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Sun Recognizes Top Performing Suppliers in 2002 Awards Program
Twelfth Annual Supplier Awards Program

Sun Microsystems, Inc. has announced the winners of its twelfth annual Supplier Awards Program. The Supplier Awards honor those companies who make outstanding contributions to Sun Microsystems' ability to deliver superior quality and value to its end customers.

Global SWIFT Interface Solution from Sun and SunGard
Connect to Secure Messaging Service

A Global SWIFT Interface solution will now be offered on the Sun platform. SWIFT is the world's largest financial payments network. Sun and SunGard Business Integration made the announcement at the Sibos 2002 conference in Geneva recently.

    Sun Executive Briefing Center Showcases Real-World IT
    iForce Solution Center Offers `Try Before You Buy'

    Sun has opened a new Executive Briefing Center and iForce Solution Center in Menlo Park, CA. The Executive Briefing Center and Sun iForce Solution Center are a powerful combination providing a truly interactive experience that gives customers a hands-on experience of the solutions Sun and its partners can deliver and fuels innovation by providing a glimpse into other possibilities.

    Targasys and Sun
    Success Story

    Targasys, a division of the Fiat Auto Group, has created Targa Connect, a business unit that provides special "infomobility" services to drivers. The interaction with the customers goes through a contact center, where Connect ensures the availability of an operator 365 days per year, 24 hours a day. The services are activated on the dashboard of cars, on GSM mobiles, intelligent mobile GPRS phones and on PDAs.

    Putting Mobile Technology to Work in the Manufacturing Sector
    Reducing Down-time, Controlling Inventory and Personnel Costs

    Nasser Iravani, group manager, Mobile Wireless Market Development at Sun, urges manufacturing executives not to let the paperwork frame of mind bog them down in outmoded processes. Businesses that implement mobile technology will enjoy the tremendous opportunities for growth that result from the efficiencies available through adopting mobile solutions. According to Iravani, a standards-compliant open infrastructure that can scale and adapt to changing conditions is the key.

    Grid Computing: A New Technology for the Advanced Web
    by Wolfgang Gentzsch

    According to Wolfgang Gentzsch, director of Grid Computing at Sun, the Grid, like the Web, will be ubiquitous. It will simply become the basic IT infrastructure for all markets, where it makes sense. What hardware/software companies can and will provide is the appropriate hardware and software stack, the gridware, which helps organizations meet their IT requirements on top of these grids.

    Sun Microsystems Laboratories: Speech Integration Group
    Exploration of Speech Technology

    The Speech Integration Group from Sun Microsystems Laboratories is exploring software architectures and design issues for speech applications and is developing a platform that enables efficient development and deployment of real-world speech systems.

    Sun Open Net Environment in E-Government
    Meeting the Need for Services-on-Demand

    Governments at all levels are responding to the acute need for better inter- and intra-departmental collaboration and communication across agencies. Many have adopted the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) architecture and platform to provide an open, flexible, robust, secure, scalable and manageable framework.

    Sun and Altio Offer Enterprise Applications in a Browser
    XML-Driven Software Platform For Financial Institutions

    Altio, a member of the Sun Developer Connection program, provides an XML-driven software platform for building and deploying enterprise applications in a browser, based on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology. Altio serves financial institutions seeking to provide browser-based access to complex financial applications. It aids routing, analysis and manipulation of a large volume of updates per second, delivering pricing and market data via a dynamic, visual interface.

    x Site Transition FAQs
    Answers to Questions about Individual Accounts, Mailings and More went through a major structural change in June, 2002, and it is now built on Sourcecast software from CollabNet. The new architecture and site design provides a better information structure, as well as the tools to better enable distributed collaborative development. The Web site provides transition FAQs addressing questions of a general nature as well as issues pertaining to individual usage, projects and project owners.

