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JP Morgan Enters European Online Investment Services Market
Sun Provides IT Infrastructure for FundsHub

JP Morgan founded FundsHub, an online investment supermarket, in April 2000. The processing power at FundsHub is a pure Sun environment, comprising a Netra T1 Server, a Sun Enterprise 420R Server and a Sun Enterprise 4500 Server, all running on the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). FundsHub also uses the Sun StorEdge A5200 storage solution and the iPlanet software platform. The database is provided by Oracle and the transaction server by WebLogic.

e-Pirelli: Corporate Web Site and Training Portal
Built by Sun LearnTone LMS and Altoprofilo

e-Pirelli is a corporate Web site that is radically transforming Pirelli Group into a true e-company utilizing the network's speed and flexibility to manage both internal processes and develop innovative businesses. A key component of e-Pirelli is a new corporate training portal, Learning Lab.

Higher Quality of Service
SunTone Program

Companies are embracing the multisourcing model, looking for the perfect combination of resources that best suits their needs to gain the greatest efficiencies. And they want the assurance that those choices are safe and in line with the highest industry standards for best practices. Enterprise customers can achieve higher quality of service by using the SunTone program for their multisourcing strategy.

Modules for the Object Management Group's Model-Driven Architecture
For the NetBeans Open Source Project

The series of modules contributed by Sun to Object Management Group's (OMG) Model Driven Architecture (MDA) makes the NetBeans tools platform the first of its kind to support that architecture. These new modules underline the NetBeans commitment to a totally standards-based, language-independent approach to software design.

Sun Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 Software
Technical Details

Sun Grid Engine, Enterprise Edition 5.3 Software contains all functionality of Sun Grid Engine 5.3 Software plus a unique policy module. The policy module gives management a tool to align the computer usage with business goals. Teams, users and departments can negotiate how to share computational resources based on policies that are automatically enforced. New features include campus grid creation, policy-based resource allocation and transfer queues to external grids.

New Download: Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 Early Access Software
For Sun Enterprise Servers in Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Network

A new download, Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 Early Access Software, is now available on the Sun Web site. Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 Software helps enable Sun Enterprise Servers running the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) to function as primary domain controllers, backup domain controllers and member servers in a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 network.

Sun ONE Connector Builder 2.0
Beta Release

The Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) Connector Builder 2.0 Beta product includes a set of tools, components and libraries that allow developers to build Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) Connector Architecture 1.0 compliant connectors, enabling Java technology and Web applications to access and interact with Enterprise Information Systems. 1.0 Now Available for Download
With Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress 1.0 is a significant version enumeration of Open Source Office Suite now available for download for Windows, Linux and Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). The suite features Writer, Calc, Draw and Impress for creating documents, spreadsheets, graphics and presentations. The OpenOffice Suite also has the ability to import many different types of documents and templates from a range of other programs.

Sun ONE Platform-based Messaging Internet Data Center
Reference Architecture Supports Up to One Million Users

Sun's new Messaging Internet Data Center (IDC) Reference Architecture is designed for medium- to large-scale email system deployments. It is based on the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE), incorporating Sun ONE Messaging Server 5.1 and Sun ONE Directory Server 4.13 Software to route email messages to one million users. According to a new Radicati Group white paper, this reference architecture from Sun will address the 1.36 billion mailboxes expected by 2005.

Desktop Features of the Solaris Operating Environment
New on the Common Desktop Environment

The Common Desktop Environment (CDE) for the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) provides workstation users with powerful client/server computing resources through an industry standard, easy to use interface. CDE provides users with customizable workspaces, graphical system monitoring and enhanced productivity tools.

New Sun XVR-500 Graphics Accelerator
Double the Geometry Performance

The new Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator is a powerful, entry-level addition to the line of high performance graphics solutions for workstations and servers from Sun. The Sun XVR-500 graphics accelerator doubles the geometry performance and improves texture mapping performance by 50 percent over Sun's current entry-level offerings.

Sun Fire 15K Server Full System Bundle Configurations
End-of-Life Announced

Three Sun Fire 15K Server Full System Bundle configurations are being transitioned from the Sun price list. The bundles are fixed configurations that include both the server and Sun StorEdge T3 Arrays. The Sun Fire 15K Standard Server configurations that do not include Sun StorEdge T3 array components will continue to be offered as an alternative to the Full System Bundles.

