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Java Technology
Thursday's JavaOne Conference Keynote
Java Technology and the Future

Jon Byous reported on the JavaOne Conference keynote of March 28 which featured discussions about Java technology and the future. Taking part in the discussion were John Gage of Sun; Paul Saffo, director of the Institute of the Future; Alfred Chuang, CEO of BEA; Adam Bosworth of BEA; Ernie Cormier, Bob Ewald and Ragu Rau of Nextel. Topics included mobile computing, Nextel's use of Java technology and the challenge of developing methods of establishing end-to-end identity and trust for Web services applications.

NetBeans and Forte for Java Products: Part 2
Vendors Demonstrated at JavaOne Conference

More than 35 companies demonstrated NetBeans and Forte for Java Software products and integrations that are "Built on NetBeans" technology at the JavaOne Conference. Third-party products range from wireless device emulation software to Web services infrastructure products. This article is a continuation from an article last week about some of the companies, listed alphabetically.

Java Foundation Classes and Swing Technology API
JavaOne Conference Technical Sessions Report

At the recent JavaOne Conference, the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) and Swing Technology API team from Sun presented two technical sessions that showed developers how to build several striking client applications using the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE). Thomas Ulrich reported on the technical sessions. The two sessions were "Rich Java Technology-Based Clients for Web Services, The Sequel" and "How to Build an Awesome Swing Client."

Java Developer Connection Program Poll Results
James Gosling Responds

James Gosling, vice president and fellow at Sun, known as the "father" of the Java programming language, answered questions submitted by members of the Java Developer Connection (JDC) Program.

Techniques for Providing Java Technology on Wireless Devices
Panel Discussion at the JavaOne Conference

One of the features at the recent JavaOne Conference was a panel discussion on the challenges and solutions in the application of Java technology to mobile devices. In his report on the panel, Ed Ort noted that small footprints, low price points and reduced screen sizes all make the task of providing Java technology on mobile devices challenging.

Accelerating GUI Applications
Using the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition

Reporting on the JavaOne Conference session "High-Performance GUIs with the Java Foundation Classes (JFC) API," Dana Nourie notes that GUI programs written using the Java programming language have a reputation for rendering slowly or incorrectly. Nourie says developers can resolve these problems with coding techniques, however, by proper use of threads and the new the J2SE 1.4 platform acceleration capabilities.

New Java Specification Request 168
Portal API Standard

The new Java Specification Request (JSR #168) will be the industry's first portal API standard. Eighteen companies, including BroadVision, Plumtree and Vignette will collaborate with Sun on the specification that will enable interoperability between Portlets and Portals. This specification will define a set of APIs for Portal computing, addressing the areas of aggregation, personalization, presentation and security.

x Integrates Legacy System Linking It with Financial Times
0 has chosen Sun Enterprise Servers, Solaris 8 Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and Oracle as the means to integrate its legacy system that links the Web site to the Financial Times.

PeopleSoft Inc. Choses Sun Fire Servers

PeopleSoft selected Sun to be the platform of choice for the implementation of its own software, PeopleSoft CRM. Utilizing 15 Sun Fire Servers running the Solaris 8 OE, Sun Cluster 3.0 Software and Sun Remote Services, this enterprise-wide solution was completed in less than 100 days and was immediately embraced by over 2,000 sales and marketing personnel as the way to manage their customer relationships. Now, all customer information is accessible anywhere, any time, over the Web from a single repository.

General Dynamics C4 Systems Selects Sun
Rugged UltraComputing Program Systems

General Dynamics C4 Systems selected Sun as Top Strategic Supply Partner for 2001. General Dynamics and Sun will deliver rugged UltraComputing Program systems that will meet stringent military specifications for advanced battlefield automation applications.

Sun OC48 Packet Over Sonet Adapter
Technical Details

Sun OC48 Packet Over Sonet Adapter device provides LAN and WAN/MAN networking to Sun Fire Servers at up to 2.4 Gbps line speed with self-healing failover and restoration, increasing network reliabilty. It supports Spatial Reuse Protocol (SRP) and Point-To-Point Protocol (PPP), lowering cost of ownership. It offers plug and play operations via topology discovery for easy configuration in SRP.

Transition-EOL of Select Sun Enterprise 3500-6500 Servers

Select Sun Enterprise 3500-6500 Servers are being transitioned. This marks Phase One of the Sun Enterprise 3500-6500 Server product line EOL. The following configurations will be transitioning at this time: all Logoless systems; select Skinless systems; all Danish configurations; all Sun Enterprise 4503-R and Sun Enterprise 4503-RR1 Master Reseller configurations; all Sun Enterprise 4503-RR2 systems; all Sun Enterprise 5503 and Sun Enterprise 6503 Master Reseller configurations; all ISV and COD configurations.

High Availability Service Packs for the Sun Fire 15K Server
Extended Coverage

The family of High Availability (HA) Service Packs for the Sun Fire 15K Server includes the core set of integrated services and methodologies recommended to help provide optimum levels of availability throughout the application life cycle. With HA Service Packs, customers will be better equipped to address availability issues before they impact business operations. Three variations of HA Service Packs will now be available for the Sun Fire 15K Server.

    Tai Fook Securities Transitioning to Sun Enterprise 10000 Server
    With Java Technology Applications

    Tai Fook Securities, one of Hong Kong's largest dealers, is replacing 100 Intel-based servers running Microsoft software with a Sun Enterprise 10000 Server, running applications written in Java programming language, an Oracle database and BEA's WebLogic Web Server.

    Functions of the Basic Security Module Script
    Built-in to Solaris Operating Environment

    Paul Teeter's technical article "What Does the Script bsmconv Do?" from the Solaris Developer Connection Web page covers the Basic Security Module (BSM) that is built-in to the Solaris OE. It secures a Solaris OE system by physically limiting what a user can do and monitoring what a user does once logged in to the machine.

    "Securing the Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Processors"
    Sun BluePrints Article by Alex Noordergraaf

    Alex Noordergraaf discusses the system service processors (SSPs) of the Sun Enterprise 10000 Server in his Sun BluePrints article "Securing the Sun Enterprise 10000 System Service Processors." Noordergraaf describes a secure Sun Enterprise 10000 Server configuration that is fully Sun supported. He provides tips, instructions and guidance for creating a more secure Sun Enterprise 10000 Server system.

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