    Johnson Controls and the Sun ONE Directory Server
    For Directory Lookup and Application Security

    Johnson Controls, a manufacturer of automotive systems and building controls, has deployed a global messaging infrastructure based on Sun ONE Directory Server (formerly known as iPlanet Directory Server) that offers both a worldwide employee directory lookup service and an application security service.

    GNOME 2.0 Desktop Beta 2 Release
    Available for Download

    GNOME 2.0 Desktop Beta 2, an advanced user environment from Sun for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), is now ready for testing and evaluation.

    The Next Wave: Blade Server Computing
    Maximizing Data Center Real Estate

    Blade Server computing could provide a solution to many business challenges such as maximizing precious data center real estate, utilizing resources to their best advantage, reducing infrastructure complexity, managing costs in a volatile business environment and delivering highly available and reliable IT platforms and services. The 18-page white paper, "The Next Wave: Blade Server Computing," discusses how the technology can be utilized.

      Sun Fire V480 Server Architecture White Paper
      An In-depth Look at the Server and its Possible Applications

      The white paper describes the architecture of the Sun Fire V480 server in detail, beginning with a system block diagram. It includes a detailed explanation of the UltraSPARC III Cu processor design, along with descriptions of the memory subsystem, PCI Bus, standard interfaces and supported peripherals.

      Transition and EOL of Sun Enterprise 3500 and 4500 Server Systems
      Last Order Date January 2003; Product Supported Until April 2008

      With the introduction of new Sun Fire Midframe UltraSPARC III processor-based systems now more than a year old, Sun has opened Phase 3 of the Sun Enterprise 3500-6500 server product line end of life (EOL). Key components such as system boards, CPUs and memory will continue to be available. Also being transitioned from the price list are the 250MHz/4MB UltraSPARC II x-option module microprocessors and the Sun Creator 3D Horizontal Graphics card.

      Sun StorEdge 3300 Series
      Extending the Promise of Complete Storage Solutions

      The Sun StorEdge 3300 Series products extend Sun's promise of Complete Storage Solutions by delivering enterprise features into the workgroup. Available October 15, 2002, the new storage arrays will enable small to medium businesses do more with less. Open to heterogeneous environments, these products are ideal for Sun customers who need compact, ultra-dense, ruggedized disk arrays to simplify storage planning and management. The first product in the series will be the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array.

      Sun ONE Studio 4 Update 1
      Provides Broad Coverage of the Java Language Specifications

      Sun ONE Studio 4 Update 1 (formerly Forte for Java) provides broad coverage of the Java Language Specifications as well as support for native code development on the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

      Installing Cyrillic Fonts on Solaris Operating Environment
      Q & A on the Sun GADC Web Site

      The Sun Global Application Developer Corner provides information and resources to help developers globalize their applications. In the Q & A section, questions are answered by the Global Webmaster. A recent Q & A covered how to install Cyrillic fonts on Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

      Architecture of the Sun ONE Messaging Server Version 5.2
      A Technical White Paper

      Sun ONE Messaging Server (formerly iPlanet Messaging Server) is a flexible, sophisticated product designed to meet the communications needs of service providers and enterprises alike. The white paper explores the architecture, design, performance and deployment features of the product to acquaint the technical reader with Sun ONE Messaging Server. The paper also addresses the security features that block spam messages and presents performance test results of how the server handles many concurrent users.

      Migration Expert Portal
      Online Tool and Resource

      The Sun Migration Expert Portal assists with the issues of Windows NT to Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) migration through an online process that offers ISVs, developers and architects information and tools such as code samples, articles, technologies and education resources.

      "read" vs. "mmap": Performing File I/O
      "mmap" as an Alternative to the Conventional "read" Method

      Software engineer Oyetunde Fadele developed an image-processing application to compare the effectiveness of mmap versus read in performing file I/O. Fadele's tests, performed on a Netra 30 workstation running the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) show that file I/O performs better with memory mapping than with traditional read/write/lseek system calls.

