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Scott McNealy on Multisourcing
Outsourcing What You Want, How You Want

In an article originally appearing in "Executive Technology" in August 2002, Scott McNealy discusses "The Many Merits of Multisourcing." The benefits of multisourcing include an increased ability to focus on the things that give Sun more of a competitive advantage, as well as guaranteed service levels, the expertise of specialists and a substantial return on investment through utilizing the multisourcing strategy.

iForce Community Initiative Leverages the Best for You
Solutions, Centers, Directories

Sun developed its iForce Community Initiative with the goal of providing customers with the specific solution for their needs. Sun has gathered the best solutions and people to apply their expertise to your needs and to help you achieve a competitive advantage. The initiative consists of iForce program solutions, the iForce Centers and the iForce directories.

Mobile Voice and Data Services
Sun Common Mobility Architecture

Sun Common Mobility Architecture provides a platform for end-to-end services delivery that addresses the needs of enterprise and service provider customers. The Sun Common Mobility Architecture supports today's technologies and is extensible to allow for the rapid incorporation of future technologies.

Rob Gingell on the Growth of Network Computing
Myths and Realities of Web Services

Rob Gingell, chief engineer, fellow and vice president at Sun Microsystems, Inc. recently shared his thoughts on the growth of network computing, the greatest misconceptions that people have about the computer industry today and the future of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) and Web Services, its myths and realities.

Java Technology
Network Programming with Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition
by Qusay H. Mahmoud

"Network Programming with Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4 (J2SE)" by Qusay H. Mahmoud provides an overview of the new features and enhancements in this release and how to use them effectively. Mahmoud offers some guidelines (and power tools) for troubleshooting your network applications in his article as well as additional technical resources, code samples and illustrations.

Password Masking with AWT Java Foundation Classes/Swing API
A Set of Classes as a Solution

Qusay H. Mahmoud addresses the lack of support for command-line input password masking in the Java technology command-line, text-based, input/output APIs. With Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) Java Foundation Classes/Swing API (J.F.C./Swing), this is not a problem. Mahmoud provides a brief overview of password masking, describes the AWT J.F.C./Swing API utilities for password masking, and provides a set of classes as a solution to the command-line input password-masking problem.

"Wireless Java Application Security, Part 1"
by Jonathan Knudsen

"Wireless Java Application Security, Part 1" by Jonathan Knudsen is the first of a series of four articles about building security into wireless Java technology applications. Knudsen's article covers cryptography, ciphers and keys, key generation, message digests and signatures, and certificates and key management.

"Developing Nokia 6310i Wireless Web Services"
by Vaughn Spurlin

Sun ONE Studio (formerly Forte for Java) provides a complete environment for end-to-end development of wireless Web Services, with full Java Platform Debugger Architecture debugging software. Wireless Web Services can be used with Java technology-enabled Nokia mobile phones, such as the 6310i. Vaughn Spurlin provides a step-by-step guide to creating a simple Web Services example and testing it with the Nokia 6310i emulator.

Sun and Source Medical Create Unique ASP Platform
A Large Company Infrastructure for Small Company Costs

To reduce paperwork and errors in medical documentation, Sun and Source Medical Solutions Inc. have formed an alliance and created a reliable and secure ASP infrastructure. Source Medical chose to utilize the Sun platform for its information management solutions, which are designed to enable healthcare providers to quickly and easily collect information about their patients using the latest computer technologies.

Tecnomen Selects Sun Systems
To Power its Carrier-Grade Messaging

Tecnomen Corp. of Finland has selected Sun's network computing platform to deliver value-added telecommunications systems for network operators and service providers globally. The combined platform enables Tecnomen to deliver innovative service solutions, including multimedia messaging, wireless email, unified messaging, and voice mail, combined with prepaid solutions.

New UltraSPARC IIi Processor in the Sun Fire V100 Server
Increases Performance by 30 Percent

Sun has added the more powerful 550 MHz and 650 MHz UltraSPARC IIi processor to its Sun Fire V100 rack-optimized, low-end entry-level server. With the UltraSPARC IIi processor, the Sun Fire V100 server now delivers greater performance of up to 30 percent, twice the Level 2 cache and an entry configuration with double the memory at no additional cost to customers.

Powering the Sun ONE Platform with the Solaris 9 Operating Environment
Technical White Paper

The Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) is the technology that enables organizations to develop and deploy sophisticated Web Services. The Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) is an integral component of the Sun ONE platform and provides optimal support for Web Services, including database servers, high-performance application servers supporting the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specification, and secure, flexible presentation services.

Integrating Information with Sun ONE Meta-Directory 5.0 Software
Improve the Quality of Information

The Sun ONE Meta-Directory (formerly iPlanet Directory Server: Integration Edition) software consolidates and integrates identity information spread throughout the enterprise into a single profile. With this integrated data, user accounts can be created and maintained automatically.

Sun ONE Studio 4, Community Edition Software Bundle
Four Courses in One

The Sun ONE Studio 4, Community Edition Bundle (course number WFB-100-180) provides students with a collection of four Web-based training courses that introduce the features and benefits of the Sun ONE Studio development tool (formerly Forte for Java 4, Community Edition) for Java technology developers and program managers.

Stanford University and InformationWeek Boot Camp
October 20-24

Stanford University and InformationWeek's Boot Camp: Redefining IT Leadership program delivers leading edge, immediately practical knowledge across a full spectrum of key business disciplines. This program is designed for IT Professionals at all levels. This year Boot Camp takes place on October 20-24 on the Stanford University Campus.

NetBeans Software Release 3.4 Available
Improved Performance and New Features

NetBeans 3.4 software offers improved performance and new features that help developers and programmers save time when writing code. Features include pop-up Javadoc documentation, live parsing and error marking, drag and drop support and more.

Recent Sun Alert Program Notifications
Vulnerability Workarounds

Documents from the Free Sun Alert program Notifications collection note vulnerabilities and workarounds. This is a list of recent notifications with ID numbers. Web Site
Helping Linux Users Help Themselves is a completely volunteer-supported Web site that is devoted to helping Linux users help themselves by making the best and most current documentation available to the Linux community in the easiest, most intuitive manner possible.

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