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Sun Introduces New Open Desktop Client
100-User Solution For Secure Desktop Economics

Sun has introduced a new client solution eliminating the expense of traditional desktops while significantly bolstering security and authentication. The new client desktop includes hardware, the ability to authenticate access using Java Card technology, a complete, open desktop software environment as well as a server for identity, portal and messaging capabilities. This approach breaks entirely new ground in the client-side solution category and disrupts the high-cost economics of the traditional enterprise desktop.

Sun's Vision for the Next Generation Data Center: N1
Aggregates Widely Distributed Computing Resources

Sun revealed N1, its vision of the future data center, at the recent SunNetwork 2002 Conference and Pavilion. N1 aggregates widely distributed computing resources (servers, storage, software and networking) and enables them to operate as a single, powerful entity. By automating away the complexity associated with managing technology, business and IT managers will be able to dramatically optimize the utilization, efficiency and agility of their data centers.

Sun Chief Security Officer Delivers SunNetwork 2002 Keynote
Secure Products, Solutions and Services Announced at Conference

In a keynote speech made at the recent SunNetwork 2002 Conference, Whitfield Diffie, Sun's chief security officer, suggested that secure systems are a critical enabler to the future of business and Net commerce rather than being an insurance policy. A number of technologies and solutions were also announced at the conference.

Sun Ranked Number One in Worldwide UNIX Storage
According to IDC

According to IDC, Sun is the fastest growing company in the storage industry in the second quarter 2002. Sun is the only company to experience double-digit growth in significant revenue, capacity and systems shipped categories including all operating systems as well as UNIX, open systems and SAN revenue. The report also indicates that Sun was number one in worldwide UNIX revenue and that Sun's storage revenue grew 30 times faster than the overall storage market in Q2 2002.

Sun Labs Contribute Next Generation Security Technologies
Innovative Cryptographic Technologies for Open Source Project

Sun has contributed an Elliptic Curve cryptography code implementation to the OpenSSL (Secure Socket Layer) project. Elliptic Curve cryptography is an emerging public-key cryptosystem which provides the same degree of security as systems used in SSL today with approximately one-eighth the key size. This makes the technology especially useful for mobile devices and other small devices that are limited in power, CPU performance, memory or bandwidth.

First Internet-based Virtual Food Drive Previewed at SunNetwork Conference
For San Francisco Food Bank

Sun and Aidmatrix previewed the first Internet-based Virtual Food Drive at the SunNetwork Conference in San Francisco, CA. The Virtual Food Drive is the latest solution available through the new Aidmatrix Portal, powered by software from Sun and i2 Technologies, a provider of dynamic value chain management solutions.

Solaris 9 Operating Environment Release 9/02
Integrates Fixes and Performance Improvements

The Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) Release 9/02 for the SPARC platform includes enhancements in the areas of scalability, availability, manageability and security. This Solaris 9 OE update integrates fixes and performance improvements, as well as select new technologies in a tested, easy-to-install configuration while maintaining guaranteed binary compatibility with prior Solaris OE releases.

Updated Version 1.2.1_001 to the Jini Technology Starter Kit
Now Available for Download

An updated version 1.2.1_001, to the Jini Technology Starter Kit is now available from the Jini Network Technology Developer Center Web site. The site provides technical information, downloads and a feedback mechanism for submitting improvements or bugs for developers using Jini network technology from Sun Microsystems.

Solaris 8 OE Value Packages
Limited Time Offer and $50 Gift Certificate

Certification from Sun helps to provide increased career potential and enable more efficient development projects. Sun offers comprehensive certification packages at an affordable price, including Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) System Administration I Certification Package, Solaris 8 OE System Administration II Certification Package and Solaris 8 OE TCP/IP Network Administration Certification Package. There is also an added incentive with a $50 gift certificate for Sun clothing and gear.

VERITAS File System 3.5 and Nine Tier License Structure
New GUI, 32 TB File System Support, Group Quota

Version 3.5 release of VERITAS File System Software offers a new nine-tier licensing structure and numerous enhancements including 32 TB file system support, group quotas and tunable parameters improvements, command enhancements and a new GUI. VERITAS File System is a powerful, quick-recovery, journaling file system that provides the high performance and easy management required by mission critical applications.

Sun Interoperability Prototype for Liberty
Download Based on Liberty Alliance v1.0 is Available

Sun has released the Sun Interoperability Prototype for Liberty (IPL), the first open-source implementation of the Liberty Alliance Version 1.0 specification based on Java technology. The goal of the IPL software is to accelerate network identity application development and interoperability.

Fibre Channel LTO Drive for Sun StorEdge L180 and L700 Tape Libraries
Supported with a JNI Host Bus Adapter and Brocade Silkworm Switch

Sun now offers a new fibre channel (FC) LTO drive option for the Sun StorEdge L180 and Sun StorEdge L700 tape libraries. This new FC LTO drive is only supported with a JNI host bus adapter and Brocade Silkworm Switch. A new feature of LTO FC over LTO SCSI is increased distance and shared drive capabilities. A new feature of LTO vs. other technology is transfer rate (15 mb/sec) and capacity (100 GB native).

Sun Support Service Update for Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Products
And for Selected Third-party SAN Switch and Director Products

Sun Support Services provides warranty for Sun StorEdge 9900 Series array systems and for selected third-party storage area network (SAN) switch and director interconnect products sold by Sun. This bulletin provides detailed information on these warranty offerings and on Sun Support Services SunSpectrum Instant Upgrade offerings for these products.

Sun StorEdge Network 2 Gb Fibre Channel Switch-8 Support for the SAN 4.0 Release
New 2 Gb 8 Port Switch Support

Sun has released the Sun StorEdge Network 2 Gb FC Switch-8 supporting the SAN 4.0 release. The 4.0 release is a combination of components and configuration rules that makes Sun a leader in large, complex, heterogeneous SANs.

iForce Perimeter Security Solution
Enhanced Internet Security Solution

Sun Microsystems Inc. has introduced the new iForce Perimeter Security solution, an enhanced Internet security solution, designed to help enterprises and service providers detect, prevent and respond quickly to today's security threats. The Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism and the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center are already benefitting from this security collaboration.

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