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Sun Certification Accelerator Packages for Sun ONE Platform Middleware
Certification at a Lower Cost and a Faster Pace

Sun has developed two comprehensive certification packages for the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) middleware platform that speed up certification and provide it at a more affordable price. One is designed for intermediate level engineers, the other for advanced engineers. The price for both increases on February 1, 2003.

Powering the Sun ONE Platform with the Solaris Operating Environment
A Technical White Paper

In a 24-page white paper, discussion centers on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) platform and Web Services, how the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) provides an underlying platform that is scalable, available, manageable and secure, and finally describes the best-of-breed components and integrated Java technology support available.

N1: Introducing Just-in-time Computing
An Executive Brief

The executive brief on N1 covers how Sun N1 can help IT managers keep their companies competitive. "Just in Time" computing is based on the Just in Time manufacturing model that lets vendors know exactly how much product is needed for the next manufacturing run. This reduces excess inventory. N1 will help reduce the management complexity in the datacenter caused by the explosion of new applications and server sprawl.

    Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 Available for Download
    Built on Open, Modular, Standards-based Architecture

    Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 (formerly iPlanet Calendar Server) provides a highly scalable and reliable carrier-grade, Web-based solution. With an open, modular and standards-based architecture, the Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 allows scheduling, task and resource management. Native support for the Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 standards allows users to schedule events in a format that is easily shared across the Internet.

    UltraSPARC III Cu Processor Debuts
    Designed to Make the Net Work

    The demands of enterprise and high-performance computing require highly reliable and scalable 64-bit systems to power enterprise applications and next-generation Web Services. UltraSPARC III Cu processors from Sun are third-generation 64-bit microprocessors design-engineered to make the Net work.

    Transition of Sun Expert3D-Lite Graphics Accelerator
    Replaced with New Graphics Accelerators

    The Sun Expert3D-Lite Graphics Accelerator is being transitioned because it has been replaced by new 3-D Graphics Accelerators. These new devices include the Sun XVR-1000 Graphics Accelerator and the Sun XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator. The Last Order Date will be 01/03/2003 and Last Ship Date will be 04/04/2003.

    SunSpectrum Instant Upgrade Support Services
    Additional Support for Mission-critical IT Environments

    The SunSpectrum Instant Upgrade (SIU) support services provide additional support to customers for their computer hardware when additional services are not offered by the standard warranty coverage or because of the mission-critical nature of their IT environment.

      Last Order Date for PGX32 Graphics Accelerator Card Extended
      Customer Demand Prompts New Date

      Sun has extended the Last Order Date for the PGX32 Graphics Accelerator card to December 2, 2002.

      Sun StorEdge 3300 Series
      Offers Affordable Alternative for Workgroups

      The new Sun StorEdge 3300 series arrays combine the power and availability of enterprise storage systems with the simplicity and affordability of workgroup arrays. The first member is the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array. A new second redundant array of independent disks (RAID) controller is also available.

      Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI Array
      Modular Design Provides Flexibility

      The Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array offers enterprise-class availability, scalability and adaptability to customers with demanding, fast-growing environments. The Sun StorEdge 3310 array's modular design simplifies the task of adding storage capacity while enterprise management features and rugged construction ensure ease of use and reliability of service.

        Upgrades to Sun StorEdge L25 and L100 Tape Libraries
        Upgrade Paths and Allowances

        Customers are now able to trade in selected Sun tape libraries and those from other vendors and receive value toward the purchase of a new Sun StorEdge L25 or Sun StorEdge L100 base tape library and associated installed drives.

          Sun StorEdge 9900 ShadowImage Software
          Repricing and Restructuring of License Scheme

          Sun StorEdge 9900 ShadowImage software licensing had been based on the total usable capacity of the Primary Volumes within a Sun StorEdge 9980 or Sun StorEdge 9970 system. Now total usable capacity is the total logical (i.e., emulation formatted) capacity of all the logical devices in all the array groups in the subsystem. Usable capacity is not affected by any RAID architecture-specific factors.

          Sun ONE Middleware Migration Tools
          For Application Servers and Portal Servers

          Tools currently available for Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) middleware migration are Sun ONE Migration Tool for Application Servers Version 2.0 -- Early Access (formerly known as iPlanet Migration Tool for Application Servers) and Sun ONE Migration Tool for Portal Servers Version 1.0 -- Early Access.

          Using the USB Generic Driver (Ugen) to Access USB Peripherals
          On Solaris Operating Environment Systems

          Jan Van Bruaene's article "Using the USB Generic Driver (Ugen) to Access USB Peripherals on Solaris Systems" provides an example that uses Ugen to access status information about a USB uninterruptible power supply (UPS). The author covers USB, a simplified UPS application and binding the Ugen driver to your device.

          Faster Development with JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library
          By Qusay H. Mahmoud

          JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology simplifies the process of embedding bits of Java programming language code (or scriptlets) in HTML documents. Additionally, developers can use the JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL 1.0) to introduce their own custom tags written in an HTML-like syntax. Qusay H. Mahmoud's article, "Faster Development with JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL 1.0)" demonstrates how to utilize JSTL and assumes hands-on experience with JSP technology.

          Sun ONE Platform Developer-specific Web Site
          Tips to Learn, Innovate, Design and Deploy

          Sun has created a new Web site specifically for developers for the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE). The goal of this site is to help developers learn, innovate, design and deploy software to solve real-world problems in the workplace, enterprise and industry. The site will grow over time as code and technical articles are added.

          Security of Network Identity: Kerberos or PKI?
          Evaluating Which One Suits Your Needs

          There are two popular architectures for securing network interactions: Kerberos and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). This article considers the features of both and recommends PKI as the better solution for network identity applications.

          Titan 4.0 Beta 6
          Security Tool

          Titan is a collection of programs, each of which either fixes or tightens one or more potential security problems with a particular aspect in the setup or configuration of a UNIX system. Titan's simple modular design makes it easy for anyone who can write a shell script or program to add to Titan as well as completely understand the internal workings of the system.

          Virus Scanning Software for Solaris Operating Environment 8 (x86)
 Web Site Recommendation

          The Web site recommends virus scanning software for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) 8 (x86 Platform Edition) from Sophos and F-Secure SSH 3.1.

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