)
    A Financial Services Framework Solution

    The Open Services Gateway Initiative (OSGI) provides a forum for the development of open specifications for the delivery of multiple services over wide-area networks to local networks and devices. OSGI offers a standard for secure Internet communication.

    Common Access Card Solution
    An iForce Solution Profile

    The common access card model offers organizations a global, secure identification method based on biometrics and internationally recognized standards. Common access cards provide single sign-on, digital signatures and strong user authentication. Use of Java Card technology provides card issuers the ability to add services and applications to cards post-issuance or after user needs change.

    Sun Professional Services Program Security Experts in Roundtable
    Share Insights on Network Security

    Security specialists from the Sun Professional Services program say that security is emerging as a key issue among businesses. Organized crime is getting in the act as well, going after credit card numbers. Others are attacking the applications level. To counter such attacks, Sun consultants recommend multiple levels of security at each level of the network.

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