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Powering the Sun ONE Platform with the Solaris Operating Environment
A Technical White Paper
October 7, 2002,
Volume 56, Issue 2

The SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform and the SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE) provide the foundation for building Web Services today. In a 24-page white paper, "Powering the Sun ONE Platform with the Solaris Operating Environment," there is discussion of what it takes to implement Sun ONE Web Services, how the Solaris OE provides an underlying platform that is scalable, available, manageable and secure, and description of the best-of-breed components and improved JavaTM technology support that are now integrated as part of the operating environment.

Just as the transition from a monolithic computing model to a lightweight Web-based paradigm gave organizations the agility to quickly develop and deploy new Web-based applications, today's movement to Web Services promises to enable the development of even more astonishing applications. Today's Web Services model provides fine-grained services externally to customers and clients on a corporate intranet. These services can be combined and reused to provide solutions using industry-standard technologies, including HTTP, Java technology, XML and Java technology APIs and architectures for XML.

One of the issues facing users is scale. How does an organization deploy services that can quickly grow to securely support 10 million customers, maintain required service levels and enable rapid redeployment of infrastructure components as business demands change? The paper offers integrated solutions.

Sun ONE technology enables organizations to develop and deploy sophisticated Web Services ranging from traditional e-commerce sites to the granular, standards-based interactions that enable a new world of standards-based interoperability. In contrast to the Sun N1 initiative, which provides technology for managing Sun ONE services deployed on both horizontally and vertically scaled Sun servers, the Sun ONE platform provides in a complete framework the vision, architecture, platform and expertise to create and deploy Services on Demand. It provides a comprehensive and rich complement of development environments and middleware, including:

  • SunTM ONE Studio 4, Enterprise Edition for Java (formerly ForteTM for JavaTM, Enterprise Edition) software for service creation and assembly

  • SunTM ONE Web Server (formerly iPlanetTM Web Server) for content presentation

  • SunTM ONE Portal Server (formerly iPlanetTM Portal Server) for content customization and single sign-on

  • SunTM ONE Application Server, Platform Edition (formerly iPlanetTM Application Server) for scalable and reliable deployment of enterprise-quality applications and Web Services

  • SunTM ONE Directory Server (formerly iPlanetTM Directory Server) for scalable management of identity and policy

  • SunTM ONE Message Queue, Platform Edition (formerly iPlanetTM Message Queue for Java) software for reliable message-based communication based on the JavaTM Message Service API

  • SunTM ONE Integration Server (formerly iPlanetTM Integration Server) for easy integration with legacy back-end systems

For Sun ONE technology-based Web Services to be successful, they must have integrated operating environment support that is scalable, available, manageable and secure. When implementing Web Services, the platform matters. And with the Solaris 9 OE as an integral component of the Sun ONE platform, there is an integrated environment for creating Services on Demand.

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