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Sun Global Security Program Office
Security Experts Joanne Masters and Whitfield Diffie

Sun has created the Sun Global Security Program Office. Whitfield Diffie is the new Chief Security Officer and Joanne Masters is the Director of the Global Security Office.

Sun Grid Engine 5.3 Software
Available in New Release of SuSE Linux

Sun Grid Engine 5.3 Software is now being distributed by SuSE Linux in the new release of SuSE Linux 8.0, Professional Edition. This marks the industry's first Linux distribution of a key enabling grid technology from a major systems vendor. With this distribution, SuSE Linux users worldwide now can leverage the benefits of grid computing through implementing cluster grids using Sun's advanced and easy-to-use grid technology.

Sun ONE Web Server

Sun ONE Web Server (formerly the iPlanet Web Server), Enterprise Edition 6.0, SP2 is the newest version of the high performance, highly scalable and flexible Sun ONE Web Server for both SSL and non-SSL environments. It includes a fast, highly scalable and robust Servlet 2.2 and JavaServer Pages 1.1 Web container and allows for mass virtual server hosting.

Project JXTA
Inspires Development of P2P Services and Applications

Project JXTA has just celebrated its first anniversary and is Sun's network computing technology for peer-to-peer computing that is designed to allow any connected device on a network to communicate and collaborate. CollabNet has been instrumental in bringing the JXTA community together to work on approximately 80 known JXTA-based projects.

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Resource Manager Version 2.0 Software
Additional Functionality for Cache Management for S/390

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Resource Manager Version 2.0 Software is a set of tools that manages the configuration of the array hardware. It now includes additional functionality for cache management for S/390 users and removes the capability to control the relative priority of access by multiple hosts.

Sun Developer Connection Program Events
May and June

Some of the upcoming events on the Sun Developer Connection Program Web site include Innovest 2002, Sun Tech Days and the Software Testing Analysis and Review (STAR).

"GNOME Technology Overview"
By John Heard

The GNOME user environment establishes a basis for rich, extensible open-systems network client environments. "GNOME Technology Overview" by John Heard provides a technical overview of GNOME features. GNOME maintains compatibility for existing applications and user environments on UNIX based systems.

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