      Education and Research
      Sun Network Academy Program
      Teaching UNIX Systems and Solaris Operating Environment

      The Learning Portal, part of the Sun Network Academy Program (SNAP) is a resource for students and instructors concerned with preparation of system administrators for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and the UNIX system. Other resources include the College Resource and Instructor Support Program (CRISP) administered by North Lake College in Dallas, Texas, and the Cisco Networking Academy.

      Digital Libraries Consortium
      Library and Museum Special Interest Group

      The Digital Libraries Consortium aims to keep Sun customers up-to-date with relevant Sun Technology and open standards initiatives, to provide support for the user community and to provide a forum to discuss recent developments.

      Basic Technologies Skills Training and IT Workforce Development
      Training Programs Available Through Sun Initiatives

      The Authorized Sun Education Center - Academic Initiative offers basic technology skills training. The IT Workforce Development program delivers basic technology literacy training and technical training on Sun technologies and provides students and instructors with leading edge technology solutions from Sun and solution partners.

      StarOffice Software Teaching Community of Interest
      Training for K-12 Schools Using This Office and Productivity Suite

      Sun has created the StarOffice software Teaching Community to serve primary and secondary schools that have adopted StarOffice, the full features office and productivity suite from Sun, and are working to integrate this powerful tool into curricula and instruction.

      K-12 E-Learning Community of Interest
      Resources for Using Sun Technologies to Support E-learning

      E-learning in K-12 is a Sun education community of interest, designed to connect you to technology, resources and experts. Sun builds and supports communities of practice, sponsor events and publish high quality resources to further partnerships with educational institutions.

      EDUCAUSE 2002 Conference Showcases Sun Technology in Education
      Wayne State University, NYU, WGBH and Others Participate

      At the recent EDUCAUSE 2002 Conference, Sun shared its booth with universities and solutions providers to demonstrate how Sun technology is being applied in administration, infrastructure, digital libraries and e-learning. Participants included Wayne State University, NYU and WGBH.

      Enterprise Network Design Patterns: High Availability
      by Sam Halabi and Bill Cormier

      The Sun BluePrints OnLine article by Sam Halabi and Bill Cormier provides an overview of the various approaches to designing optimal network high availability solutions. The authors analyze the components of a typical corporate customer's network and its logical partitioning to illustrate the protocols that provide resiliency.

      Part Two of Cluster Grid Introduction
      by James Coomer and Charu Chaubal

      "Introduction to the Cluster Grid -- Part 2" by James Coomer and Charu Chaubal describes the Sun Cluster Grid design phase, which includes information gathering, design decisions, installation and management considerations, along with example implementations. The article in the September 2002 Sun BluePrints OnLine shows how the Sun Cluster Grid can be applied to basic computing environments, or scaled for larger, more complex environments supporting business critical solutions.

      "Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition"
      Covers DHCP, USB Devices, SNMP and More

      "Essential System Administration, 3rd Edition" by Aeleen Frisch is the definitive guide for UNIX system administration, covering all the fundamental and essential tasks required to run such divergent UNIX systems as AIX, FreeBSD, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Tru64 and more. "Essential System Administration" provides a clear, concise, practical guide to the real-world issues that anyone responsible for a UNIX system faces daily.

      Two Books on JavaScript Technology
      From Prentice Hall PTR

      Prentice Hall has published two new titles that are written for developers and programmers who need a hands-on approach to learning JavaScript programming language quickly -- "Advanced JavaScript: Insights and Innovative Techniques" by Dan Livingston and "The JavaScript Training Course: A Desktop Seminar From Allen Wyke and Jason D. Gilliam."

      Web Services Books
      Basic and Advanced

      Prentice Hall has just published two books on Java technology Web Services: "Java Web Services for Experienced Programmers" by Harvey M. Deitel and Paul J. Deitel and "Web Services Explained: Solutions and Applications for the Real World," by Joe Clabby.

      Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security
      Second Edition by HP Security Architect Donald L. Pipkin

      Hewlett-Packard security architect Donald L. Pipkin has updated his book, "Halting the Hacker: A Practical Guide to Computer Security, Second Edition," to include today's most critical threats, tools and responses. Pipkin's book offers practical, step-by-step countermeasures for protecting any HP-UX, Linux or UNIX system.

