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Java Technology
A Talk with Open Source Advocate Danese Cooper
by Janice J. Heiss

Danese Cooper, manager of the Sun Open Source Programs Office, shared her perspective on the future of Java technology versus C# in a recent interview with Janice J. Heiss. Few individuals are better qualified than Cooper, who has been involved with every source code distribution project inside Sun since March of 1998, to speculate on the outcome of this programming rivalry.

Sun Certification Accelerator Packages for Java Technology
Speed Path to Certification at a Discount Price

Sun now offers accelerated comprehensive certification packages at a more affordable price. Classroom training, from the source of the technology, includes lecture and labs delivered by technical experts certified in their field as instructors. Web-based training gives 24 x 7 access to courseware from a desktop or laptop and select courses include e-mentoring from subject matter experts. Certification from Sun helps to provide increased career potential and enable more efficient development projects.

New Download: Java Web Services Developer Pack v1.0_01
Installation Instructions and Release Notes

Installation notes for the Java Web Services Developer Pack v1.0_01 (Java WSDP), including system requirements and installation instructions, are available for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Linux, Mac OS X and other UNIX platforms, as well as Microsoft Windows. Online release notes for Java WSDP v1.0_01 are also available, as well as Java Web Services Tutorial v1.0_01 Update download.

Sun Open Net Environment Software Stack and the Sun LX50 Server
Shipping with Pre-integrated and Optimized Software

The Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) software stack and other key software offerings will be integrated with the Sun LX50 server, Sun's new entry level x86 system server. The software addresses applications such as Web serving, firewall/VPN, cache, file/print and streaming media.

Sun ONE Web Server Security Advisories
Buffer Overflow in Transfer Encoding and Arbitrary Remote File Viewing Vulnerability

There are two recent security advisories from Sun regarding the Sun ONE Web Server (formerly the iPlanet Web Server). One involves buffer overflow in transfer encoding and the other concerns an arbitrary remote file viewing vulnerability.

StarOffice 6.0 Office Suite and StarSuite 6.0 Office Suite
New Small To Medium Business Pack

A Small to Medium Business Pack, which provides Right to Use licenses for 25 users, has been added to the StarOffice Office Suite and the StarSuite Office Suite. This Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) Software Offering builds on Sun's vision to deliver a full-featured alternative office productivity suite that runs on the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Linux and Microsoft Windows. This release is targeted to enterprises only.

Solaris Bandwidth Manager Software 1.6 Licensing Update
Includes the Latest Server Additions

There have been updates to the Solaris Bandwidth Manager software 1.6 licensing and configuration information and right-to-use (RTUs) that include the latest server additions. The license packs (available in quantities of 5, 10, 50 and 250) allow customers to roll out Solaris Resource Manager software on multiple systems at a discounted price.

Sun Performance Library 7 Software
Sun Optimizes Netlib Subroutines for Accelerated Performance

Sun Performance Library 7 software is a set of optimized, high-speed mathematical subroutines for solving linear algebra and other numerically intensive problems. These routines can increase the execution speed of Fortran, C and C++ applications for both serial and multiprocessing systems. Sun has enhanced these public domain routines and bundled them as Sun Performance Library 7 software, which uses optimizations specific to the SPARC architecture that are not present in the base Netlib libraries.

Guided Tours: Sun ONE Studio 4 Software
Overview, Mobile Edition and Web Services

The guided tour of Sun ONE Studio 4 (formerly Forte for Java) software shows you how this IDE provides a complete, end-to-end solution for all your development needs. You can rapidly build and deploy powerful Web Services and extend them to mobile devices. The available guided tours include an overview of the Sun ONE Studio, Mobile Edition, and developing and deploying Web Services. The tours run from about 6 to 13 minutes.

Linux Version of Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition Software
Maximizing Existing IT Investments

The Linux version of Sun ONE Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 software will expand the availability of Sun's grid computing solution for Linux-based enterprise grids and enable customers to better manage enterprise-wide compute resources. The new version of grid software is also supported on Sun's new entry-level server, the Sun LX50 server.

The Sun System Handbook: Resources All in One Place
From Part Numbers to System Reference Manuals

The Sun System Handbook helps you find comprehensive system information such as hardware specifications, part numbers, high-resolution system views, system reference manuals and more. It can help you with hardware configuration, troubleshooting and installation planning.

EOL: Sun Crypto Accelerator 1 Board
Replacement: Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 Board

Sun is transitioning the Sun Crypto Accelerator 1 Board off its price list, to be replaced by the Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 Board. The transition is the result of lack of demand and the market's movement to higher performance SSL accelerators.

Last Order Date Extended on 21" Flat Display Premium Color Monitor
December 15, 2002

Sun has extended the Last Order Date (LOD) on the 21-inch Flat Display Premium Color Monitor to December 15, 2002. The Last Ship Date (LSD) will be December 28, 2002. The 21-inch Flat Display Premium Color Monitor is compatible with all current Sun graphics cards.

