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Java Technology
Enhanced Security Features
To the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition

"Exploring the Security Changes of the 1.4 Release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE)" is an article by John Zukowski. The underlying Java 2 platform release has evolved to incorporate more features into the J2SE platform release 1.4 to provide a secure environment to execute mobile code with many enhancements in the security architecture.

New Java Technology and Web Services Book
By David A. Chappell and Tyler Jewell

For Java technology developers interested in learning what Web Services have to offer, the new "Java Web Services" book by David A. Chappell and Tyler Jewell, provides a detailed overview of Web Services, XML-based interoperability technologies and the Java technologies designed to interact with them.

"Jython Essentials"
By Samuele Pedroni and Noel Rappin

"Jython Essentials" by Samuele Pedroni and Noel Rappin provides an introduction to the Python language, offering a brief but thorough tour of Python concepts necessary to use Jython effectively. In particular, the authors say, Jython excels at simplifying the use of complex Java programming libraries and APIs, such as the Swing graphical interface toolkit or the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) API, the Servlet API and various XML tools.

New Course: Applying Forte for Java Community Edition
Free Web-based Training

The course, "Applying Forte for Java Community Edition", introduces students to the advanced features of Forte for Java Integrated Development Environment (IDE), such as JDBC, distributed processing by using Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) Extensible Markup Language (XML) in Java technology and internationalization.

Interview with Raghavan Srinivas
Java Technology Evangelist

Raghavan Srinivas is a Java technology evangelist at Sun who specializes in Java technology and distributed systems. In her interview with Srinivas, Janice Heiss asked about a number of topics that included security, Web Services, standards, developer certification and the future of Java technology.

"Wireless J2ME Platform Programming"
by Vartan Piroumian

Vartan Piroumian is a wireless application consultant at Sun and has written a book on using the Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) platform to build advanced wireless applications. The tutorial style book, "Wireless J2ME Platform Programming" from Sun Microsystems Press and Prentice Hall, covers key features of the J2ME platform and the development process: planning, architecture, design, coding, compilation, execution, debugging and deployment.

Sun Wireless Learning Solutions Classes
April to July 31, 2002

Attend the Sun Wireless Learning Solutions classes from April to July 31, 2002 and get a free Palm m500 handheld. Eligible classes are "Developing Wireless Applications Using WAP/WML" (DTW-210) and "Developing Mobile Applications on the J2ME Platform Using CLDC and the MID Profile" (DTJ-360).

OSS Through Java Initiative
Releases OSS Trouble Ticket API

Sun and other members of the OSS through Java Initiative--including Borland, Component Insights, eXcelon, MetaSolv Software, Prismtech, PwC Consulting and TeleGea--have released the OSS Trouble Ticket API. This is the first in a series of APIs designed to foster the rapid development of applications addressing the business-critical requirements of telecommunications companies worldwide.

Brocade Conference 2002
June 2-5, Las Vegas

The Brocade Conference 2002 will be held in Las Vegas on June 2-5. Sun is a sponsor of this Networking Storage Event which provides opportunities to connect with other professionals and learn first-hand of their successful SAN implementations, ideas and experiences.

PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management Sales Software

PeopleSoft successfully completed the internal implementation of PeopleSoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Sales software on Sun Fire 3800 and 4800 Midframe servers. PeopleSoft CRM Sales is a complete sales force automation solution that is designed to enable higher levels of efficiency in the sales process.

Solaris Operating Environment in the Wireless World
From Wired to Wireless

Java technology from Sun has enabled wireless connectivity, ubiquitous computing that lets devices connect to a network regardless of location. The Solaris 8 OE can deliver the type of infrastructure needed to compete in the wireless market by providing the complete feature set to enable outstanding availability, reliability, and scalability. Solaris OE enables developers to create powerful applications that optimize both Solaris OE and Java technologies.

Sun Rebranding Software Products

Sun will rebrand its iPlanet Software, Forte Software, StarOffice Software and Sun Chili!Soft Software product lines under the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) brand. Some of the products being rebranded are iPlanet Web Server, StarOffice 6.0 Software Office Suite and Forte Tools for Java IDE.

End-of-Software-Support Announcements
For Solaris Operating Environment

The Solaris 8 OE End-of-Software-Support Announcements list a number of features that have been removed from Solaris OE. A few are the HotJava Browser, Solstice AdminSuite 2.3 Software, Solstice AutoClient 2.1 Software and the Java Development Kit: JNI 1.0 Interface.