      "Trusted Computing Platforms: TCPA Technology in Context"
      edited by Siani Pearson

      The Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) has delivered a complete specification, TCPA 1.0, for building trusted computing platforms atop trusted hardware. In "Trusted Computing Platforms," leaders of the initiative illuminate TCPA for every systems developer and decision-maker by placing TCPA in context, outlining its goals, techniques and powerful implications for the future. The book also explains how TCPA can be used to protect data, software environments and user privacy.

      "The Streaming Media Handbook" and "The MPEG-4 Book"
      Two New Books on Media

      Eyal Menin's book, "The Streaming Media Handbook," covers practical solutions for Webcasts, media-on-demand and private corporate intranet applications. "The MPEG-4 Book" by Fernando Pereira and Touradj Ebrahimi provides practical solutions for next-generation multimedia applications.

      VoiceXML: Introduction to Developing Speech Applications
      by James A. Larson

      "VoiceXML: Introduction to Developing Speech Applications" by James A. Larson introduces the process of developing speech-enabled applications. This text answers fundamental speech user-interface questions as well as skills, practical steps and pragmatic solutions for developing user-friendly speech applications.

        "Java NIO"
        by Ron Hitchens

        In his book "Java NIO," Ron Hitchens explores the new New Input/Output (NIO) API for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) version 1.4 in detail, showing developers how to use these features to greatly improve the efficiency of the code they write.

        Java Technology
        Developing Multilingual Web Applications
        Using JavaServer Pages Technology

        Norbert Lindenberg's article, "Developing Multilingual Web Applications Using JavaServer Pages Technology", starts with a brief introduction to the JavaServer Pages (JSP) technologies, for a better understanding how to use them to approach internationalization issues. His article also discusses several core problems intrinsic to the development of multilingual Web applications, and describe how to solve them using JSP technologies: locale determination and localization, character encodings and formatting and parsing.

        WMA 1.0 Final Specification Available for Download
        An Optional Package for Java 2 Platform, Mobile Edition

        The Wireless Messaging API (WMA) 1.0 final specification (Java Specification Request 120) is now available for download. The WMA is an optional package for the Java 2 Platform, Mobile Edition (J2ME) that provides platform-independent access to wireless communication resources.

        uPortal Source Code
        Allows Best Practices of Java Technology Development

        Sun evaluated the open source uPortal code to allow best practices and design patterns of Java technology development, thereby assuring top performance in heterogeneous university and college IT environments. With the uPortal framework gaining momentum throughout the education community, Sun reinforces its support of the JA-SIG to further promote collaboration and the sharing of applications and best practices among higher education institutions.

        New Product Marketplace
        HeyAnita's FreeSpeech Gateway Server 3.0
        High-performance Integrated Media Server Software Solution

        HeyAnita Inc. has released its FreeSpeech Gateway Server, Version 3.0, a high-performance, integrated, media server software solution that empowers companies with flexibility and choice, including support for most leading operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Linux and HP-UX.

        MigraTEC Signs JB Cubed to Market Application Migration Solutions
        To the Federal Government and Major IT Contractors

        MigraTEC has selected JB Cubed to act as its sales agent for the federal sector, marketing MigraTEC's 32Direct and 64Express automated enterprise application migration solutions in addition to the company's OS/2 migration services to the federal government and major IT contractors.

        ADIC StorNext Management Suite 2.1 Adds New Features
        For High Performance Data Access

        Advanced Digital Information Corporation (ADIC), a provider of Intelligent Storage solutions for the open systems market, has announced new high performance features in the latest version of its StorNext Management Suite (SNMS) data management software for Storage Area Networks (SANs). The new features will give IT departments guaranteed service levels for selected applications, as well as expanding supported media environments to include additional high performance, enterprise-class tape technologies.

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