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Reasons to Upgrade to Solaris 9 Operating Environment
Faster, More Secure, Less Costly

New features of the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris 9 OE) that promote transitioning to it include improvements in speed, security, total cost of ownership and ease of installation. With these new features, significant performance gains have been demonstrated for OLTP, DSS and OLAP applications, as well as for Java technology and Application Services such as the Sun ONE Application server (formerly iPlanet Application server) and major ISVs, including BEA and Borland. Gains have also been noted for Web Services such as Sun ONE Web server (formerly iPlanet Web server), Apache and Zeus.

Server Consolidation in Ocwen's Real Estate Operations
Sun Fire 15K Server Saves Lender Millions

Ocwen Technology Exchange (OTX) has consolidated the applications it ran on numerous smaller systems onto a pair of Sun Fire 15K servers running the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) as its exclusive UNIX system solution, saving Ocwen, its parent company, a lending institution, millions of dollars.

McLaren Captures Formula 1 Competitive Edge
Powered by Sun Technology

McLaren, one of the most successful teams in Formula 1 racing history, has used Sun technology for the last 14 years in its design, testing and on-track monitoring efforts and as the vehicle for its Web site as well. Sun Ultra workstations and the Solaris Operating Environment provide the infrastructure for McLaren's operations.

Automotive Retail Portals
A Sun ONE Platform-based Application Service Provider Model

Automotive Retail Portals, an initiative based on the Sun ONE platform, enables OEMs, service providers and dealers to create, assemble and deploy smart Web Services. Using the Application Service Provider model frees dealers from having to employ cumbersome proprietary OEM legacy systems and gives OEMs the confidence that members of their dealer network are operating the correct software without having to concern themselves with distribution and installation issues. The Automotive Retail Portals Initiative has the potential to create a sharp reduction in application deployment costs and allows dealers to focus on customer service issues rather than IT management.

Sun at Salt Lake City--2002 Winter Olympics
First Olympic Use of Open Standards Architecture

The use of technology by the International Olympic Committee has advanced enormously since the games of 1932 in Los Angeles, when the stopwatch and camera were first used to record finishes. At the Salt Lake 2002 Games, Sun, the official UNIX server supplier, joined 14 other vendors whose solutions were integrated by SchlumbergerSema using open standards architecture.

Java Technology
Java Technology and Lego Mindstorm

Janice J. Heiss recently conducted an interview with Java Technology Evangelist Simon Ritter on the leJOS project, Java technology and robots and the future of robots.

Java Technology Robotics Developers Kit
by Simon Ritter

The Java Technology Robotics Developers Kit contains libraries that are designed to help create robots using a variety of Java technologies. Technology Evangelist Simon Ritter explains the areas covered by the libraries and what software is needed to use the kit.

"Core Java APIs for Web Services"
by Sang Shin

Sang Shin, author of "Core Java APIs for Web Services," presents an overview of all Java APIs for Web services and then examines three in detail: Java API for XML Messaging (JAXM), Java API for Remote Procedure Call (JAX-RPC) and Java API for XML Registry (JAXR).

J2SE 1.4 Platform and CORBA Programming
Programming Transient and Persistent Servers

Qusay Mahmoud has written an article titled "CORBA Programming with J2SE 1.4: Programming Transient and Persistent Servers." The J2SE 1.4 has introduced several new features and enhancements for the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA). One of the important new features is the Portable Object Adapter (POA). Mahmoud's article presents a detailed description of the POA and demonstrates how to use it to develop more portable CORBA applications.

Industry Leaders Endorse Sun ONE Portal Server 6.0
Enables Personalized Delivery of Content and Services

The Sun ONE Portal Server 6.0 (formerly iPlanet Portal Server) software has been well received by industry leaders in areas such as content syndication, content management, personalization, authentication, collaboration, enterprise application access and wireless infrastructure.

Sun and Ulticom
Offer Carrier-grade Netra Signaling Solution

Sun has expanded its alliance with Ulticom, whose Signalware products provide service enabling signaling software for wireless, wireline and Internet communications in intelligent, converged and programmable networks. This combining of technologies enables Sun to offer a NEBS-compliant, carrier-grade Netra Signaling Gateway solution. The new offering provides Network Equipment Providers (NEPs) with a deployable solution that is pre-integrated, tested and fully supported by Sun.

Sun and uReach Technologies
Deploy Enhanced Communication Services

Sun has signed an agreement with uReach Technologies to offer and market communication solutions for the central office and data center. The uReach enhanced communications services platform is powered by the Sun UltraSPARC processor-based, NEBS Level 3 certified carrier-grade Netra servers running the Solaris OE.

Sun Forges New Learning Alliances
Helping Businesses Improve Performance With Richer Curriculum

Sun is teaming with leading providers of learning content to significantly expand its already robust learning curriculum for enterprises, IT organizations and individuals. The new learning alliances include: Global Knowledge, providing IT training and education solutions; NETg, offering comprehensive learning on a variety of IT, desktop and business skills; and Richardson, providing a complete sales training curriculum.

    Sun Cluster 3.0 5/02 Software
    Supports Solaris 9 Operating Environment

    Sun Cluster 3.0 5/02 software supports Solaris 8 OE and all its update releases, as well as Solaris 9 OE. Information is available on the Sun Cluster 3.0 early notifier page for required Solaris patches. Mixing of Solaris 8 OE and Solaris 9 OE in one cluster is not supported.

