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Component-based Development and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
Helping Revise Application Development Strategy
March 18, 2002,
Volume 49, Issue 3

JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) and component-based development (CBD) techniques can help you revise overall application development strategies to meet the demands of tough economic times.

The J2EE platform helps simplify and speed component-based development for multi-tier enterprise applications and Web services by providing a complete set of services to those components and by handling many details of application behavior automatically, without complex programming.

"Companies have been using JavaTM technology to build monolithic, large-scale applications without taking advantage of its features," said Sam Patterson, CEO of ComponentSource. "But this has been changing as J2EE platform technology gains wide adoption in corporates."

"If you can cut your development time by using components, and thus your time to market, you can beat your competitors," Patterson said. "At the same time, you can quickly add new technologies and services to your existing applications with `plug-and-play' components."

Components have been client/server based, Patterson said, but now the value of components has been extended to be Web-service based. Demand will increase for reusable components as the development of Web services increases.

Pre-built components, developed and tested by experts in their field, are now available on the open market, making it easier for corporate developers to build applications component-by-component. Patterson uses an example of adding credit card processing to an application. "As a developer, you don't have to know how the process of credit card authorization works," Patterson said. "Instead, you just download a pre-built component that asks for the credit card number, expiration date and amount and processes the approval."

Patterson advises looking within your own enterprise for components and checking other departments before building from scratch. If you need to build, do so in a way that makes the component reusable for your company.

"You can't continue to write code for everything you want to create. It just isn't cost-efficient," Patterson said. "With the increasing complexity of technology, the amount of information you have to absorb as a developer can be overwhelming. The ease of component-based development eases that burden and is just too real for corporations to ignore."

ComponentSource offers technical resources, evaluation, procurement services and ComponentRequest Center, where developers in need of specific types of components can post their requests for component authors to see.

"Our new ComponentBuilder Program for the J2EE Architecture is designed to teach Java technology developers everything they need to know to bring a component to market--from licensing to pricing and marketing," said Patterson.

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