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LIFFE: European Electronic Derivatives Market
Sun Helps Build LIFFE Connect Electronic Trading Platform

The London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) transformed itself from face-to-face trading to becoming an electronic exchange with the help of Sun technology.

    The Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise
    White Paper on New Directions in Manufacturing

    Adaptive Manufacturing is a new competitive strategy centered around virtual product coalitions, where groups of business partners assemble to produce, deliver and support a product throughout its life cycle. The 13-page white paper, "The Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise: New Directions in Manufacturing" explores the future for durable goods manufacturers, and the critical technology role that Sun can play to support the transition.

    Sun's Data Migration Experience
    Benefits Virgin Money

    Last year (an e-broker business) and Virgin Direct (a personal finance business), merged to form Virgin Money Personal Financial Service (Virgin Money). Virgin Money turned to consultants from Sun Services, who finished the full migration in 13 hours, almost half the time allocated.

    Web Services and Edge Computing
    New Ways for Deploying and Managing Servers and Services

    The 30-page white paper, "Computing at the Edge," discusses the trends associated with edge computing as well as platforms, management, security and specific examples of customers using Sun technology to implement effective edge computing strategies.

    IT Training Resources from Sun
    One Source for Every IT Training Need

    Sun advisors can assist users to align IT infrastructure with business goals, optimize team structure and skills levels while improving workforce productivity and implement IT talent management.

    Advantages of N1
    Virtualization of Data Center Resources into a Single System

    N1 is the vision, architecture and products for making entire data centers appear as one system. N1 takes the first "systems" approach to data center design by building an integrated system from the network, compute and storage elements in the data center necessary to deliver a complete business service such as e-banking.

    Opening Day Keynotes at the SunNetwork 2002 Conference
    Scott McNealy, Mark Tolliver and Jonathan Schwartz

    According to Jon Byous and David Land, the keynote speeches delivered at the recent SunNetwork 2002 Conference and Pavilion echoed some familiar themes: The Network is the Computer, and choice, innovation and value as hallmarks of the Sun corporate vision.

    Sun System Support Qualification Service
    Getting Previously Owned Sun Systems up to Sun Standards

    The new Sun System Support Qualification Service brings previously owned systems up to Sun standards for performance, reliability, serviceability and availability. The service also makes your system eligible for the SunSpectrum program support for end-to-end top-quality coverage.

    Java Technology
    Java Telephony API 1.3
    Telco Tool

    Java Telephony API (JTAPI) is a standard telephony API for the Java platform. It gives Java technology access to a full range of telephony facilites. It is designed to simplify telephony development. It supports call control, media stream management, physical phone control, and switch-specific communication. The extensible API is designed to scale for use in a range of domains.

    Macromedia Pet Market 1.2 for Developing Rich Internet Applications
    Gives Developers a New J2EE Specification-compliant Tool

    Coming in the wake of Java Pet Store demo software and .NET Pet Shop from Microsoft, Macromedia has just released Pet Market 1.2, which demonstrates how Macromedia's family of development products can give developers using Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology another great option for quick development of sites that deliver results.

    Wireless Java Application Saves Women's Cancer Center $500,000 per Year
    by Eric D. Larson

    The physicians of the Women's Cancer Center in Palo Alto, California, are pioneering the use of wireless handheld devices to help the center manage patient data, insurance claims and schedules. In the past year the Women's Cancer Center has gone from a method of filing claims based on paper and fax to one that is 100 percent electronic and the results are impressive.

    J2EE Client Provisioning Specification Available for Download
    Manages Applications and Content for Networked Client Devices

    Clients can come in many sizes, ranging from wireless mobile devices and PDAs, all the way up to the desktop. The functionality supported by clients can vary as well. Simple clients deliver only Web pages. More sophisticated clients, known as rich clients, can deliver services with multimedia content: sampled audio, synthetic tones, MIDI and video. Rich clients can be built on the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) or Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE); they can even be built on platforms that do not support Java technology.

    J2ME Personal Profile Specification
    Java Community Process Program Issues Approval

    The Java Community Process (JCP) program has approved the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) Personal Profile specification, which will be made available to the Java technology community at the second annual JavaOne Developer Conference in Japan. The profile (JSR 62) was approved by the JCP program J2ME Executive Committee, including Ericcson, IBM, Insignia, Philips, RIM, Texas Instruments and Zucotto.

    Java Web Services Technologies
    Offer Multiplatform Computing Benefits

    Sun previewed the latest version of Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) at the JavaOne Conference in Japan. J2EE v 1.4 technology boosts multiplatform computing with the integration of Web Services support, making the Java platform the only architecture capable of giving developers the ability to deploy production-ready Web Services across heterogeneous environments.

