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Questerra Leverages Sun Microsystems' Technology
To Offer Collaborative Web Services to the Government Sector

Questerra has released their spatial data visualization Web service for the government sector offering an open platform that ensures interoperability across all government agencies, enabling better decision making by combining various information sources into an intuitive, integrated and collaborative service. Questerra selected Sun as the core infrastructure technology provider because of its comprehensive hardware portfolio, cost-effective storage and the Sun ONE.

Managed Services from Sun and AT&T
Hosting, Security and Network Management

AT&T and Sun will jointly market and sell AT&T managed services, including hosting and other services, that take advantage of Sun technology. This agreement will help customers by reducing complexity, challenges and risks of operating global enterprise networks. Sun will provide the technical consulting services to architect integrated solutions that incorporate Sun and AT&T technologies to build a protected, highly reliable and scalable network infrastructure environment.

ECperf Software Benchmark Results for Oracle9iAS and Sun Fire 3800 Servers
Thirty-nine Percent Improvement over IBM WebSphere

Sun and Oracle achieved record-breaking ECperf software benchmark results with Oracle9i Application Server (Oracle9iAS) on Sun Fire 3800 Midframe servers, surpassing IBM and HP/BEA Systems configurations. This certified benchmark was conducted by Sun with three Sun Fire 3800 servers, configured with 24 UltraSPARC III 900 MHz processors, running on the Solaris OE and Oracle9i Application Server Release 2.

Sun BluePrints OnLine: Best Practices
Contents for July 2002

The Sun BluePrints OnLine Splash Page for July 2002 features best practices on the following topics: Oracle Database Best Practices; Data Management Best Practices; Sun Fire 12K and 15K Server Security Best Practices; Sun ONE Best Practices Mini-guide and Data Center Management Best Practices.

Sun Technology at Elway Classic Golf Tournament
Sun Remote Services Net Connect Software

Sun technology has enhanced the experience of golf match spectators by making the Sun Remote Services (SRS) Net Connect software product available to them. According to Katie Ford, writing in the Daily Camera, spectators at the recent Sun-sponsored John Elway Celebrity Classic were able to monitor the leaderboard from any place on the Omni Interlochen Resort golf course on their PDAs.

Sun ONE Portal Server
Supplier Portal Implementation

Sun wanted to shrink lead times to its global enterprise customer base without sacrificing exacting reliability standards and also had to deal with the added complexity of managing business-critical communications across often disparate systems. The company decided to implement the Sun ONE Portal Server (formerly iPlanet Portal Server) architecture as the solution to its supply chain redesign.

Sun ONE Integration Server, EAI Edition

The Sun ONE Integration Server, EAI Edition (formerly iPlanet Integration Server, EAI Edition), is a software product designed for enterprises that need to integrate packaged, custom, legacy, and new Java technology applications. The product makes it possible to integrate core business processes with multiple applications running on multiple operating systems across multiple communication protocols within the enterprise. Companies benefit from the automation of business processes across distributed heterogeneous information systems with increased productivity and efficiency.

Sun ONE Software Downloads
With Enhancements and Bug Fixes

The Sun ONE Directory Proxy Server 5.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1) (formerly iPlanet Directory Access Router) works with the Sun ONE Directory Server and both have had several performance improvements and enhancements as well as bug fixes.

Solstice Cooperative Consoles Software and Solstice Enterprise Manager Software
Network Management Software

Solstice Cooperative Consoles software interconnects multiple Solstice SunNet Manager software consoles to enable cooperative management of medium to large enterprise networks. Each Solstice SunNet Manager software console can manage just a site or region and then be interconnected to other consoles with Solstice Cooperative Consoles software. Management responsibility can be delegated across multiple consoles located anywhere in the enterprise.

Point-in-Time Backup for Nearly Online Systems
Increasing Application Uptime

Selim Daoud's article "Reducing the Backup Window With Sun StorEdge Instant Image Software" discusses the advantages and methods of using a point-in-time (PIT) type of backup system versus a more traditional backup approach that requires extended downtime.

Sun Fire Boxes-4-Boards Promotion
Promotion Ends December 31, 2002

The Sun Fire Boxes-4-Boards Promotion allows you to save thousands on new Sun Fire server boards by trading in your last-generation servers for credit towards the purchase of an UltraSPARC III processor configured system board. With each high-performance Sun Fire server system board, you can typically accommodate the workloads of multiple legacy systems. This promotion ends December 31, 2002.

Server Guides and Documentation
For Sun Enterprise 3500 Servers and More

Server documentation available on includes an installation guide and a reference manual for the Sun Enterprise 3500 Server, and a collection of documents on the Sun Fire V480 server such as an administration guide, a parts installation and removal guide, product notes and setup and rackmounting guide.