    Entry Level Servers
    Sun Enterprise 220R Server End-of-Life
    Replaced by Updated Rack Optimized Products

    The Sun Enterprise 220R Server is being replaced by updated rack-optimized products that use UltraSPARC III processors. The primary replacement product for the Sun Enterprise 220R Server is the Sun Fire 280R Server. There will be no change from currently supported operating environments, Sun Enterprise and application software or third-party software for the Sun Enterprise 220R Server.

    Transition: Single-CPU 750 MHz Sun Fire 280R Server

    Users Migrate to 900 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu Configurations

    The single-CPU 750 MHz Sun Fire 280R Server configuration with 1 GB memory is being transitioned to simplify the Sun Fire 280R Server product offering. Customers are migrating to 900 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu configurations, choosing the faster CPU speed to gain system performance. A continued slowdown of demand for 750 MHz systems is expected, and the Sun Fire 280R Server 750 MHz configuration with 1 GB memory is being eliminated to reduce the number of active Sun Fire 280R Server part numbers.

    New High-end Sun StorEdge 9970 and 9980 Systems
    New Sun StorEdge L5500 Tape Library

    Sun introduced new high-end Sun StorEdge 9970 and 9980 systems and a new Sun StorEdge L5500 tape library. Sun and Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) are also working to ensure their storage software offerings, Sun Storage ONE and Hitachi True North, are closely linked through open standards for enhanced storage management.

    Module Partitioning
    Loading External Libraries in Forte for Java 3.0 Software

    A recent technical article from the Forte for Java Software Developer Resources Web site covers module partitioning and loading external libraries in Forte for Java 3.0 Software. For modules with external library dependencies, a method involving partitioning provides a reliable means of integration with the Forte for Java IDE.

    "Writing an LP Interface Script"
    Technical Article by Norman A. Jacobs

    There is a technical article by Norman A. Jacobs on the Solaris Developer Connection Program Web site entitled "Writing an LP Interface Script." An LP interface script is the component of the printing system that performs the final processing of a print job and actually sends it to the printer. An interface script utilizes a number of interfaces, both to gather information for its operation and to return information about its processing and results.

    "Ethernet Bandwidth Utilization by DLPI/STREAMS Applications"
    By Rajagopal Kunhappan

    The technical article "Ethernet Bandwidth Utilization by DLPI/STREAMS Applications" reviews the various issues faced by user-level applications that open STREAMS-based device drivers directly and ways to work around those issues. Specifically, when a user-level application opens fast Ethernet drivers, it may not be able to process the incoming Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) messages fast enough.

    TechNotes Web Site

    Two recent items on the TechNotes Web site include dealing with an error that occurs while attaching the driver and the other deals with populating the directory server results in an ldap_add: No such object error.

    Testing Forte for Java Software
    Quality Assurance with User Interface Test Libraries: Jemmy and Jelly

    The Forte for Java Developer Resources Web site has a technical article titled "Testing Forte for Java Software Quality Assurance with User Interface Test Libraries: Jemmy and Jelly" by Jiri Skrivanek and Adam Sotona. Two of the tools used to simplify and speed up the testing of the Forte for Java IDE are User Interface (UI) test libraries called Jemmy and Jelly. The article gives an overview of these UI test libraries, describing their composition and usage.

    Education and Research
    Sun Cluster Grid Solutions for Education and Research
    The End of Beowulf Nightmares

    Sun is offering two HPC cluster grid solutions, the Netra X1 Cluster Grid Solution and the Sun Fire 280R Cluster Grid Solution. These solutions, both offered at special education and research prices, include the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE), the Sun Management Center Software, the Sun Validation Test Suite and Sun Grid Engine Software.

    Open Knowledge Initiative and Sun ONE
    Complementary Visions of Collaborative Educational Computing

    The Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) is a comprehensive educational technology initiative that has some of the world's leading universities developing a common and open architecture allowing for the easy sharing of services and resources across the entire higher educational spectrum. OKI is a perfect complement with Sun's strategic vision of open source collaborative computing, particularly with the Sun servers and Java technology-based APIs that are at the heart of its program.

    University of Northern Iowa Upgrades Campus Information System
    Sun and Oracle Provide IT Infrastructure

    The University of Northern Iowa (UNI) chose Sun servers and storage, along with Oracle software, as the foundation for the crucial first phase of its ambitious campus-wide information systems upgrade. Choosing Sun allowed UNI to ensure future compatibility while also gaining a state-of-the-art enterprise system that was easy to install and came in on time and under budget.

