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Sun Fire 12K Server Support in the SunPlex Platform Environment
Now Supported with Sun Cluster 3.0 Software
April 22, 2002,
Volume 50, Issue 4

The Sun FireTM 12K Server is now supported with SunTM Cluster 3.0 Software in the SunPlexTM platform environment.

SunPlex systems are ideally suited for any enterprise where the availability and scalability of application services and information is critical. SunPlex systems deliver Service Point Architecture capabilities using tightly coupled pools of resources, making it possible to manage the service, not the server. The SunPlex system, enabled by Sun Cluster 3.0 Software, is a Service Level Management Platform. SunPlex systems deliver higher availability by pooling resources for easier management.

Service level is what users demand on the client side. This is where quality of service (QoS) is measured, but it is dependent on an infrastructure that delivers these services behind the scenes. Service level allows users to access the service (accessibility, availability, resiliency), which then responds in a timely manner (response, capacity), consistent with the user expectation.

Service level costs consist of the following:

  • Ownership equals cost of the IT resources
  • Provisioning equals cost of getting more IT resources
  • Implementation equals cost to put IT resources into service
  • Management equals cost to manage and maintain IT resources and services

Sun Cluster 3.0 Software provides a highly available and scalable framework that allows multiple SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE) images to interoperate in a tightly coupled, and easy-to-manage fashion, enabling customers to achieve higher service levels at lower cost and minimized risk.

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