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"Creating Smart Enterprises with Enterprise Alignment"
Sun Journal, Volume 6, Number 1

One of the articles in the current issue of Sun Journal, v. 6, no. 1, is "Creating Smart Enterprises with Enterprise Alignment," which points out that creating organizational alignment requires communicating the detailed vision of an organization to every employee.

OpenFinance Magazine Online
Spring 2002, Number 48

This issue of OpenFinance Magazine features an article on Cigna insurance company and the portal they developed to help participants in its retirement plans more easily manage their investments. The issue also explores the potential of wealth management techniques. Highlights of the second Wall Street on Java technology conference are also covered.

Sun BluePrints OnLine Program Page
Features for April 2002

The Sun BluePrints OnLine Program page is a source of in-depth technical information on Best Practices using Sun Solutions. The April 2002 issue includes articles ranging from configuring boot disks to dynamic reconfiguration.

Java Technology
Sun Announces Java Card Technology Version 2.2

The upcoming new release of Java Card technology, version 2.2, will further enhance the industry's leading open and secure standard for multi-application smart cards. The new release features technologies for easier programming of Java Card technology-based applications and improved interoperability of applications on smart cards from different vendors. In addition, the release also includes improved support for wireless standards.

Fast Path Certification Preparation
The Java University Program at the Web Services Edge 2002

The Java University Program will offer three Fast Path Certification sessions at the Web Services Edge 2002 East Conference and Expo on June 24-27 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. The Certification Fast Path Track includes Web Component Developer, Java 2 Platform for Developer and Architect Certification Fast Path.

Infoniqa Develops ec2use Business Integration Product
With Forte for Java IDE

Infoniqa has been providing total business integration solutions, including software, hardware and services, to the Austrian and German markets for the last ten years or more. ec2use, Infoniqa's flagship product, which was developed with the Forte for Java 3.0, Enterprise Edition IDE, allows organizations to integrate their internal business systems and connect them to virtually any other system being run by their suppliers, customers and business partners.

Peer-to-Peer Features of Project JXTA
Comparison with Java Message Service

Software engineer, Alan Beecraft, compares the peer-to-peer (P2P) features provided by the initial implementation of Project JXTA technology with those provided by the Java Message Service (JMS). The comparison highlights some of the differences between a simple peer-to-peer application developed with existing messaging technology and a generic approach specifically intended for peer-to-peer network computing.

Sun Grid Engine 5.3 Software
Available in New Release of SuSE Linux

Sun Grid Engine 5.3 Software is now being distributed by SuSE Linux in the new release of SuSE Linux 8.0, Professional Edition. This marks the industry's first Linux distribution of a key enabling grid technology from a major systems vendor. With this distribution, SuSE Linux users worldwide now can leverage the benefits of grid computing through implementing cluster grids using Sun's advanced and easy-to-use grid technology.

Sun ONE Web Server

Sun ONE Web Server (formerly the iPlanet Web Server), Enterprise Edition 6.0, SP2 is the newest version of the high performance, highly scalable and flexible Sun ONE Web Server for both SSL and non-SSL environments. It includes a fast, highly scalable and robust Servlet 2.2 and JavaServer Pages 1.1 Web container and allows for mass virtual server hosting.

Project JXTA
Inspires Development of P2P Services and Applications

Project JXTA has just celebrated its first anniversary and is Sun's network computing technology for peer-to-peer computing that is designed to allow any connected device on a network to communicate and collaborate. CollabNet has been instrumental in bringing the JXTA community together to work on approximately 80 known JXTA-based projects.

Sun Fire 12K Server
Technical Details

With all the advanced technology of the Sun Fire 15K Server, exceptional configuration flexibility, and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), the Sun Fire 12K Server is the high-performance, low-risk solution for the data center. The Sun Fire 12K Server can carry a lower, up front acquisition cost. This smaller configuration requires less power to operate and carries lower annual service and maintenance costs, thus reducing operating costs.

Repricing for Sun Fire 3800-15K Servers
UltraSPARC Cu 900 MHz-based Building Blocks

Sun is reducing the price of UltraSPARC Cu 900 MHz-based Building Blocks used on Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4810, 6800, 12K and 15K Servers. Sun is also announcing a price reduction for all Sun Fire 3800 Server UltraSPARC Cu 900 MHz base packages, Sun Fire 4800 Server base packages and all redundancy kits.

Sun Fire 12K Server Support in the SunPlex Platform Environment
Now Supported with Sun Cluster 3.0 Software

The Sun Fire 12K Server is now supported with Sun Cluster 3.0 Software in the SunPlex platform environment. SunPlex systems deliver Service Point Architecture capabilities using tightly coupled pools of resources, making it possible to manage the service, not the server.

High Availability Service Packs for the Sun Fire 12K Server
New Service

HA Service Packs are integrated combinations of consulting, education, training and support services, providing a baseline foundation from which a custom availability solution, once architected, can be implemented and managed throughout the application life cycle. The HA Pack and HA Service Pack for the Sun Fire 12K Server provide one year of integrated services, and a three year HA Pack will be available to extend the level of service for three years.

    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Resource Manager Version 2.0 Software
    Additional Functionality for Cache Management for S/390

    Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Resource Manager Version 2.0 Software is a set of tools that manages the configuration of the array hardware. It now includes additional functionality for cache management for S/390 users and removes the capability to control the relative priority of access by multiple hosts.

    Sun Developer Connection Program Events
    May and June

    Some of the upcoming events on the Sun Developer Connection Program Web site include Innovest 2002, Sun Tech Days and the Software Testing Analysis and Review (STAR).

    "GNOME Technology Overview"
    By John Heard

    The GNOME user environment establishes a basis for rich, extensible open-systems network client environments. "GNOME Technology Overview" by John Heard provides a technical overview of GNOME features. GNOME maintains compatibility for existing applications and user environments on UNIX based systems.

    "Solaris 8 Security"
    by Edgar Danielyan

    Edgar Danielyan's 300-page book on the Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE), "Solaris 8 Security" covers all the concepts and issues Solaris 8 OE administrators need to know to make and keep their Solaris 8 OE systems secure. This includes Solaris 8 OE security tools and features and cryptography and defenses against known attacks and vulnerabilities.

    "Scalable Computer Architectures for Data Warehousing"
    Article from Clickstream Consulting

    Clickstream Consulting has made the white paper "Scalable Computer Architectures for Data Warehousing" available online. It explains how parallel SQL works and which computer architectures are best for running data warehousing applications built on parallel-enabled relational database software. The author finds the Sun Fire 15K Server to be the only system that has both uniform data access times and a large bisectional bandwidth.

    Edward Wustenhoff on Service Level Agreements
    A Template

    Edward Wustenhoff's article from the 33rd edition of Sun BluePrints OnLine explores Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in the data center. Edward Wustenhoff is a chief IT consultant with Sun Professional Services Program. His 12-page PDF offers best practices for avoiding the most common pitfalls of overpromising and underdelivering on agreements. Templates are provided that illustrate the translation of SLA principles to real-world examples.

    Sun BluePrints: Enterprise Management Systems
    Architectures and Standards

    The April 2002, edition of Sun BluePrints OnLine has an article titled "Enterprise Management Systems Part I: Architectures and Standards" by Deepak Kakadia, Dr. Tony Thomas, Dr. Sridhar Vembu and Jay Ramasamy. This 26-page PDF introduces the Enterprise Management Systems (EMS) solutions and covers the fundamental architectures of two EMS software products, Sun Management Center (Sun MC) 3.0 Software, an EMS solution, and AdventNet WebNMS 2.3, a standards-compliant development environment.

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