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Liberty Alliance Project Seeks Federated Single Sign-on
Open Standard to Include Decentralized Authentication

Sun plans to introduce a number of products in the second half of 2002 designed to meet the Web Services needs of the Liberty Alliance Project (LAP). The Sun products that will first become LAP-enabled include the iPlanet Directory Server, Access Management Edition 5.0 and will eventually include all the e-commerce software from Sun that was formerly marketed under the iPlanet brand.

Specialized Expertise Helps Design, Implement New IT Initiatives
Sun Professional Services Program

The Sun Professional Services Program offers help in designing and implementing IT initiatives with a complete range of consulting services that includes the Architecture Workshop, the Architecture Assessment Service, the Architecture Roadmap Service and the Service Delivery Network Architecture Service.

    Java Technology
    "The Design Patterns Java Workbook"
    By Steven John Metsker

    John Metsker's book "The Design Patterns Java Workbook" organizes Java technology design patterns by five categories of "intent": interfaces, responsibility, construction, operations and extensions. Each section of the book focuses on one category and identifies the relevant challenges facing Java technology developers, showing how specific patterns can be used to solve problems that recur in Java technology development that cannot easily be solved without their use.

    "Web Content Mining with Java"
    by Tony Loton

    "Web Content Mining with Java: Techniques for Exploiting the World's Biggest Information Resource" by Tony Loton covers the ability to utilize the information gained from Web sites in a form that users can manipulate, store and query automatically.

    "Java Graphics Programming Library"
    by Oswald Campesato

    "Java Graphics Programming Library: Concepts To Source Code" by Oswald Campesato is a comprehensive reference for the experienced Java technology developer, providing hundreds of pages of source code for fully functional Java technology graphics classes. This book/CD-ROM package saves valuable programming time by offering ready-to-use, customizable code for commonly used graphics, including a variety of polygons, polyhedra, ellipses, cones, cylinders and more.

    "Learn Java with JBuilder 6"
    By John Zukowski

    "Learn Java with JBuilder 6" by John Zukowski teaches you how to become a productive JBuilder developer by creating bite-size examples introducing new aspects of the Java technology programming language and the core Java technology libraries. Developers can learn to use many of the JBuilder wizards and JavaBeans component architecture to automatically generate the common development framework, leaving you to just fill in the business logic.

    "Getting Started with Java API for XML-based RPC"
    A Look at Client and Server Programming Models

    The article "Getting Started with JAX-RPC" by Arun Gupta and Beth Stearns introduces the Java technology APIs for XML-based Remote Procedure Call (JAX-RPC) technology and describes its client and server programming models. The API combines XML with Remote Procedure Call (RPC), which is a mechanism enabling clients to execute procedures on distributed or remote systems, so that developers can build Web Services and clients.

    Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, Wireless Toolkit
    Beta Release 1.0.4 Available for Download

    The Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition, (J2ME) Wireless Toolkit Beta Release 1.0.4, a datasheet on the J2ME platform covering market need and configuration and information about J2ME platform resources are all available for download.

    SAML Promises to Bring Multiple Sign-on Authentication to an End
    Interview with Sun Technology Evangelist Rima Patel

    In an interview with Sun Technology Evangelist Rima Patel, Jon Byous examines the status of single sign-on technology. According to Byous, multiple sign-on for secure authentication and authorization is quickly becoming a thing of the past for service providers who adopt the Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) specification.

    Garbage Collection to Improve Java Technology Applications
    Mathematical Model

    "Improving Java Application Performance and Scalability by Reducing Garbage Collection Times and Sizing Memory" is an article by Nagendra Nagarajayya and J. Steven Mayer. According to the authors' abstract, understanding the behavior of the garbage collector becomes more important as Java technology becomes more and more pervasive in the telecommunications (telco) industry. Nagarajayya and Mayer assert that developers can improve performance significantly, and describe analytical and modeling strategies that will result in acceptable application performance by constructing a mathematical model to predict and tune application behavior.

    Java Platform Success
    Two Million Downloads

      Omiris Networks Limited Chooses Sun for IT Infrastructure
      Sun RAS Contributes to Eight-Month Project Completion Time

      Omiris Networks Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Broker-to-Broker Networks Inc., provides services to the financial services industry that allow buyers on different continents to purchase the stock of a company elsewhere in the world while complying with all the different regulatory and transactional processes that apply to each buyer. Omiris looked to Sun for the hardware to implement its IT infrastructure, which was accomplished within eight months.