    New Java Technology Will Drive Next Generation Wireless Devices
    Messaging, Graphics, Video and Audio-to-Mobile

    The Java platform is adding new technologies that support enhanced messaging, graphics, video, audio and security features for mobile devices. These new technologies will bring increased functionality, more robust applications and a better user experience to future generations of cell phones, digital assistants and other mobile devices.

    City of Oakland Reduces Costs, Improves Performance
    By Migrating Critical Application to Sun Platform

    The City of Oakland has migrated its financial applications and data to the Sun platform, helping the City achieve its goals of rapidly improving accuracy and speed of payroll processing while reducing total cost of ownership for its payroll processing system. As a result, the City has cut payroll processing time nearly in half and reduced the department's total cost of ownership by 30 percent.

    Migration Success from Sun at Transamerica Life Canada
    Saving Over 50 Percent in Mainframe Operations Expenses

    The Sun Professional Services program completed the migration in just 68 days for Transamerica Life Canada from a mainframe to the Sun Fire 6800 server using the Sun mainframe rehosting solutions. The migration is expected to save Transamerica Life Canada more than 50 percent per year in mainframe system operations expenses and produce a return on investment within six months.

    Sun and Computer Sciences Corporation Global Alliance
    Support Services based on Sun's UNIX Systems

    Sun and Computer Sciences Corporation have formed a global alliance to define and implement new technology and business solutions for CSC's global outsourcing clients, including jointly delivered support services, based on Sun's UNIX workstations, midrange and enterprise servers and software.

    GE Chooses Sun to Deploy Worldwide Portal Computing Initiative Employee Portal

    General Electric has deployed end-to-end technology from Sun to lower operating costs while securely delivering personalized content to more than 250,000 employees, contractors and consultants worldwide. The employee portal enables users to customize their portals to deliver the most important and relevant information to them.

    Sun Microsystems and Infosys
    Strategic Global Banking Solutions Alliance

    Sun Microsystems and Infosys Technologies, Ltd., have announced a global strategic alliance to jointly market a powerful new generation technology platform to address end-to-end enterprise banking and transaction intensive network computing requirements in the global banking industry.

      State of New Jersey Deploys Sun ONE to "Empower the People"
      Decreases Operating Costs and Improves User Experience

      The State of New Jersey has chosen the Sun ONE Portal Server (formerly iPlanet Portal Server) for its e-government initiative. The "My New Jersey" portal targets four broad user communities -- citizens, government officials, business owners and employees -- and allows the state to deliver pertinent information and services while decreasing operating costs by more than $200,000 a year and improving end-user experience.

      Five Sun Security Partners Integrate With Sun ONE Platform
      Manage Network Identity With Increased Flexibility

      To provide customers greater choice in deploying or streamlining a network identity infrastructure, Sun is working with five security partners to help integrate their solutions with the Sun ONE Platform for Network Identity. As part of the joint sales and marketing agreements, the following software providers have teamed with Sun to deliver pre-tested solutions that provide greater choice and lower risk: Banyan Systems France, Business Layers, Entrust, Passlogix and Persistent.

      Joint Support Center from Sun and BEA
      For Rapid Interoperability Resolutions

      At the recent SunNetwork 2002 Conference, Sun and BEA announced a new joint support center for BEA and Sun customers. The Joint Support Center for the joint technologies will provide convenient one-call service initiation, specialized programs specifically focused on supporting BEA on Sun integrated application infrastructure and more.

      Sun and Business Applications Supplier IFS Alliance
      Expanding Worldwide Sales, Marketing, Support

      Sun Microsystems Inc. and IFS have announced a comprehensive global strategic alliance to further expand their worldwide sales, marketing and support as well as collaborative engineering activities related to the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The joint offering is based on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) for scalability, availability and seamless integration.

      New Project, XCube, on the Jini Technology Web Page
      Network-centric Approach to Office Suite Implementation

      XCube is a new project on the Jini technology Web page that is focused on developing a network-centric approach to an office suite implementation. Using Jini technology can bring all available services to the knowledge of the user. JavaSpaces technology can be utilized to hide the specifics of the network layout to the user.

      Davis Project Defines Security Architecture for Jini Technology
      Early Release Overture v0.5 Available for Download

      The goal of the Davis project is to define a security architecture for Jini technology. An early release, Overture v0.5, is currently available for download. The Davis project will ultimately result in a Jini Technology Starter Kit release from Sun, following the Alewife release.

      Configuration and Service Tracker 1.5.1AMS
      Continuous Tracking of a Monitored System's State

      Configuration and Service Tracker version 1.5.1AMS (CST) is a lightweight (low system impact) Web-enabled application that provides continuous tracking of a monitored system's state and configuration changes. The data resides locally on the customer's environment and, in conjunction with the Availability Management System (AMS), CST will provide data back to Sun, to allow for system availability reporting.

