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Sun Acquires Clustra Systems
Offers High Availability Across Sun ONE Platform

Sun has completed the acquisition of Clustra Systems Inc., a developer of high-availability clustering technology that enables continuous real-time computing. The Clustra technology will enable multiple software products from Sun, beginning with the iPlanet Application Server, and is expected to extend the high availability of the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) by delivering a unified, self-repairing, massively scalable Web services software platform.

iPlanet Becomes a Division of Sun
Sun's Plans for the iPlanet Organization and Products

iPlanet is now a division of Sun and remains a core component of the Sun ONE. In an open letter to customers, Sun Chairman and CEO Scott McNealy reviews the three-year collaboration between Sun and AOL Time Warner called iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, a Sun-Netscape Alliance, whose goal was to form a to develop a superior infrastructure software platform to enable the creation and delivery of Web services.

Sun Joins The Service Availability Forum
Promoting Open Standards for Building Global Communications Systems

The Service Availability Forum has added Sun to the list of industry-leading communications and computing companies working together to create and promote Service Availability interface specifications. By joining the Service Availability Forum, Sun complements its current Netra product line designed to help network equipment providers build available and reliable telecom infrastructure platforms. Sun lends its experience building carrier-grade, highly available products to help define the open programming interface specifications.

Sun Expands StarOffice Software Capabilities
Community Development Process Continues

Sun has enhanced support offerings for the upcoming release of StarOffice 6.0 Software that will expand the reach of the office productivity suite. Maintaining its commitment to providing the best value and most cost-effective solutions in multi-platform, full-featured office productivity software, Sun will continue to enable a no-charge download of the version of the application through the project. In addition, Sun will fully support the on-going community development process through while discontinuing the free download of StarOffice Software.

Solstice Enterprise Agents Software Technology
And Developer's Toolkit

The Solstice Enterprise Agents Software technology and Developer's Toolkit provides an open, extensible, standards based solution that facilitates effective management of both network elements and computer subsystem components. The Solstice Enterprise Agents SDK for the Solaris OE is available for download.

End of Life of Sun Management Center 2.1.1 Software
All Functionality in Sun Management Center 3.0 Software

The End of Life (EOL) of Sun Management Center (SunMC) 2.1.1 Software has been announced. Support, including bug fixes, will continue for the next five years. All functionality from SunMC 2.1.1 Software is included in SunMC 3.0 Software. There are no transition issues between SunMC 2.1.1 Software and SunMC 3.0 Software.

Storage Consolidation
Reduces IT Cost and Complexity

Sun offers consolidation solutions at all levels of the enterprise. In database environments, consolidating storage on the Sun StorEdge 9900 series can help bring greater availability, bandwidth and scalability. The Sun StorEdge 6900 series with built-in virtualization delivers midrange consolidation solutions ideal for transaction-oriented application environments, as well as Web server-based presentation environments.

Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.0 L10N
Documentation in Five Languages

The Sun StorEdge Availability Suite 3.0 L10N will include new documentation in five languages including Japanese, Korean, French, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese.

Sun StorEdge D2 Arrays: Two New Cable Options
Increases Flexibility

Two new host to array SCSI data cable x-options are now available for the Sun StorEdge D2 Array. The new cable x-options provides additional configuration flexability by providing a ten-meter cable option. One four-meter SCSI data cable per bus ships with the Sun StorEdge D2 Array.

Items Bundled with Solstice Backup Software
Rackmount Kit Also Available

Sun StorEdge L9 LTO Autoloader and Sun StorEdge L20 LTO Tape Library (two drive, rackmount unit) is now offered as a bundle with Solstice Backup Software. An X-option rackmount kit is also now available for customers who previously purchased a deskside Sun StorEdge L20 Tape Library and now want a rackmount kit.

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