    Sun ONE Identity Server 5.1
    Details and Download

    The Sun ONE Identity Server 5.1 (formerly iPlanet Directory Server Access Management Edition) is available for download. Version 5.1 includes new features such as Cross-domain Web Single Sign On (SSO), Java DataBase Connectivity API logging, safeWord Authentication Module support, Web Single Sign On (SSO) session failover and email change notification.

    Solaris 9 Operating Environment
    Technical Details

    New inclusions with the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) are foundation for identity management and integrated J2EE applications server (Platform Edition). Other new features are improvements to threading library, a new modular debugger, and Solaris 9 Resource Manager Software.

    Solaris 9 Resource Manager Software
    A Technical White Paper

    Server virtualization is a technique that allows data centers to be visualized and managed as a fabric of interconnected computing resources, rather than as individual systems. Sun's vision for accomplishing this task is founded on the concept of Solaris containers software boundaries that enable organizations to manage applications independently, control resource utilization, isolate faults and ensure security between multiple applications.

    Scalability of Solaris 9 Operating Environment
    Overview of Features and Benefits

    The Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris 9 OE) offers several new scalability features including Threading Library Improvements, Multiple Page Size Support, Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) 1.4, UFS Concurrent Direct I/O, Advanced Page Coloring, Enhanced Directory Name Look-up Cache (DNLC), Dynamic Reconfiguration, Automated Dynamic Reconfiguration, Dynamic System Domains, mkfs Performance, Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA) Enhancements, Remote Shared Memory API (RSMAPI), Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) and Solaris OE 64-bit Computing Environment.

    Network Identity Free Web-based Training
    And Net Talk on June 13

    There are free Web-based training courses about key technologies needed for improved network identity solutions. Instructor-led training, Net Talk (an online discussion series on using Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) open technologies), as well as information about Sun ONE Starter Kit and the Sun ONE Studio Compiler Collection are also available.

    Netra 20 Server

    The Netra 20 server featuring UltraSPARC 900 MHz processors is Sun's fourth generation telecommunication-specific server, offering government and telecommunications customers a comprehensive platform for deploying their mission-critical applications. The Netra 20 system lowers TCO, delivering a performance boost of 72 percent. The Netra 20 server's SPECfp2000 performance is 36 percent faster than Hewlett Packard's RP 5470 system.

    EOL: Sun Enterprise 450 Server
    Replacement: Sun Fire V880 Server

    Sun is announcing the End of Life transition of the UltraSPARC II processor-based Sun Enterprise 450 server. Last order date will be August 23, 2002. The final ship date for the Sun Enterprise 450 server will be November 22, 2002. Sun customers should transition to the UltraSPARC III based Sun Fire V880 server, which reached General Availability in February 2002.

    EOL of Oracle E-Business Suite Certified Configurations
    Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.7 to Offer Greater Flexibility

    Oracle Certified Configurations are pre-configured systems. The final factory integration of the software and the Sun hardware is completed by Sun. These configurations offer a unified Certified Configuration Management Framework and integrated back-up and restore support. The upcoming Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.7 will be offered with more flexibility in hardware configurations through the Sun Customer Ready Systems (CRS) program.

    Solaris 9 OE System Administrator's Evaluation Guide
    Installation Instructions and More

    The "Solaris 9 OE System Administrator's Evaluation Guide" includes information about what is new in the Solaris 9 OE platform, an installation walkthrough and a test drive of the environment. The appendix also includes information about the business advantages of using the Solaris 9 OE as well as a comparative analysis of the Solaris 9 OE platform.

    Solaris 9 Operating Environment (SPARC Platform Edition) Release Notes
    Features Removed from the Solaris 9 OE

    Release notes for the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) (SPARC Platform Edition) contain installation problem details and other information that was not available until immediately before the release of the Solaris 9 OE. There is also a list of installation bug descriptions and a list of features removed from Solaris 9 OE.

    "How Hackers Do It: Tricks, Tools and Techniques"
    by Alex Noordergraaf

    The May 2002 (34th edition) of Sun BluePrints Online has a 27 page PDF, "How Hackers Do It: Tricks, Tools, and Techniques," by Alex Noordergraaf, Enterprise Server Products. Noordergraaf's article describes the tricks, tools and techniques hackers use to gain unauthorized access to Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) systems.

    Recent Sun Alert Notifications
    Vulnerabilities of Solaris OE and Sun Ray Appliances

    Recent Sun Alert Program notifications report on patches and more for Sun Ray appliances, the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and SunATM hardware.

    Securing Sun Cluster 3.0 Software
    Alex Noordergraaf, Sun BluePrints OnLine

    Alex Noordergraaf's article describes how to secure the Solaris OE and the Sun Cluster 3.0 software. According to Noordergraaf, to provide a robust environment where Sun Cluster 3.0 software can be deployed, very specific requirements are placed on the configuration of the Solaris OE.

    Sun Security Bulletin 00219
    Patches for Solaris 8, 7 and 2.6 Operating Environment

    Sun has issued a Security Bulletin 00219 announcing the release of patches for Solaris 8, 7 and 2.6 OE (SunOS 5.8, 5.7, and 5.6 software) which relate to security fixes in snmpdx(1M) and mibiisa(1M). Sun recommends that you install these patches immediately on systems running the Sun Solstice Enterprise Agent, snmpdx(1M), and the Sun SNMP Agent, mibiisa(1M), on SunOS 5.8, 5.7, and 5.6 software. Vulnerable systems include SunOS 5.8, 5.8_x86, 5.7, 5.7_x86, 5.6 and 5.6_x86 software.

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