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Plexxikon Chooses Sun Grid Engine Software Technology
For Innovative Drug Discovery Platform

Plexxikon, a drug discovery company, is integrating cutting-edge technologies, including structure-driven chemistry, in the lead-finding process to rapidly discover novel chemical scaffolds and high-quality drug leads using a protein-family approach. Plexxikon has chosen Sun to provide much of its IT infrastructure, including Sun Blade workstations; a compute farm utilizing the new Sun Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition, 5.3 software; a highly available clustered solution featuring the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE); Sun Fire servers; a Sun Enterprise server; Sun StorEdge arrays and an Oracle database application.

Sun Joins Open Mobile Alliance
Fostering Interoperability

Sun has joined the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) which helps create interoperable services that work across countries, operators and mobile terminals and are tailored for consumers' needs. Sun is joining OMA as a sponsor and board member.

Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 Software: New Features
Delivers NT Functionality on Solaris Operating Environment Servers

Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 Software consolidates Windows NT 4.0 network services directory, file-and-print, and authentication service onto Sun servers that are running the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). There are no client license costs for Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 software. It can be downloaded at the Sun Download Center at no charge, and the CD media is also available for no charge.

Sun Remote Services Net Connect Software
Web-based Tool for System Management

Sun Remote Services Net Connect (SRS Net Connect) software is a self-managed Web-based tool that enables you to better manage your Sun server and storage systems. This tool provides you with asset configuration, patch reporting, trend reporting and basic monitoring so you can view collected data and reports about your Sun system performance.
Developed by the Open Source Community is an open source, community-developed office productivity suite. It includes key desktop applications. An open source version of StarOffice software, is a multi-platform suite and is available at no cost.

733 MHz SunPCi IIpro Coprocessor Card
Allows Solaris Operating Environment File Sharing With PC Applications

The 733 MHz SunPCi IIpro coprocessor card enables Sun workstation users whose IT departments may have standardized on Microsoft Office to run these applications natively in a compact form factor, eliminating the need for a stand-alone PC. Users may simultaneously access their Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and PC applications in one box while sharing files, data and system resources between the two environments.

Repricing of Sun PGX64 Graphics Accelerator Board
Upgrades from Sun PGX32 Board Are Available

The Sun PGX64 graphics accelerator board is targeted at the price-sensitive segments of Sun's traditional workstation markets. It enables console support for workgroup servers, and it is key to providing a low-cost 2-D graphics alternative for personal workstations. The Sun PGX64 graphics accelerator board was re-priced effective June 4, 2002, to account for the performance difference between it and the Sun PGX32 graphics accelerator board, which it replaced.

EOL of the Sun Creator3D and Sun Elite3D m6 Hardware Graphics Accelerators
Replaced by Sun XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator Card

Sun Creator3D and Sun Elite3D m6 hardware graphics accelerator boards are being transitioned because they have been replaced by new 3D graphics accelerator cards. These new devices include Sun XVR-1000 and Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator cards. The recommended replacements will depend on application support and the performance level desired by a given user. The last order date will be September 6, 2002.

Sun Fire 12K Server to Sun Fire 15K Server Hardware Upgrade Kit
No Downtime to Install

The Sun Fire 12K server to Sun Fire 15K server Hardware Upgrade Kit will allow customers to upgrade their existing Sun Fire 12K servers to the full capacity of the Sun Fire 15K server. In addition, this upgrade can be installed while the system is on with no downtime and no additional footprint required for existing Domains currently running in the system.

Sun Ray Integrated Solutions
Enterprise Desktop Sales Program

The Client and Technical Market Product Group and Sun Professional Services Program have combined to deliver an enterprise desktop sales program consisting of Sun Ray Thin Clients and Sun Ray Server Software 1.3, Sun Servers, SunPCi IIpro Coprocessor Card, Solaris PC NetLink 1.2 software and Sun ONE Solutions (formerly iPlanet e-Commerce Solutions).

Retirement of the 750 MHz Sun Fire V880 Servers
With the Introduction of the 900 MHz Sun Fire V880 Servers

With the introduction of Sun Fire V880 servers with UltraSPARC III processors running at 900 MHz, the Volume Server Products division of Sun is retiring the Sun Fire V880 servers running at 750 MHz and 750 MHz specific options. Workgroup servers running at 900 MHz can support more simultaneous users and manage a broader and more demanding set of applications.

Entry Level Servers
New NEBS Level 3 Certified Netra st A1000/D1000 Server Configurations
Rugged, Continuous Operation in Extreme Conditions

The Netra st A1000/D1000 server configurations are now certified for NEBS Level 3 certification. The Netra st A1000/D1000 server was classified as NEBS Level 2, but with recent improvements that meet all necessary criteria, they are now certified as NEBS Level 3.

