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Sun Sigma: Meeting Defined and Measurable Customer Requirements
For a Higher Level of Customer Satisfaction

Sun Sigma is Sun's approach to running the company's business that focuses on meeting defined and measurable customer requirements. Sun Sigma is based on a worldwide business phenomenon called Six Sigma. Sun Sigma is an iterative approach that makes progress in steps, rather than through an avalanche of change.

    Sun's Corrective Action Network
    Ensures Best-in-class Reliability and Performance of Sun Products

    The Sun Control Tower is a company-wide initiative allied with the Sun Sigma program to help ensure the best-in-class reliability and performance of Sun products. It is the center of Sun's Corrective Action Network, an integrated group of Sun organizations dedicated to identifying and fixing problems in a standard way. Using Sun Sigma methodology and tools, Sun Control Tower rigorously measures information about business processes to better meet customer requirements.

      Three Examples of Sun Sigma Projects
      Business Improvements

      Three examples of Sun Sigma projects that have lead to business improvements include the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) Download Program, Sun's Floor-Tile-Ready Systems Program and Sun Enterprise 10K Server Qualification Process.

      Jim Mitchell and Future Possibilities of the Internet
      Expanding Technology, Shrinking Size

      In a recent article in Computer Times titled "Small Wonders," Jim Mitchell, discusses future possibilities of the Internet. He discusses the possibility of tiny sensors that go inside your body to monitor your health and the privacy issues this new technology raises.

        Java Technology
        New Java Technology Resource Center in Thailand
        To Provide Support for Public and Private Sectors

        An article by Sasiwimon Boonruang in the Bangkok Post reported that Sun would build a Java technology resource center in collaboration with Software Park Thailand and Thai Software Syndicate Ltd (TSSL) Consortium to provide support to both the public and private sectors. Sun Microsystems (Thailand) country director Sanpat Sopon noted that the resource center would enable Thailand to develop skills in Java technology.

        Dbdoc: Online Reference to Java API Documentation
        An Example of a Three-tier Java Technology-based Web Application

        Dbdoc is an online reference to Java API documentation created by Eitan Suez, president and founder of UptoData, Inc. and Sun Certified Programmer for the Java platform. With all constant new releases and upgrades of the Java platform, Suez wanted to see his own documentation that listed multiple API from one location, had more color coding in the user interface, a richer user interface, and search capability. He also wanted to be able to drill down to source code.

        An Introductory Overview of Wireless
        From the Wireless Java Technology Web Site

        "Making Sense of Cellular" by Tom Clements on the Wireless Java technology Web site gives an introductory overview of the wireless radio spectrum, on which wireless technology is based. The author also covers emerging technologies and new applications that promise to revolutionize the way mobile devices transport and use data.

        Rima Patel on Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition and .NET
        Interview by Janice Heiss

        Java technology evangelist Rima Patel discusses the differences between the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) and .NET, Microsoft's .NET PetShop, the need for business knowledge for developers, and her projections about the future of Java technology and the Semantic Web.

        Java 3D API 1.3 Graphics Technology
        Improves Performance and Delivers New Capabilities

        Java 3D API version 1.3 enables developers to easily incorporate high-quality, scalable, platform-independent 3-D graphics into Java technology-based applications and applets. With version 1.3 developers now have the power to create applications that can run seamlessly in a variety of display environments, without code modification.

        Java Technology Core Learning Path
        Courses That Lead to Certification

        The Java technology core learning path curriculum provides both programmers and non-programmers the essential training necessary to become proficient in the basics of Java technology programming using the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). The courses in this curriculum provide training on object-oriented theory, Java programming language syntax, use of the standard API extensions and the Java Development Kit.

        "Sun ONE Portal Server 3.0 Rewriter Configuration and Management Guide"
        Rob Baker's Sun BluePrints OnLine

        One article in the Sun BluePrints OnLine 36th edition, July 2002, is titled "Sun ONE Portal Server 3.0 Rewriter Configuration and Management Guide" by Rob Baker. Baker provides comprehensive best practices and deployment guidelines for the Sun ONE Portal Server (formerly iPlanet Portal Server) 3.0 product, with a specific emphasis on the rewriter component of the Secure Remote Access Gateway (SRAP).

        New Jini Technology Web Site
        Central Place and Resource for the Jini Community Program

        Jini network technology is an open software architecture that enables developers to create network-centric services that are highly adaptive to change. A new central resource for members of the Jini Community program is, a Web site where members can discover new information, discuss, collaborate, exchange source code and ideas and advance Jini network Technology.