      TPS SNA Primary for Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing Software
      Allows Sun Servers to Emulate PU4/5 (1) Node Types in an SNA Network

      TPS SNA Primary is a product Sun is reselling which allows Sun servers to emulate PU4/5 (1) node types in a Systems Network Architecture (SNA) network environment. This product will not carry the Sun brand name and can only be sold to customers of the Sun Mainframe Transaction Processing software and/or Sun Mainframe Batch Manager software.

      VERITAS Volume Manager 3.5 and Nine Tier Licensing Structure
      Support for Sun JumpStart and Solaris Live Upgrade

      VERITAS Volume Manager Software version 3.5 has been released, offering a new nine-tier licensing structure and numerous enhancements including support for JumpStart software and Solaris Live Upgrade software, improvements to tunable parameters, a simplified upgrade procedure and a new GUI. The previous four-tier licenses are being transitioned as part of this announcement. In addition, VERITAS Volume Manager, version 3.1.1, for the Sun StorEdge T3 array is being transitioned.

      Sun Management Center 3.0 Software
      Enterprise Suite 20 Pack Upgrades

      There are now four new Sun Management Center 3.0 software, Enterprise Suite upgrade offerings. The upgrades support all Sun systems based on SPARC, T3 and A5X00 storage and the following operating systems:

      • Agent: Solaris OE 2.5.1, 6, 7, 8 and 9
      • Server Layer: Solaris 6, 7, 8 and 9
      • Console: Solaris 6, 7, 8 and 9 plus Microsoft Windows 95, 98 and NT
      New Solaris 8 OE (Intel Platform Edition) Right-to-Use Licenses
      Transition of the Solaris OE English Only Media Kits

      With the repricing of the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE), new licenses for the Intel Platform Edition are needed. As the English only media kits are a subset of the mulitlingual media kits, they are being transitioned to continue to support the marketing part number reduction.

      Sun ONE Delegated Administrator 1.2 Patch 1
      A Component of the Sun ONE Messaging Server

      Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) Delegated Administrator 1.2 patch 1 for Messaging (formerly iPlanet Delegated Administrator 1.2) is the latest patch release for the delegated administration component of Sun ONE Messaging Server (formerly iPlanet Messaging Server). Sun ONE Delegated Administrator for Messaging is being distributed as a separate package rather than as a bundled component of Sun ONE Messaging Server. It includes localized versions of various languages.

      Macromedia DevCon 2002
      Oct 27 - 30

      Macromedia DevCon 2002 is the premier conference for developers and designers using Macromedia products. This year, Macromedia has combined past UCON and DevCon events for one incredible conference -- Macromedia DevCon 2002. So whether you've attended one of these events in the past or not, you won't want to miss DevCon 2002. This year's event is set for October 27 - 30 at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

      Two Seminars: Capacity Planning and Java Technology
      Sun's Distinguished Engineer, Adrian Cockcroft, to Speak at One Event

      Two upcoming seminars offered in California are the Performance and Capacity Planning seminar in October and the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition seminar in November.

      HPC Consortium Meeting November 15 - 17
      Baltimore, Maryland

      The next HPC meeting will be held November 15 - 17, in Baltimore, Maryland in conjunction with the IEEE SC2002 conference. The HPC Consortium is a Sun Global Education and Research worldwide customer forum which meets to research and discuss high-end scientific and engineering computing issues and trends.

      HPC Consortium Meeting November 15 - 17
      Baltimore, Maryland

      The next HPC meeting will be held November 15 - 17, in Baltimore, Maryland in conjunction with the IEEE SC2002 conference. The HPC Consortium is a Sun Global Education and Research worldwide customer forum which meets to research and discuss high-end scientific and engineering computing issues and trends.

      Events on Smart Cards, UNIX Systems, Apache and More
      From Belgium to California to Philadelphia

      Upcoming conferences include the Belgian Java Technology Users Group Conference event on November 13-14, BioITWorld Conference & Expo in San Diego on November 12-14, the LISA '0 in Philadelphia, PA, on November 3-8, OracleWorld, on November 10 - 14, ApacheCon USA 2002 on November 18 to 21 2002 in Las Vegas, and CARDIS '02 in San Jose, CA, November 20-22, 2002.

      Remanufactured 900 MHz Sun Fire 280R and 3800 Servers
      Also Repricing and Transitions on Selected Models

      Sun has announced the latest additions to its existing line of Sun Remanufactured products, as well as repricing of selected servers, workstations and X-options and the transition of selected servers and storage products.