    Spring-Summer 2002 Education Promotion
    Sun StorEdge T3 Array for the Enterprise

    The Spring-Summer 2002 Education Promotion offers the Sun StorEdge T3 Array for the enterprise to worldwide education and research institutions. The promotion ends on November 15, 2002. The Sun StorEdge T3 Array for the enterprise represents a new and advanced generation of flexible, reliable storage systems.

    "Solaris 9: The Complete Reference"
    By Paul Watters

    Paul Watters has made the introduction of his new book "Solaris 9: The Complete Reference" available online. Two Sun innovations have moved the spotlight from the server room to the desktop, Watters states. The first is the development by Sun of the Java programming language and its Write Once, Run Anywhere capability across any platform that supports the Java virtual machine (JVM). The second is the free version of the Solaris 9 OE that Sun is promoting for the SPARC hardware platform, along with a free version of StarOffice Software.

    "TCP/IP Network Administration, Third Edition"
    By Craig Hunt

    The newest edition of Hunt's book offers basic setup information, updated for today's networks, advanced routing protocols (RIPv2, OSPF and BGP) and the gated software package that implements them. Hunt provides a tutorial on configuring important network services and covers troubleshooting and security issues.

    Sun Blade Workstation and Sun Fire Server I/O System Architecture
    White Paper Version 1.0

    The white paper on the Sun Blade Workstation and Sun Fire Server I/O System Architecture covers the new system architecture that has been introduced to take advantage of the UltraSPARC III processor. The new components include the Sun Fireplane interconnect bus, new Host PCI Bridge (HPB) and new PCI I/O Bridge (PIB).

    Java Technology
    What's New in Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4
    By Qusay Mahmoud

    There is a technical article on the Java Developer Connection Program Web site titled "New and Enhanced Networking Features in the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4 (J2SE)" by Qusay Mahmoud. The J2SE 1.4 platform has introduced several new features and enhancements for Object Serialization, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) and networking in general.

    Java Specification Request 184
    Mobile 3D Graphics API for Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

    JSR 184: Mobile 3D Graphics API for the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) is a proposed JSR providing a scalable, lightweight, small-footprint, interactive 3-D graphics API for use on mobile devices, which sits alongside the J2ME platform and MIDP as an optional package.

    "Enterprise JavaBeans Component Architecture"
    by Paul Anderson and Gail Anderson

    Paul Anderson and Gail Anderson have written "Enterprise JavaBeans Component Architecture," a book that simplifies the creation of well-designed enterprise applications using the upgraded Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0 architecture specifications. The authors use detailed code examples to introduce every key skill involved in creating components, stand-alone Java technology platform clients and JavaServer Pages (JSP) framework API clients.

    "Developing EJB 2.0 Components"
    by Pravin Tulachan

    "Developing EJB 2.0 Components" by Pravin V. Tulachan is a guide to real-world Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) 2.0 component architecture development. Tulachan shows how to make the most of EJB 2.0 technology within the context of the Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.3 technology. He covers how to use session, entity and message-driven beans, along with how to leverage J2EE platform technology to maximize the functionality and robustness of every component.

    New Product Marketplace
    XIOtech and VERITAS ServPoint
    Appliance Software for NAS

    XIOtech Corporation has made a NAS Enterprise Solution Guide available that describes how the XIOtech MAGNITUDE and VERITAS ServPoint software can be used to deploy scalable, flexible storage for NAS file serving. This allows customers to attach storage to their existing network while employing a storage foundation that can grow for the future.

    Inxight Categorizer 3.0
    Classifies Unstructured Information into Taxonomies

    Inxight Categorizer 3.0 from Inxight Software provides publishers and information aggregators with a superior method for classifying unstructured information into taxonomies, enabling them to deliver relevant and timely information to their customers while significantly reducing manual labor costs. Unique to Inxight Categorizer are patented natural language processing and machine learning techniques that offer the highest possible level of accuracy in 12 languages.

    Crystal Decisions Unveils New UNIX Version of Crystal Enterprise
    Reporting, Analysis and Information Delivery Solution

    Crystal Enterprise 8.5 is a new multi-platform version of Crystal Decisions' Web-based reporting, analysis and information delivery solution. Crystal Enterprise 8.5 enables organizations to make better use of corporate data, improve decision-making and drive business profitability. Crystal Enterprise runs on both UNIX systems and Microsoft Windows 2000/NT platforms.

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