    Netra E1 System Expander
    Provides Four Full-length PCI Slots

    The Netra E1 PCI system expander provides four, full-length PCI slots at a height of only 1.75 inches, rear PCI/IO connections for easy cabling and the Solaris OE. Ruggedized packaging and an economical price tag make the Netra E1 system expander a great option for anyone needing reliable and affordable I/O expansion.

    Sun StorEdge 9960 System Used by Questerra
    Integrated Solution Reduces Complexity

    DM Review magazine covered how the Sun StorEdge 9960 System is being used at Questerra, a provider of a Web-based service that integrates data such as sales, marketing and customer information from multiple sources across the enterprise. Questerra creates composite spatial views with the data and external data such as demographic, geographic, competitive information to quickly show how dynamic data sets interact with and affect each other.

    Data Center Storage Overview
    High End Storage Products from Sun

    This Data Center Storage Overview offers a review of high end storage products available from Sun, including Sun StorEdge 9980 System, Sun StorEdge 9970 System, Sun StorEdge 9960 System and Sun StorEdge 9910 System.

    Bluefin Draft Specification at SNIA
    Multi-vendor SAN Solution

    The Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has received an offer of a substantial new contribution of technology aimed at advancing standards-based SAN Management by a group of storage industry vendors. The contributors have developed a draft specification that applies CIM/WBEM object technology to create the basis of a complete management solution for interoperable multi-vendor SANs.

    Storage Consolidation
    Moving Toward a More Manageable Environment

    Consolidation of storage brings together applications, databases and services onto fewer, highly reliable servers and networked storage. Successful consolidation projects can result in improved manageability, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and more efficient utilization of computing resources.

    Web Services and Application Servers: Sun Technology Audiocasts
    Stans Kleijnen, Doris Chen, Sang Shin and Robert Schultheis

    There are several new Sun Technology Audiocasts and WebCamps available online. They include "Sun ONE: The Platform for Services on Demand," "JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Servlets Programming," "Sun ONE Application Server 6.5 Architecture, Installation and Administration," "Web Services Programming Using Java Technology and XML."

    Sun Product Documentation on the Solaris OE for Developers
    STREAMS Programming Guide and Solaris OE 64-bit Developer's Guide

    The latest Sun product documentation on the Solaris OE for developers includes the STREAMS Programming Guide and the Solaris OE 64-bit Developer's Guide.

    Education and Research
    Dartmouth fMRI Data Center New Sun Center of Excellence
    Advancing Neuroscience Research

    Sun has named the fMRI Data Center at Dartmouth College as a Sun Center of Excellence (COE). The fMRI Data Center shares and publishes research data on the Internet so that the data can be used by the scientific community. For the first time, fMRI can draw on the knowledge of experts from many disciplines such as mathematics and computer science.

    Sun Donating StarSuite Productivity Software
    To Every Primary and Secondary School in Hong Kong

    Sun is donating its StarSuite office productivity software to educational institutions via the Hong Kong Education City (EdCity) project run by the Education Department. The value of the donation is about HK $48 million and will cover more than 2,400 schools.

      New Internet Computer Company (NIC) Connecting Schools to the Internet
      Sun and Oracle Technology Help Initiative

      The New Internet Computer Company (NIC) is using Sun servers to create solutions for schools throughout South America. The solution also uses NIC Company's New Internet Computer (NIC) and Oracle's Help Us Help Foundation. NIC began its initiative in Santiago, Chile. It involves the installation of 500 NIC Internet computers in school systems throughout Santiago.

      StarSuite 6.0 Office Suite -- A Sun ONE Software Offering
      Enhancements and Productivity Improvements

      StarSuite software -- A Sun ONE Software Offering -- is an affordable alternative in office productivity suites that runs on multiple operating systems, including Solaris OE, Microsoft Windows and Linux. The office suite has an easy-to-use interface and contains full-featured applications including word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics and database capabilities. StarSuite 6.0 software supports Asian languages, including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

      "Java and SOAP"
      By Robert Englander

      "Java and SOAP" is a 258-page book written by Robert Englander and available from O'Reilly. "Java and SOAP" introduces the basics of SOAP and was written for anyone interested in how to access and build SOAP-based Web Services in Java technology. The book also covers many topics that are essential to real-world development, such as how to add support for your own object types, how to handle errors, add your own information to fault messages and handle attachments.

      "XML in a Nutshell" Second Edition
      By Elliotte Rusty Harold and W. Scott Means

      Authors Elliotte Rusty Harold and W. Scott Means have written a second edition to "XML in a Nutshell" which provides developers with a comprehensive guide to all aspects of XML, including the most basic syntax rules and the details of DTD and schema creation. With updated sections on standards still in development, and extra coverage of Unicode, the book provides an easy-to-use reference to the fundamental rules which all XML documents and authors must follow.

