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New Sun Blade 150 Workstation
New Price Leader In 64-bit UNIX Workstations

Sun has introduced the new price leader in 64-bit UNIX desktops, the Sun Blade 150 workstation. Featuring Sun's latest 64-bit UltraSPARC IIi processor, the Sun Blade 150 workstation offers up to 76 percent performance gains over Sun's previous price-leading workstations. The Sun Blade 150 workstation is an ideal upgrade for software developers currently using entry-level Ultra 5 or Sun Blade 100 workstations.

New CIM-Compliant SAN Management Software from Sun
Complete Storage Management Portfolio

Sun is introducing Sun StorEdge Enterprise Storage Manager (ESM) software for Storage Area Network (SAN) management. The new software provides a centralized management platform for viewing and managing storage environments, incorporating the core management services of SAN topology reporting, device configuration and proactive health monitoring and diagnostics. Sun is also introducing new products in its data continuance solution sets, the new Sun StorEdge L25 and L100 tape libraries, providing provide high capacity in a compact footprint for midrange applications.

Sun Increases Lead in Worldwide UNIX Workstation Market
Quarter-over-Quarter Revenue Grows by 13 Percent Worldwide and U.S.

Sun increased its lead as the world's top UNIX workstation vendor with 69 percent market share for global shipments and $255 million in global revenue according to Q2CY'02 results from analyst firm IDC. In shipments, Sun increased its marketshare by nearly five percent over Q1CY'02. In the U.S. workstation market, Sun increased its market share in shipments to 72 percent, with four percent unit growth over Q1CY'02.

SunPlex Platform Enhanced
On Oracle9i Real Application Clusters

Enhancements to Sun's highly available SunPlex platform for Oracle9i Real Application Clusters will provide customers with greater performance and scalability. This combination uses Sun's Remote Shared Memory technology and high-bandwidth low-latency interconnects.

Accelerate Java Technology Development with Sun ONE and ColdFusion MX
September Seminars in Austin and Kansas City

Macromedia ColdFusion MX for Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) combines the rapid server scripting environment of ColdFusion MX with the reliability and scalability of the Sun ONE platform. There are two upcoming seminars designed to provide a complete overview of how to use ColdFusion MX for Sun ONE to accelerate Java technology development initiatives, beginning with how ColdFusion and Java technology work together.

Sun StorEdge Resource Management Suite Software
Best Practices White Paper

The white paper "Storage Management Best Practices with Sun StorEdge Resource Management Suite" provides a list of storage management practices and describes how Sun StorEdge Resource Management Suite software can play a role in these practices.

    Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.1 L10N Software
    Documentation Translation

    Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.1 L10N software was made available on August 15, 2002, and includes documentation in five languages -- Japanese, Korean, French, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. Sun StorEdge Availability Suite software 3.1 L10N creates more language options for customers by expanding the opportunities for the solution to be understood and used more easily beyond Sun's English-speaking markets.

    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Additional Software Support
    And SVP High Reliability Support Kit

    There are several software enhancements and a new hardware option now available for the Sun StorEdge 9980, 9970, 9960 and 9910 systems. These include Sun StorEdge 9900 ShadowImage Extension -- Logical Volume Divider (LVD), Sun StorEdge 9900 LDEV Guard software, Sun StorEdge 9900 Priority Access software (formerly Sun StorEdge Priority Port Control software) and Sun StorEdge 9900 SVP High Reliability Kit.

    Sun StorEdge Configuration Service Software 1.0 for Sun StorEdge T3 Arrays
    Eases Configuration and Reduces Error

    Sun StorEdge Configuration Service software 1.0 for the Sun StorEdge T3 array is a new addition to the Sun StorEdge software family leveraging the Storage ONE architecture. Sun StorEdge Configuration Service software delivers business value to customers by providing them with a centralized, Web-based management platform which simplifies storage and IT operations. It discovers, monitors and configures the Sun StorEdge T3 array from a single management console.

    Transition of Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand Software V. 2.0 and 2.1
    And Introduction of Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Device Manager Software Version 2.1

    Sun is transitioning the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series HiCommand software versions 2.0 and 2.1 with the introduction of Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand Device Manager software version 2.1. Sun is also transitioning select Sun StorEdge 9900 Dynamic Link Manager Software Parts. Sun StorEdge HiCommand 9900 Device Manager 2.1 was designed to significantly increase the productivity of storage administrators by as much as 10 to 20 times over levels achieved with previous versions of Sun StorEdge 9900 HiCommand software.

    Sun StorEdge Availability Suite Software
    License Price Reduction

    Sun has reduced the price of the Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 1 TB License (including the Educational 1 TB License) by approximately 60 percent. The repricing is dictated by competitive conditions in the host-based replication market. Sun's solution enables customers to install the suite onto many servers, as opposed to multiple server-license requirements.

    Successful Storage Consolidation at FIZ Karlsruhe
    Providing Scientific and Technical Databases

    Fachinformationszentrum (FIZ) Karlsruhe has consolidated its storage onto two Sun StorEdge 9960 systems, which provide storage for databases that are accessed by many Sun Fire servers and Sun Enterprise servers, as well as an IBM mainframe computer. The Sun StorEdge 9960 systems replaced IBM ESS (Shark) storage and made new direct-attach Sun storage unnecessary. In the new storage solution's first four months of production use, it has delivered 100 percent continuous availability and substantially improved ease of manageability.

    Sun Linux 5.0 Operating System -- Developer Overview

    The Sun Linux 5.0 operating system is a unique, fully supported Linux distribution on the Sun LX50 server platform. "Sun Linux 5.0 -- Developer Overview" is a document providing answers to frequently asked questions about the Sun Linux 5.0 Operating System and is available on the Solaris Developer Connection Web site.

    Sun ONE Middleware Professional Development Path
    Sun ONE Application Server 6.0 Developer Certification

    The Sun Certified Developer for Sun ONE Application Server 6.0 provides the foundation for delivering enterprise-class application services and Web Services. Sun Certified Developer for Sun ONE Application Server 6.0 is for architects and developers who are using Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technology to develop, deploy and run applications on Sun ONE Application Server 6.0.

    Cache OCI Calls to Improve Oracle Performance
    On the Solaris Operating Environment

    Nagendra Nagarajayya's technical article covers performance benefits that result from making use of the Oracle Call Interface (OCI). The article also includes a workaround that caches contents in memory.

    "Customizing JumpStart Framework for Installation and Recovery"
    Sun BluePrints OnLine

    The August 2002 edition of Sun BluePrints OnLine features a chapter from the book by John S. Howard and Alex Noordergraaf entitled "JumpStart Technology: Effective Use in the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE)."This chapter provides techniques to augment a CD ROM-based installation with the services and behaviors provided by a JumpStart server.

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