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Networking
For the Solaris 8 Operating Environment

Advances in microprocessors and network technology have led to an exponential growth in the Internet. IPv6, the next-generation Internet Protocol, overcomes the limitations of the current version, IPv4, by providing larger address space. Now available in the Solaris 8 OE, IPv6 enables developers to build applications for the next-generation Internet.

Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment 2.0
Download and User Guide

The Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment Users Guide, written for system administrators and support personnel who are already familiar with Sun disk array and storage area network (SAN) products, describes how to use the Storage Automated Diagnostic Environment graphical user interface (GUI).

Sun ONE Starter Kit
Essential Products, Technologies and Information

The Sun ONE Starter Kit features Forte for Java 3.0 Community and Enterprise Editions, and iPlanet Application, Web, Portal, Integration and Directory Servers under right-to-develop licenses. Additionally, the latest Java Development Kit, the J2EE 1.3 platform, currently available parts of the Java technology APIs pack (JAX Pack)and links to third-party products are included.

Sun Fire 15K and Sun Fire 12K Server Dynamic Reconfiguration
Now Available

The Sun Fire F15K and Sun Fire 12K Server Dynamic Reconfiguration for CPU/Memory board and Concurrent Dynamic Reconfiguration (DR) capabilities are now available for customer deployment. The Sun Fire F15K and 12K Server Dynamic Reconfiguration feature allows hardware system resources and PCI I/O assemblies to be removed from or added to Solaris 8 OE and applications without application outage or stoppage.

New Sun Fire 280R Server Base with Fan Tray
Simplifying the Order Process

The new Sun Fire 280R Server base includes a server chassis, one power supply and a fan tray. It forms the base for ATO (Assemble to Order) Sun Fire 280R Server orders. CPU, memory and disk drives must be ordered with the server base to create factory-built ATO systems. Users will no longer need to order a separate field configurable fan tray, simplifying the order process.

Enhanced PCI support on the Sun Enterprise 10000 Server
New PCI CTO PowerExpress System Board

The Sun Enterprise 10000 Server can now be configured with PCI-only domains following the successful qualification of PCI boot and network adapters. The Power Express PCI CTO system board provides a lower cost alternative than non-Power Express configurations for field upgrades. The newly supported adapters include Dual LVD SCSI/Dual Ethernet PCI Adapter and GigaSwift Gigabit Ethernet MMF PCI Adapter.

Repricing of Sun Fire 15K Server Standard Configurations
With UltraSPARC III Cu Microprocessor 900 MHz CPU

Sun has reduced prices on Sun Fire 15K Server Standard Configurations and the Sun Fire 15K Server Capacity On Demand 1.1 server base package. These price reductions are synchronized with price reductions of memory and CPU/memory Uniboards or building blocks. The Sun Fire 15K Server standard configurations are being re-priced to enhance Sun's competitive positions and to align with Sun Fire 3800, 4800, 4810, 6800 and 12K Servers. The Sun Upgrade Allowance Program applies.

Sun HighGround SRM Edition 5.0 Software
Transition to EOL

The standalone parts for the Sun HighGround Storage Resource Manager (also known as Sun StorEdge SRM) product family, including SRM Enterprise Edition 5.0, SRM Global Reporter 1.0, SRM File Prospector 2.0.1 and SRM for Database Servers 5.0 marketing parts are being transitioned toward EOL as the Sun StorEdge Resource Management Suite has been upgraded.The Storage Resource Suite has the software product versions bundled into a single marketing part and single package for licensing and will be sold on a capacity-based pricing model.

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series: Long Wave Laser FC Cable Options
EOL of Specific Fibre Channel 8-Port Adapters

Sun is introducing several Sun StorEdge 9900 series long wave laser-compatible Fibre Channel cables with single mode characteristics of various lengths with both SC to SC and SC to LC connections to support distances up to 10km. A new Russel & Stoll RS3913 to NEMA L6-20 power adapter cable will also be made available.

Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Hardware Repricing
Reduced Pricing

The overall price of the Sun StorEdge 9900 Series Hardware has been reduced to make the product more competitive in the marketplace. The Sun StorEdge 9900 series delivers an fast, massively scalable and continuously available storage system.

InRange Director Class Switch Support for Sun StorEdge 9900 Series
Repricing: Select McData and InRange Power Cable

There is now additional support for the InRange Director Class Switch in the form of upgrade kit options that allow the customer to connect two 64-port Directors to form a single 128-port Director. Also available is an InRange long wave GBIC used to support distances up to 10 kilometers. Select McData and InRange Cable prices have been increased to reflect the increased cost of goods from the vendor.

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