      "Professional JSP Tag Libraries"
      by Simon Brown

      Simon Brown's book "Professional JSP Tag Libraries" teaches you how to create usable, maintainable and flexible tags, along with the good practices and the design implications of tags that maximizes the reusability of your code. This book includes many useful code examples aims to teach you to create genuinely object-oriented Web applications.

      "Core LEGO Mindstorms Programming: Unleash the Power of the Java Platform"
      by Brian Bagnall

      "Core LEGO Mindstorms Programming: Unleash the Power of the Java Platform" by Brian Bagnall is a 560-page book, demonstrating how to enhance LEGO Mindstorms robots by going beyond the built-in tools to leverage Java technology. Working from 3-D plans and photographs, you'll construct five unique robots, each capable of increasingly powerful navigation.

      Java Technology
      Java Pet Store Demo Application
      New Version for Web Services

      The new Java Pet Store demo is now available for download. The Java Pet Store for Web Services application release 1.3.1 is the first reference application for integrating the Web Services Developer Pack with the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). In his article "Web Services and J2EE Technology: One Platform" Jon Byous recommends using the Java Pet Store demo for Web Services and identifies guidelines to follow.

      Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0 Technology Container-managed Persistence
      Sun Technology Audiocast

      A new Sun technology audiocast features "Enterprise JavaBeans Technology (EJB) 2.0 Container-managed Persistence (CMP)" with Carol McDonald, Technology Evangelist for Sun. This session provides a comprehensive overview of the EJB 2.0 architecture for container-managed persistence, together with the Enterprise JavaBeans Query Language (EJB Query Language) for entity beans with container-managed persistence.

      "Unleash Mobile Agents Using Jini"
      A JavaWorld Publication Article by Jason Byassee

      Jason Byassee covers how to use Jini technology as a foundation for mobile agents in a recent JavaWorld publication article. Java technology provides an ideal implementation platform, furnishing tools that help streamline complex software applications. Jini technology framework facilitates mobile agent application development, providing key features for distributed network programming.

      Free Web-based Class on Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition and the MID Profile
      Develop Wireless Applications

      Sun Educational Services is offering an exclusive free 90-day, Web-based subscription to a course that introduces the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) technology and platform application using CLDC and the MID-Profile. The course, "An Introduction to J2ME and the MID Profile" (WJ-4500-SDC), covers how to develop wireless applications and integrate them for maximum effectiveness.

      Web Component Development with Java Technology Course
      Build Reference Implementation-compliant Web Tier Components

      The Web Component Development with Java Technology course (course number SL-314) provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to quickly build reference implementation-compliant Web tier components from JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology and servlet technologies using the Tomcat server environment.

      Max Goff on Jini Network Technology
      Network Distributed Computing

      Recently, Janice Heiss conducted an interview with Max Goff, a technology evangelist for Sun, specializing in various Java technology-related topics. Their conversation ranged from Jini network technology to distributed network computing and beyond.

      "Teaching Java Technology with BlueJ"
      by Dana Nourie

      A recent feature on the Java Web site was titled "Teaching Java Technology with BlueJ" by Dana Nourie. The BlueJ environment was developed as part of a a university research project for teaching object-orientation utilizing Java technology to beginners. According to Nourie, BlueJ is a simple IDE that encourages experimentation and exploration through simplicity, visualization and interactivity.

      New Product Marketplace
      Tadpole-Cartesia Wins ESRI's ArcPad Challenge Award
      Allows ArcPad to Natively Run Multiple Data Formats

      Tadpole-Cartesia, the field mapping software subsidiary of Tadpole Technology (LSE-TAD), has been named one of the winners of ESRI's ArcPad Challenge. The honor specifically cites Tadpole-Cartesia's products that uniquely extend ArcPad's capability to natively run multiple data formats.

        OpenGL 1.4 Specification Release by SGI and ARB
        New Features and Functionalities for Advanced Realism

        The latest version of the OpenGL application programming interface (API), the OpenGL 1.4 specification, is now available. Introduced ten years ago by SGI, OpenGL is now the premier environment used by software developers to create interactive 2-D and 3-D visual applications for computer systems ranging from consumer PCs to graphics workstations and supercomputers.

        Core Security Technologies Delivers Advanced Solution
        For Network Risk Assessment

        Core Security Technologies has released version 1.1 of the company's risk assessment product, CORE IMPACT, which professionalizes and streamlines the penetration testing process. In addition to enhanced reporting and logging functionality, the new version includes exploit modules for the CDE ToolTalk software database server vulnerabilities and other important recent vulnerabilities including the "Chunked Encoding" vulnerabilities that affect the two most widely used Web server programs, Apache and Internet Information Server.

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