    Technical Details: UltraSPARC III Cu 1050 MHz MaxCPU Boards
    New for the Sun Fire 12K and 15K Servers

    The UltraSPARC III Cu 1050 MHz (1.05 GHz)-based MaxCPU board for use on the Sun Fire 12K and 15K servers is now available. The new MaxCPU board provides higher performance than the previous UltraSPARC III Cu 900 MHz based product. The new board allows a Sun Fire 12K server to scale up to 52 1.05 GHz processors and a Sun Fire 15K server to scale up to 106 1.05 GHz processors. The new 1.05 GHz MaxCPU boards can be mixed into any domain containing 900 MHz or 1.05 GHz UltraSPARC III Cu processors with all processors running at their rated speed.

    UltraSPARC III Cu 1.05 GHz Microprocessors for Sun Fire Servers
    New Copper-based Processor Enhances Sun Fire Servers

    A new high performance microprocessor, the 1.05 GHz/8 MB UltraSPARC III Cu microprocessor, is now available for the Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4810, 6800, 12K and 15K servers. These new copper-based processors further enhance the Sun Fire server family capabilities, providing increased performance and RAS features. The New CPU/Memory boards are shared across the product line, thereby increasing the industry leading vertical scalability.

    SCI Cluster Interconnect (X options)
    On Sun Fire 4800 and 6800 Servers

    SCI (Scalable Coherent Interface) Cluster Interconnect (X options) are now available on Sun Fire 4800 and 6800 servers. SCI remains available for Sun Enterprise servers. SCI is used in conjunction with Sun Cluster 3.0 software. Hardware components of SCI are: a PCI adapter, a four port switch and cables in two lengths. SCI is the first cluster interconnect from Sun to use a new latency reduction feature called Remote Shared Memory (RSM).

    Sun EOLs Four Fixed-Configuration Standard Servers
    Availablity Continues With Standard Building Block Part Numbers

    Sun is transitioning three Sun Fire 15K Standard Servers and one Sun Fire 12K Standard Server, previously available as fixed configurations, that could be ordered with a single part number from the Sun price list. Configurations identical to these Standard Server configurations may still be ordered by using the existing Standard Building Block part numbers with no difference in price or lead-time.

    Transition Select Sun StorEdge T3 Fixed Factory Configurations
    For Sun Fire 15K Servers

    The Sun StorEdge T3 fixed factory configurations for the Sun Fire 15K servers are being phased out due to low market demand. Sun currently has Sun StorEdge T3 factory configurations that are supported with the Sun Fire 12K servers and Sun Fire 15K servers already on the Sun price list. These configurations will allow more flexibility for customers to configure their storage more closely to their needs.

    Updated Standard Configurations Sun StorEdge A1000 and D1000 Arrays
    Shorter Lead Times

    Two additional part numbers will now be designated as standard configurations for the Sun StorEdge A1000 and D1000 products. By changing the standard configurations to the most popular Sun StorEdge A1000 and D1000 arrays, Sun can offer significantly shorter lead times, thereby reducing TCO by reducing inventory holding time and cost, and making availability very flexible.

    Transition of InRange Director Class Switches
    McDATA Director Class Switch "X" Options and other Components

    The Sun StorEdge 9900 Series McDATA fibre port module boards supporting 2 Gb/sec connectivity can be used as replacements for the 1 Gb/sec fibre port module boards being transitioned. In addition, the McDATA switch product "X" Options are no longer required for the ordering of the product as a new ordering model has replaced traditional "X" Option ordering.

    Sun StorEdge S1 Storage Subsystem Manager (SSM) 2.0 Software
    User Guide and Download

    The Sun StorEdge S1 Storage Subsystem Manager (SSM) 2.0 Software User's Guide is 34 pages and describes how to install and use the StorEdge S1 Storage Subsystem Manager (SSM) 2.0 software. The Storage Subsystem Manager (SSM) software monitors the status of the Sun StorEdge S1 array and the hard disk drives within the storage enclosure. The software guide and download are available from the Sun Web site.

    "Rapid Fire System Security 101" by Bill Day
    Sun Technology Audiocast from Sun Tech Days in Singapore

    "Rapid Fire System Security 101," recorded by Bill Day at Sun Tech Days in Singapore for Sun Technology Audiocasts, reminds users that security is a subject that must be addressed comprehensively at every operating level if a system is to be made secure. This talk reviews the major issues users need to consider to harden their systems against attack.

    Introduction to the "make" Utility
    Tech Tip by Suminder S. Ahuja

    make is a UNIX system utility intended to automate and optimize the construction of programs. A descriptor file, namely makefile, describes the relationship among source files and provides commands for updating each file. Suminder S. Ahuja's introduction to the "make" utility is a starting kit for using makefile that covers all the necessary building blocks.

    Enhancing Applications by Directing Linker Symbol Processing
    By Greg Nakhimovsky

    Sun engineer Greg Nakhimovsky describes the benefits of using the linker in Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) to change default symbol processing and for building end-user applications. He also explains how the linker mapfiles work and shows how easy it is to use this feature. Nakhimovsky includes an example of how to create and use a Linker Mapfile.

    NetBeans Open Source Project Expands Functionality
    With 18 New Modules

    The NetBeans open source project has added 18 new modules to its open source code base. The new modules significantly increase the range of Java technologies supported in the NetBeans environment. They enable developers, including Linux developers, to rapidly create code with increased reliability, and leverage innovative technologies.

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