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Sun Fire 12K Server
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April 22, 2002,
Volume 50, Issue 4

The Sun FireTM 12K Server is the high-performance, low-risk solution for the data center. With all the advanced technology of the Sun FireTM 15K Server, exceptional configuration flexibility and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the Sun Fire 12K Server can carry a lower upfront acquisition cost. This smaller configuration requires less power to operate and carries lower annual service and maintenance costs, thus reducing operating costs.

The Sun Fire 12K Server shares all of the RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) features and the advanced technologies of the Sun Fire 15K Server that are critical for data center operation including: full hardware redundancy, hot-swap capability, SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE), Dynamic System Domains, fifth generation Dynamic Reconfiguration, UltraSPARCR III Cu 900 processors, MaxCPU boards, and the SunTM Fireplane interconnect.

The Sun Fire 12K Server allows customers to more precisely size their data center requirements and avoid many of the risks and hazards associated with capacity planning, such as buying too much or buying too little. The Sun Fire 12K Server offers half the maximum configuration of the Sun Fire 15K Server. When customers find that they need greater capacity, they can upgrade the Sun Fire 12K Server into a Sun Fire 15K Server.

Fifth Generation Dynamic Reconfiguration for the Sun Fire 15K Server and the Sun Fire 12K Server allows critical hardware system resources, such as CPU/memory or I/O boards be removed from or added to Solaris OE and applications, without application outage or stoppage. This capability is supported by many new Solaris 8 OE built-in multi-pathing solutions and clustering solutions, such as SunTM Cluster 3.0 Software, to enable non-disruptive maintenance service, capacity upgrade or load balancing.

The Sun Fire 12K also shares the same investment protection features as the rest of the Sun Fire family including common CPU/Memory Uniboards (UltraSPARC III Cu 900 or faster) and support for mixed speed CPUs. This means that CPUs do not have to clock down to the speed of the lowest performance CPU in a machine. So purchasing a new CPU/Memory board with higher speed CPUs means that it will be able to run at its rated speed in the same domain as CPUs running at a lower speed.

All 900 MHz-based (or above) Uniboards are supported as field-installed options on the Sun Fire 12K Server and Sun Fire 15K Server.

The primary boot device for the Sun Fire 12K Server is the Sun StorEdgeTM S1 with the dual LVD SCSI/dual ethernet HBA (X)2222A. Two Sun StorEdge S1 devices are recommended per domain for redundant boot capability. The Sun StorEdgeTM 9900 series storage is supported on the Sun Fire 12K Server using the same configuration guidelines and ordering processes as the Sun Fire 15K Server.

The minimum CPU amd memory configuration requirements for the Sun Fire 12K Server are:

  • Two Uniboards
  • Four CPUs total
  • Eight GB memory total

The maximum configuration is:

  • Nine Uniboards
  • 36 CPUs with 36 I/O slots; or, 52 CPUs with 4 I/O slots
  • 288 GB memory

Sun Fire 12K Server warranty is the same as the Sun Fire 15K Server. Sun Fire 12K Server warranty offering is for one (1) year.

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