Netra 120 Server Features and Enchancements
650 MHz Processor and 4 GB Max Memory

The Netra 120 server is the next generation of the Netra T1 DC200 single processor server. The Netra 120 server has a number of performance enhancements, including a 650 MHz processor, 512 KB Level 2 cache, 4 GB max memory and 36 GB drives.

Sun Fire V120 Server
Replacing the Netra T1AC200 Server

The Sun Fire V120 server is the next generation of the Netra T1 AC200 single processor server. Performance enhancements include 550 MHz/650 MHz processor options, 512 KB of Level 2 cache, 4 GB of max memory and 18 GB or 36 GB drives. The increased specifications can boost performance by over 30 percent in Web benchmarking.

EOL of 750 MHz Netra 20 Server Configurations
Replaced with the 900 MHz Netra 20 AC Server Configurations

The 750 MHz Netra 20 server configurations are being EOL'd and replaced with the faster 900 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu processor Netra 20 AC server configurations. Larger capacity 73 GB disk drives are available as supported options (currently not qualified for NEBS use), and 73 GB fiber channel disks double the supported storage capacity of the systems.

EOL: Cisco Reference Sale Configuration--Netra t 1405 Server
New Sun Fire V120 Server Configurations

The Cisco Reference Sale configuration containing the Netra t 1405 server with external Netra D1000 storage is being EOL'd. There is no replacement product planned. Sun continues to offer the Netra t 1405 server Standalone Cisco Reference Configuration and the Netra t 1405 server Cluster Cisco Reference Configuration. Two new Cisco Reference Sale Configurations will be available -- a Sun Fire V120 entry-level server and a Sun Fire V120 server Cluster Solution.

Sun StorEdge L6000 and L5500 Tape Library Solution Stacks
Three High-end Libraries

Sun is offering the Sun StorEdge L6000 system and the Sun StorEdge L5500 system high-end libraries with a complete solution in three different ways. Native capacities range from 60 TB Performance Solution with 3000 slots (9840B FC) to 150 TB Capacity Solutions with 1500 slots (LTO FC and LTO SCSI).

Sun StorEdge 2 Gb PCI Dual Fibre Channel Network Adapter
Meets 2 Gb End-to-end SAN Infrastructure

The Sun StorEdge 2 Gb PCI Dual Fibre Channel Network Adapter can be used in a SAN environment or direct attach to storage devices. In a SAN environment, it is supported with the Sun StorEdge Network 2 Gb FC Switch (16 port), Sun StorEdge Network 1 Gb FC Switch (16 port and 8 port) and the Brocade Silkworm 3800 (16 port).

Complete Storage Solution for the Energy Industry
Lower TCO Results With Sun StorEdge Products and Services

Sun is working with customers in the energy industry to bring down TCO by developing more efficient IT strategies to manage the security and availability of data. The recommendation of the Sun Professional Services program to consolidate data storage systems with an end-to-end IT infrastructure that includes Sun StorEdge Complete Storage Solutions has reduced TCO for a number of users.

EOL of Select 1 Gb/sec Brocade Switches and 1 Gb/sec JNI Host Bus Adapters
Sun StorEdge 9900 Series

Sun is transitioning the Brocade SilkWorm 2402, 2802 and 6400 fabric switches from its price list. Two of the 1 Gb/sec host bus adapters (HBAs) manufactured by JNI are also being transitioned from the price list with this announcement. HBAs supporting 2 Gb/sec rates are available.

Documentation for the New Solaris 9 OE
Packaging Guide, GSS-API Guide and More

The Web site has documentation available on the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris 9 OE), Software Developer Collection. Some of the documentation includes titles such as Application Packaging Developer's Guide, Federated Naming Service Programming Guide, GSS-API Programming Guide and International Language Environments Guide.

NetBeans Software Resources
Resources, Links and More

The NetBeans software Web site has an archive of past releases of the NetBeans IDE that are available for download and a distributions table with descriptions. There is also a NetBeans software release schedule, details on features planned for NetBeans software 3.4, and information on the NetBeans IDE and platform.

"Mastering Oracle SQL"
by Sanjay Mishra and Alan Beaulieu

According to Sanjay Mishra and Alan Beaulieu, authors of "Mastering Oracle SQL," a comprehensive working knowledge of Structured Query Language (SQL) is essential to getting the most out of a database. Focusing on the Oracle version of SQL, the authors have examined the particular features of this version and applies them to solving specific problems.