      UltraSPARC III Cu 1.05 GHz CPU/Memory Board
      For Sun Fire 3800-15K Servers

      Sun Microsystems has introduced a new CPU/Memory board (Uniboard) configuration with the new high performance 1.05 GHz/8 MB UltraSPARC III Cu (UltraSPARC III Cu 1.05 GHz) processors for the Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4810, 6800, 12K and 15K servers. These new copper based processors further enhance the Sun Fire server family capabilities, providing increased performance and RAS features. The New Uniboards are shared across the product line, increasing vertical scalability.

      Sun StorEdge 9900 Dynamic Link Manager v 3 for AIX Software
      And UPS Connection Kit Available

      Customers looking to improve their TCO, raise their levels of availability and implement business continuance policies will find the following new products particularly interesting. The Sun StorEdge 9900 DLM v3 for AIX software enables path failover and load balancing. The Sun StorEdge 9900 DB Divider software and UPS connection kit are now available for the Sun StorEdge 9980 and 9970 systems. For customers seeking a lower entry point into the latest segment of the Sun StorEdge 9900 series, there is the Sun StorEdge 9970 Entry Level Disk Adapter.

      Sun StorEdge 2 Gb PCI Single and Dual Fibre Channel Network Adapter
      Assemble to Order Configurations

      Assemble to order configurations are now available on the Sun StorEdge 2 Gb PCI Single Fibre Channel Network Adapter and the Sun StorEdge 2 Gb PCI Dual Fibre Channel Network Adapter cards to be used in a SAN environment or directly attached to storage devices.

      Sun's Storage Value Proposition for High Performance Computing
      An Analyst's View of High Performance Computing

      The analyst report by John Webster addresses High Performance Computing (HPC) and how Sun's HPC solutions solve today's problems of dealing with large data sets such as those in life sciences research. Webster covers the advances in the HPC segment, bottlenecks when processing large amounts of data, and how the Sun HPC storage area network (SAN) solution augments data availability and solves compute pipeline challenges.

      "Code Fast, Run Fast with XML Data Binding" White Paper
      by Eric Armstrong of Sun

      Eric Armstrong of Sun has written a white paper titled "Code Fast, Run Fast with XML Data Binding," providing background information on schemas and giving a conceptual overview of the data binding process. He also provides an overview of the other major XML-processing mechanisms, SAX and DOM, for an understanding of where data binding fits in the XML landscape.

      Unicode Support for Solaris Operating Environment
      GADC Resources for Developers

      The Sun Global Application Developer Corner is a collection of information and resources to help developers globalize their applications. Resource material, sample code, testing tools and useful links provide information for developers to learn more about software globalization. New and useful resources are added on a quarterly basis. One of the new items this quarter is a section on support for Unicode in the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE).

      Danese Cooper on Open Source
      Tomcat, JBoss, Project JXTA, OpenOffice and More

      Danese Cooper, manager of the Sun Open Source Programs Office, shared her thoughts on developments in the open source community with Janice J. Heiss in a recent interview that sheds considerable light on the agreement Sun reached with the Apache Software Foundation and members of the Java Community Process (JCP) program on the use of Java technology specifications.

      The Siemens Mobility Toolkit
      For the Siemens M50 Handset Device Based on the SL45i Phone

      Ashwin Rao, a Staff Engineer at Sun, has written an overview of the Siemens Mobility Toolkit, a tool to develop and test applications specifically targeted for the Siemens M50, a handset device based on the popular SL45i phone. The phone utilizes the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME).

      Recent CERT Alerts
      Upadted September 24, 2002

      Recent CERT Alerts from the CERT Coordination Center (updated September 24, 2002) include Apache/mod_ssl Worm; Buffer Overflows in Multiple DNS Resolver Libraries; Buffer Overflow in CDE ToolTalk; Integer Overflow In XDR Library; Trojan Horse OpenSSH Distribution; Multiple Vulnerabilities In OpenSSL; Multiple Vulnerabilities in Microsoft SQL Server; Vulnerability in PHP and W32/Frethem Malicious Code.

      Security Enhanced by Migration to Sun ONE Web Server
      Security-engineered Architecture

      Web-related security risks have been a challenge for business leaders and IT professionals worldwide. Storing data where it is accessible to cyberspace users makes online information prey to snoopers and malevolent hackers. Because of its security-engineered architecture, Sun ONE Web Server (formerly iPlanet Web Server) provides an integratable and secure environment.

      Extending Authentication in the Solaris 9 Operating Environment
      Using Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM): Part I

      "Extending Authentication in the Solaris 9 OE Using PAM: Part I" in the September 2002 issue of Sun BluePrints OnLine offers a technical overview of how the Solaris 9 OE Operating Environment (Solaris OE) implementation of PAM works, and demonstrates the straightforward way in which it can be configured to accommodate site-specific security policy requirements. The author also examines the PAM architecture and components.

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