          New Sun XVR-4000 3-D Graphics Accelerator Board Development Release
          New Features at Lower Cost

          Continuing to drive the transformation of the visualization and simulation markets, Sun unveiled the development release program for the Sun XVR-4000 graphics accelerator board. The Sun XVR-4000 graphics accelerator board provides superior rendering performance and fast interconnect and other new features such as anti-aliasing filters.

          SunPCi IIpro Coprocessor Card 2.3.1 Software
          New Features and Download

          The SunPCi IIpro card enables users to run Microsoft Windows applications on Sun systems at native speeds alongside Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) applications. SunPCi 2.3.1 software drivers and documentation are now available for download.

          An Overview of the UltraSPARC III Cu Processor
          26-page White Paper

          A 26-page white paper titled "An Overview of the UltraSPARC III Cu Processor" provides a brief overview of Sun's latest SPARC (Scalable Processor ARChitecture) microprocessor, the 1050 MHz (1.05 GHz) 0.15 micron copper metal implementation of the UltraSPARC III processor. SPARC is designed to scale in three important respects: over time, across implementations and up in MP capability (number of processors).

          Network Storage Professional Development Path
          Network Storage Certification

          Sun is now offering Network Storage certification and supporting curriculum created in cooperation with VERITAS software that covers three major areas of storage technology: data management, backup and recovery and storage area networks. These storage technology certifications include Sun Certified Data Management Engineer, Sun Certified Backup and Recovery Engineer and Sun Certified Storage Architect.

          Storage Management Learning Path
          Courses and Certification

          The courseware in the Storage Management Learning Path provides training for effectively administering and managing storage, as well as administering a highly available computing environment. The storage management courseware helps participants build skills in the areas of disk management, storage administration and storage area networks. The availability management courseware is designed to help participants understand and build skills in Sun Cluster software technology.

          Balint Fleischer, Storage CTO of Sun Storage
          Interview on the Future of Storage

          Kevin Komiega of interviewed Balint Fleischer, storage CTO at Sun, about Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), HighGround and Sun's research and development in storage. They also talked about Sun's position in the storage market in comparison to competitiors.

          "COM on the Solaris Operating Environment"
          By Craig Winter

          The Solaris Developer Connection program Web site featured a technical article titled "COM on the Solaris Operating Environment" by Craig Winter. Winter's article specifically discusses a pilot project that was conducted at a major software development company in the United States investigating the feasibility of creating a port to the Solaris OE platform of a Component Object Model (COM) application that had been developed solely on the Windows NT Visual C++ development environment.

          Forte Application Scalability Tool (FAST) Technology Preview
          Early Access Program and User Guide

          The Forte Application Scalability Tool (FAST) enables users to get maximum parallelism and scalability, using automatic data flow programming techniques. FAST is a parallel programming tool that helps you generate a program that will run with maximum efficiency on a parallel computer. Using algorithmic descriptions as input, FAST outputs subroutines that are called in the usual manner by Fortran main programs. The FAST-generated subroutines can then be used to replace subroutines that do not exploit the parallel computer hardware.

          Code Examples in the Sun ONE Studio 7, Compiler Collection
          Sun Performance Library Software and More

          Links to code examples in the Sun ONE Studio 7, Compiler Collection (formerly Forte Compiler Collection 7) such as Sun Performance Library software, C++ Interval Arithmetic code examples, and Fortran 95 interval arithmetic code examples are available on the Sun Web site.

          MDeBug: An MDB Based Debugging Tool
          To Perform System Crash Dump Analysis for the Solaris Operating Environment

          MDeBug is a tool that can be used to perform system crash dump analysis for the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and above, and application core analysis for the Solaris 9 OE and above. The target audience are those who might be interested in gathering information from core files to debug a hang, a panic or an application crash. MDeBug provides an option to run a basic or an advanced analysis for the kernel crash dump.

          Top Ten Reasons to UpGrade to Sun ONE Studio 4 Software
          Extensible, Open Standards-based IDE

          The Sun ONE Studio 4 (formerly Forte for Java) provides a world-class set of "smart" development tools with lots of productivity wizards and templates, the latest Java technologies and the flexibility to seamlessly work with tools from third-party vendors. Its intuitive, GUI is easy to use, while its underlying framework provides powerful technologies for building and assembling the components of the most challenging end-to-end solutions.

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