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InsiTech's XML Tunneling Technology
A Write Once, Run Anywhere Success Story
October 7, 2002,
Volume 56, Issue 2

The InsiTech Group, an information technology firm specializing in business analysis, solution design and distributed applications development, provides value to its clients by combining its IT expertise with its patent pending JavaTM technology and XML development tool called XML Tunneling Technology (XTT). XTT is a complete, distributed application development and runtime platform that allows for the creation of rich graphical user interfaces for local/distributed applications, but is as thin or thinner than an HTML front end. Applications developed with XTT meet the 100% Pure JavaTM certification standards and feature a rich GUI interface deployable over any network, including the Internet.

InsiTech chose the SunTM ONE Studio 4, Enterprise Edition for JavaTM software (formerly know as ForteTM for JavaTM 4, Enterprise Edition) as its development tool because the SunTM Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) has an architecture that can support the development and deployment of dedicated and Web-based applications today and the emerging service delivery methods of tomorrow. Because Sun ONE Studio 4.0 software is a critical component of the Sun ONE architecture, InsiTech selected this powerful environment to develop services on demand. This IDE serves as a medium for quickly building and deploying efficient and highly scalable cross-platform applications that shorten the development and deployment cycle.

According to David Pociu of InsiTech, "We believe the combination of Sun ONE Studio 4, the Java platform and our XTT technology will enable customers to develop distributed solutions that are far superior to any other approach, while also providing greater productivity for the developer. We feel that XTT technology together with Sun ONE Studio 4 software provides the best solution for developing thin client and rich GUI applications that are also platform independent."

XTT development is done through a combination of wizards, integrating XTT components into the Sun ONE Studio Enterprise Edition for Java IDE, and using the IDE's point and click interface. XTT's goal is rapid application development, yet it does not limit the developer's ability to use any of the standard Java programming language techniques.

XTT is also fully scalable. It can be clustered across application servers, having multiple instances of XTT running independently and/or chained, and having multiple local or distributed data sources.

For a technology services company, InsiTech used its Sun ONE Studio software-based XTT to implement a distributed proposal-tracking and quotes system for hundreds of branch offices and thousands of users. The system has an easy to use GUI, which was critical for user productivity. The technology services company initially tried to implement the system using HTML, but it was too slow to be usable and didn't have a simple user interface. Within the technology services company there has been a very positive reaction from the user community, who see the solution as an excellent tool that enables them to be both more productive and responsive to their customers.

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