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Federated Identity Systems: An Executive White Paper
by the Aberdeen Group

The Aberdeen executive white paper on federated identity systems analyzes how to take advantage of the Internet as an electronic channel for commercial exchange. Also discussed are the advantages of employing a heterogeneous, federated identity-service solution instead of a traditional LAN or outsourcing Internet identity management to centralized Internet identity service providers.

Sun Gobal OEM Business Office
Offer NEPs Next-Generation Solutions

Sun offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customers a unique combination of proven hardware and software, along with exceptional levels of quality and support. At the center of the company's effort to provide products and solutions for NEPs is Sun's Global OEM Business Office.

"The Softswitch with Sun Microsystem Technologies"
White Paper

"The Softswitch with Sun Microsystems Technologies" is a 66-page white paper providing an industry perspective on the softswitch. The Softswitch is perhaps the most significant technology that is driving a shift from traditional circuit switch based telephony to IP packet based networking.

Java Technology
"Programming Spiders, Bots and Aggregators in Java"
By Jeff Heaton

Jeff Heaton's 544-page book, "Programming Spiders, Bots, and Aggregators in Java" focuses on building and deploying automated agents that retreive content, perform complex interactions and aggregate data from diverse sources on the Web. Heaton covers building single-purpose bots, exploratory spiders and aggregators that present a unified view of information from multiple user accounts.

Audiocast: Building E-commerce Applications
Using the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition

The WebCamp audiocast from Carol McDonald, Technology Evangelist, Sun, focuses on how to build an e-commerce application using Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE). This talk presents proven patterns, strategies and best practices from the book "Core J2EE Patterns."

Java Technology Migration Tool for COM, Version 2.1

The Java technology Migration Tool for COM is a MIDL compiler for JavaBeans and Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) architecture. It enables programmers to port COM components to the Java platform. The 2.1 version release can be plugged into Sun ONE Developer Tools for Java technology (formerly Forte for Java IDE) as a module in addition to being run as a stand-alone Java technology application.

Live Chats on Java Technology
Media, XML and More

The upcoming live chats on Java technology are on Mobile Media API, Java API for XML Messaging and Sun ONE Application Server 7.

Live Chats on Java Technology
Media, XML and More

The upcoming live chats on Java technology are on Mobile Media API, Java API for XML Messaging and Sun ONE Application Server 7.

First Component of Sun ONE Studio Product Line
Delivers Dramatic Performance Acceleration

Sun ONE Studio 7, Compiler Collection is a collection of C, C++ and Fortran compilers and integrated debugger and is now available. Formerly named Forte Compiler Collection, the new release is optimized for developers writing code and compiling binaries for the new Solaris 9 OE release. The Compiler Collection provides a comprehensive, productive set of tools for developing high performance applications in C, C++ and Fortran.

Sun Mainframe Batch Manager Software
Features and Benefits

Sun Mainframe Batch Manager Software provides the core middleware supporting a batch environment. It administers, executes and manages the batch workload. It is also capable of integrating third-party system management software components. It has a menu-driven Batch Administration Manager (BAM) that allows you to define, configure and administer your system.

Downloads: Project JXTA and StarSuite Software

Two new downloads are available, Project JXTA and StarSuite Software 6.0 Office Suite.

Mail Server and File Manager White Papers
Sun ONE Portal Server 3.0 NetFile and NetMail

There are white papers available on the Sun One Portal Server (formerly known as the iPlanet Portal Server) 3.0 NetFile and the Sun ONE (formerly known as the iPlanet Portal Server) 3.0 NetMail.

Webcast Available on the Solaris 9 Operating Environment
Ed Zander and Anil Gadre Unveiling New OE

The Webcast is available for the unveiling of the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE). The live broadcast was Wednesday, May 22, 2002.

Resources on the Solaris 9 OE
Features, Benefits and FAQs

Available on the Sun Web site are press releases, resources such as FAQs, a glossary, a competitive chart, cost savings comparison, datasheets and whitepapers about the Solaris 9 Operating Environment (Solaris OE). There are sections explaining the top features and benefits of manageability, security, scalabilty, availability and compatibilty.

Sun StorEdge T3 Array with 36 GB 15K RPM FC-AL Disk Drives
35-40 Percent Better IOPS Performance

The Sun StorEdge T3 Array configurations using 36 GB 15K RPM FC-AL disk drives are being introduced. This 36 GB 15K RPM drive addition includes configurations for both the Sun StorEdge T3 Array with 1 GB cache controller for the workgroup and Sun StorEdge T3 Array with 1 GB cache controller for the enterprise models. Table top, rack ready, rack installed and rack installed systems with dual Fibre Channel switches are offered with this performance configuration.

Sun StorEdge A5200 Array with 36 GB 15K FC-AL Disk Drives
Over 25 Percent Faster Data Rates

The Sun StorEdge A5200 Array configuration using 36 GB 15,000 RPM FC-AL disk drives offers table top, rack ready and rack mounted systems. These drives provide over 25 percent faster data rates than the 36 GB/10000 RPM drive option. They do not require an increase in cooling or power requirements for this performance gain.

Call-Home Ready: Sun StorEdge 3900 and Sun StorEdge 6900 Series
Sun StorEdge T3 Array 2.1 Firmware and Sun StorEdge SAN 3.2 Release Supported

Sun is offering call-home ready, high density, and high performance configurations for the Sun StorEdge 3900 and 6900 series. Additionally, these systems support the Sun StorEdge T3 2.1 firmware and Sun StorEdge SAN 3.2 release.

Device Driver Development Efforts
Solaris Developer Connection Program Web site

The Solaris Developer Connection Program Web site contains documentation, installation instructions, operating instructions and downloadable tools to support device driver development efforts. Some of the available resources are video drivers, hardware certification programs, IO peripherals development kit, programming notes and code samples, driver sources and developer tools.

Sun Code Camp Program Featuring Project JXTA

There is a new Sun Code Camp Program: Project JXTA Technology. This code camp will show experienced Java technology developers how to write peer-to-peer (P2P) applications using Project JXTA technology and the Java programming language. The camp presents the technical details of Project JXTA and specifically the Project JXTA and Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) implementation. Lab Exercises are included to further enhance understanding of the material.

Unicode and UTF-8
Details and Advantages

John O'Conner's article on UTF-8 provides definitions to terms, a table on how bits from a Unicode code point are arranged in the encoding for different character ranges. He offers code in the Java programming language that shows how you can easily create your own UTF-8 encoder. He also covers standardizing projects on Unicode, the differences between Unicode and multibyte Asian character sets.

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