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7 Oct 2002
Sun Certification Accelerator Packages for Sun ONE Platform Middleware
Certification at a Lower Cost and a Faster Pace

Sun has developed two comprehensive certification packages for the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) middleware platform that speed up certification and provide it at a more affordable price. One is designed for intermediate level engineers, the other for advanced engineers. The price for both increases on February 1, 2003.
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7 Oct 2002
Powering the Sun ONE Platform with the Solaris Operating Environment
A Technical White Paper

In a 24-page white paper, discussion centers on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform and Web Services, how the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) provides an underlying platform that is scalable, available, manageable and secure, and finally describes the best-of-breed components and integrated Java technology support available.
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7 Oct 2002
N1: Introducing Just-in-time Computing
An Executive Brief

The executive brief on N1 covers how Sun N1 can help IT managers keep their companies competitive. "Just in Time" computing is based on the Just in Time manufacturing model that lets vendors know exactly how much product is needed for the next manufacturing run. This reduces excess inventory. N1 will help reduce the management complexity in the datacenter caused by the explosion of new applications and server sprawl.
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    7 Oct 2002
    Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 Available for Download
    Built on Open, Modular, Standards-based Architecture

    Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 (formerly iPlanet Calendar Server) provides a highly scalable and reliable carrier-grade, Web-based solution. With an open, modular and standards-based architecture, the Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 allows scheduling, task and resource management. Native support for the Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 standards allows users to schedule events in a format that is easily shared across the Internet.
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