"GNOME 2.0: An Innovative Platform for Building Advanced Applications"
GTK+, Bonobo, Pango and More

The 37-page white paper "GNOME 2.0: An Innovative Platform for Building Advanced Applications" provides an overview of the GNOME architecture and programming model. The source code of a GNOME application is compatible across any UNIX system or GNU/Linux platform that runs the GNOME desktop. The white paper focuses on GNOME as a development platform and discusses many of the technologies included with GNOME that make it a good choice for building high-performance applications.

Web Service Choreography Interface (WSCI) 1.0 Specification
XML-based Interface Description Language

The Web Service Choreography Interface (WSCI) is an XML-based interface description language that describes the flow of messages exchanged by a Web Service participating in choreographed interactions with other services. Among other languages, WSCI works in conjunction with the W3C's Web Service Description Language (WSDL).

Enterprise JavaBeans Tutorial
Creating Session Beans with Sun ONE Studio, Enterprise Edition

A tutorial from Robert Crowe focuses on creating session beans with Sun ONE Studio, Enterprise Edition (formerly Forte for Java) software. The tutorial describes the process of creating and testing entity beans. Key concepts and capabilities of Sun ONE Studio Release 3.0, Enterprise Edition software are covered.

Education and Research
Choosing the Right Sun System
Uses and Advantages of Sun Technologies

The Spring 2002 edition of the Campus Advisor newsletter features a chart detailing Sun products such as the Sun Ray appliance and the Sun Blade workstations and their primary uses, advantages and price ranges. Sun has designed its product range to meet every need by being flexible, affordable and easy to integrate.

U.C. Berkeley Uses Java Technology and Open Source Software
Developing a Learning Management System

Thomas Ulrich has written about the efforts of the engineering team from Student Information Systems at the University of California, Berkeley who are working to develop a consolidated, comprehensive, Web-based learning management system based on the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE), that is part of a campus-wide initiative called e-Berkeley.

EOL: ScholarPACs for Sun ONE Active Server Pages (ASP)
(Formerly the Sun Chili!Soft ASP)

Sun ONE Active Server Pages (ASP) (formerly the Sun Chili!Soft ASP) 3.6 for Linux ScholarPAC and Sun ONE ASP (formerly Sun Chili!Soft ASP) 3.4.2 for Windows ScholarPAC are being EOL'd. Customers currently deploying Sun ONE ASP 3.6 for Linux and Sun ONE ASP 3.4.2 for Windows should migrate to Sun ONE ASP 3.6.2.

VERITAS File System 3.4 for Solaris 9 OE
System Performance and Manageability Enhancements

VERITAS File System 3.4 for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) is a powerful, quick-recovery, journaling file system that provides the high performance and easy management required by mission critical applications. VERITAS File System augments UNIX system file management with continuous availability, increased I/O and up-to-date structural integrity.

EOL of VERITAS Volume Manager 3.0.4
Transition of VERITAS File System 3.2

The VERITAS Volume Manager 3.0.4 and the VERITAS File System 3.2 are being transitioned off the Sun price list. These are old versions of Volume Manager which have been EOL'd by VERITAS. Sun currently price lists several later versions of these products.

Java Technology
PeekAndPick 1.1
by Jonathan Knudsen

Jonathon Knudsen has written about PeekAndPick 1.1 on the Web site. PeekAndPick 1.1 is an application that runs on any MIDP-compliant device, allowing you to browse news headlines and story descriptions, select stories that interest you and have their links emailed to your desktop. According to Knudsen, PeekAndPick is both a useful application and a technical demonstration that showcases the power of the MIDP platform.

Building an Application: Part 4
by Dana Nourie

On the New to Java technology Web site there is part 4 of Building an Application by Dana Nourie. This article covers Exception Handling, Scroll Bars, Pop-up Option Boxes and Reading From and Writing to Files. This six part tutorial takes you through the process of creating an application using Java technology, through the creation of a divelog.

New Product Marketplace
PointBase Server 4.3 and PointBase Embedded 4.3
Now Compliant With Java Database Connectivity3.0 Interface

The new PointBase Server 4.3 and PointBase Embedded 4.3 are compliant with Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 3.0 and include robust performance enhancements for improved functionality and ease-of-use.

ScreamingMedia Delivers News and Business Information
Supports Sun ONE Portal Server 6.0

ScreamingMedia's Web Services infrastructure will fully support the Sun ONE Portal Server (formerly the iPlanet Portal Server) and the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) architecture for Web Services. ScreamingMedia's integration technology aggregates content from disparate sources, normalizes and filters that data and then deposits it into appropriate repositories.

WebWasher Enterprise Edition (EE) Version 4.0
Internet Filtering Solution

The Internet filtering solution, WebWasher Enterprise Edition (EE) Version 4.0, combines WebWasher's DynaBLocator database with the new "Real-Time Classifier" to deliver more effective controls against distracting and inappropriate content.

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