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18 Mar 2002
iPlanet Message Queue for Java, Version 3.0 Beta
Invitation to Users

Users are invited to take part in the iPlanet Message Queue for Java, version 3.0 Beta Program. iPlanet Message Queue for Java is an implementation of the Java Message Service API and provider framework, which provides standardized asynchronous messaging between Java technology applications. iPlanet Message Queue goes beyond standards compliance to offer high reliability, high performance and increased developer productivity.
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18 Mar 2002
Java Technology Telematics Technology
Java 2 Platform, Micro Edition

Sun is developing a Java technology telematics framework product that provides the architecture and building block to span a secure back-end infrastructure for delivering services. Sun will apply its knowledge of open architectures as a trusted advisor to companies working on emerging telematics and infotainment systems.
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18 Mar 2002
Component-based Development and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition
Helping Revise Application Development Strategy

Sam Patterson, CEO of ComponentSource, discusses reusing components instead of writing them from scratch. This reduces development time and time to market. J2EE helps simplify and speed component-based development for multi-tier enterprise applications and Web services by providing a complete set of services to those components and by handling many details of application behavior automatically, without complex programming.
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18 Mar 2002
Java Technology and the Cobalt Group's Online Marketplace
Motorplace Auto Exchange and Cobalt Nitra

When the Cobalt Group's business volume grew, the compnay decided to migrate its applications from CGI and Perl, which were on a Linux VA operating base system, to a Java technology base. The Cobalt Group provides e-business applications and services to the automotive industry.
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18 Mar 2002
Java Architecture for XML Binding EA v 1.0
Create Simple Binding Codes Using the API and Tools

Tai-Wei Lin's article "Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB): A Primer" introduces developers to the basics of JAXB Early Access Implementation v 1.0. Lin provides brief explanations on how to create simple binding codes using the API and tools. Also discussed are a few situations where JAXB shows its strengths.
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18 Mar 2002
Sun Open Net Environment at the JavaOne Conference
Sessions, Pods and Promotions

The JavaOne Conference will feature many Sun Sun ONE sessions, pods and promotions. Learn how to leverage Sun ONE for the creation, assembly and deployment of your applications designed for the networked world. Sun ONE Sessions include Java Web Services Developer Pack and Distributed Identity. Sun ONE Pods include iPlanet Application Server: XML and Java Technology and Sun ONE B2B Integration: ebXML Technology Preview.
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