      Enterprise Portal from Sun and Yahoo!
      Blends Personalized Content with Services from Yahoo!

      Sun and Yahoo! have formed an alliance to increase corporate productivity by creating an enterprise portal environment that blends business critical applications with personalized information. The blended solution of personalized content and services from Yahoo! combined with the functionality of the industry leading Sun ONE Portal Server (formerly the iPlanet Portal Server) will deliver the portal environment necessary to make significant return on investment possible.

      StarOffice 6.0 Software
      Affordable Alternative to Proprietary Office Productivity Suites

      StarOffice 6.0 software, the highly anticipated, full-featured office productivity suite that runs across multiple platforms, including Linux, Solaris OE and Windows will be available on May 21. StarOffice 6.0 software provides customers with an economical alternative to proprietary office productivity suites.

      Sun ONE Network Identity Server Bundles
      For Delivering Federated Identity-Based Services

      To help customers deploy an identity infrastructure, Sun is introducing a set of solutions called the Sun ONE Platform for Network Identity. These solutions will bundle iPlanet software, Sun hardware and offerings from the Sun Professional Services Program into single, easy to purchase configurations ideal for pre-production or pilot implementations. The first solutions to be available are the Sun ONE platform for Network Identity Enterprise and Internet solutions.

      UltraSPARC III 750 MHz, 8 MB-based Sun Fire 3800-6800 Servers

      Sun Fire 3800-6800 servers with UltraSPARC III 750 MHz-based MR configurations, UltraSPARC 750 MHz-based factory configured CPU/Memory Boards and all UltraSPARC III 750 MHz-based Sun Fire 3800 server based packages are being transitioned to simplify the portfolio of Sun's product offerings without compromising the performance, features and flexibility currently available.

      Sun Storage Solutions
      Complete Data Center Efficiency

      Sun's new consolidation solutions can consolidate data, storage systems and servers from many sources and multiple vendors onto one complete, platform that delivers high levels of performance and availability.

      Sun, TimeLogic and DeCypher Testing Sun Fire 6800 Server
      San Diego Supercomputer Center Bioinformatics High Speed Test

      Sun, TimeLogic Corp., manufacturer of the DeCypher line of biocomputing accelerators, and the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) recently completed benchmark testing and scientific validation of large-scale Hidden Markov Model bioinformatics analyses comparing speed and results to those obtained on SDSC's Linux PC cluster. The test results on the Sun Fire 6800 server were achieved in 41 hours, versus the 144 days it previously took to run the test.

      SPC Benchmark Ranks Sun Storage Number One in Performance
      Sun StorEdge 9910 System Outperforms IBM

      The Storage Performance Council (SPC), an industry standards body, has released final results for SPC Benchmark 1 (SPC-1). Based on the SPC-1 benchmark tests, Sun StorEdge 9910 system delivered best-in-class performance, with 30 percent better response time than IBM's Enterprise Storage Server. Sun not only outperforms the competition but is priced substantially less than IBM systems.

      New Downloads
      Portal and Directory Servers

      There are new downloads available: iPlanet Portal Server 3.0 SP4: Mobile Access Pack 3.0 Hot Patch and iPlanet Directory Server 4.16 SP1. The iPlanet Portal Server deploys e-commerce portals that include membership management, personalization, aggregation, security, integration and search services. The iPlanet Directory Server 4.16 SP1 includes improved search performance for complex and unindexed searches, SSL performance on Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) systems. A new service pack is available for the iPlanet Web Proxy Server 3.6 SP1.

      New Configurations for Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray
      36 GB 10K rpm SCSI Hard Drives

      36 GB 10K rpm SCSI HDD configurations and a new 36 GB HDD sled option are now available for the Sun StorEdge D240 Media Tray. Configurations now support up to 144 GB of disk space. In addition, pricing of the 18 GB 10K rpm SCSI HDD sled option has now been reduced.

      Technical Details: Sun StorEdge 9980 and Sun StorEdge 9970 Systems
      Features and Benefits

      Two new additions to the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series family of new data center storage systems are the Sun StorEdge 9980 multi-cabinet model and the Sun StorEdge 9970 single cabinet model. The Sun StorEdge 9900 Series provide best-of-breed storage for data center environments and features robust virtualization capabilities and second generation switched fabric architecture that is far superior to older bus architectures still sold today.

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