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Sun Open Net Environment Supply Chain Management
Automation Strategy

The Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) Platform is the key to the success of the Supplier Portal, which is the core of Sun's supply chain automation strategy. With the Supplier Portal in place (built using the iPlanet Portal Server, iPlanet Directory Server, iPlanet Web Server and iPlanet Application Server), new applications and services can be running, producing savings and efficiencies in a matter of months.

Java Technology
JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards
Finalists Announced

JavaWorld Publication has announced the finalists for its 2002 JavaWorld Editors' Choice Awards. The awards recognize innovative companies, organizations and individuals for their commitment to developing new Java technologies and tools that drive the platform forward. Sun has been nominated for a half-dozen awards including Best Java virtual machine, Best Java Technology IDE, Best Java Technology and XML Tool, Best Java Technology Installation Tool and Most Innovative Java Technology or Product.

OSS Through Java Initiative
OSS Trouble Ticket API Download Available

The OSS through Java Initiative is the official reference source for OSS (operations support systems) solutions through Java Certified Products. Details on early adoption or prototyping of the OSS through Java APIs in vendors' products can also be found on the OSS through Java Initiative Web site.

Java Web Start Software Version 1.0.1_02
Now Available for Download

Java Web Start Software version 1.0.1_02 is now available for download. Java Web Start Software is a new application-deployment technology with the power to launch full-featured applications with a single click from the Web browser. Users can now download and launch applications without going through complicated installation procedures. Java Web Start Software includes the security features of the Java 2 platform, so the integrity of data and files is never compromised. Applications deployed with Java Web Start Software do not require a browser interface to operate.

Java Naming and Directory Interface
Downloads and Tutorials

The Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) API is a standard extension to the Java technology platform, providing Java technology-enabled applications with a unified interface to multiple naming and directory services in the enterprise. JNDI 1.2.2 and JNDI 1.1.2 are now available for download as well as Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v1.4, Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, v1.3.1 and Java 2 SDK, Enterprise Edition, v1.2. There are also links available for JNDI 1.1 and 1.2 documentation, demos, tutorials and references, as well as examples and FAQs.

Java Web Services Developer Pack
Part 1: Registration and the Java API for XML Registries

This article focuses on one of the Java APIs in the Java Web Services Developer Pack: the Java API for XML Registries. This API enables you to request Web service registration operations in the Java platform. The article shows how you can use this API to register a Web service in a standard business registry such as a UDDI registry. It also shows how you can use the API to search a registry for Web services.

Sun, Oceanlake and NHL Carolina Hurricanes
Wireless Technology

The Carolina Hurricanes offer a wireless Web site, "The Home of Wireless Hockey". The Web site is powered by Sun Cobalt Servers and OceanLake's SunTone Certified mScope mobility engine. Available on any wireless phone, pager or PDA, the wireless Web site helps hockey enthusiasts stay in touch with their team.

Network365 mzone on the Sun Platform
Delivering Advanced Mobile Solutions

Network365 mzone on the Sun platform is delivering innovative, advanced mobile solutions to mobile operators worldwide such as Hong Kong CSL, Oskar and mmO2. With Network365 mzone on the Sun solution service providers can offer mobile applications and services such as payment, personalization, identification and advanced messaging.

Sun: Official Hardware Provider for ESRI's Geography Network
Complete Portal Solution Based on Sun Open Net Environment

ESRI, a developer of GIS software, has selected Sun as the official hardware provider for the Geography Network, a one-stop Internet marketplace for searching, accessing, and utilizing geographic data and services. The Sun hardware facilitates sharing geographic data and services via ESRI's community-based Web portal.

Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 1.4 on Solaris Operating Environment
Enhanced Performance Scalability

Running Java technology applications on the Solaris OE is an excellent way to ensure achieving the highest service levels at the lowest service level cost. The latest release of the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) platform has feature enhancements that, in combination with industry-proven Solaris OE software, deliver the optimum Java technology platform for deploying mission critical applications and services.

Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF Adapter
Delivers One Gbps Performance

The Sun GigaSwift Ethernet MMF Adapter is designed to maximize the performance of Sun servers and workstations. It connects server-to-server and server-to-switch at gigabit speed in fiber media applications. The Adapter complies with the IEEE 802.3z and 802.1x standards. It supports IEEE 802.1Q VLAN which increases network security and relieves network congestion.

Duchess Chips for Process-Specific Wire Capacitance Characterization
Sun Research Technical Report

A recent Sun Research Technical Report by Ann Coulthard, Jonathan Gainsley, Jon Lexau and Ivan E. Sutherland is titled "Duchess Chips for Process-Specific Wire Capacitance Characterization." According to the abstract, the technical report releases a collection of ring oscillator experiments. The first experimental chip, called The Duchess, gave useful initial results. A series of Duchess chips followed the first to measure values for other technologies as well as for other load conditions. The report contains the designs, notes, experimental results and conclusions from several of these experiments.

    VIS Instruction Set
    Accelerating Algorithms with the UltraSPARC Processor

    The VIS Instruction Set is a set of RISC instructions which are extensions to the SPARC V9 architecture designed to accelerate multimedia, image processing and networking applications.

    Sun Servers Aggressive Pricing
    Outsells Competition

    The UltraSPARC III platform-based entry servers from Sun are selling rapidly. The Sun Fire V880 Server has turned out to be the fastest selling server for Sun. The Sun Fire 280R Server is the revenue leader within the volume systems line with Sun continuing to bolster the price/performance benefits of its volume systems by slashing up to 28 percent off its price.

    Sun Fire Midframe Servers Documentation
    Available on

    New documentation available on for the Sun Fire midframe servers covers the Sun Fire 280R Server, the Sun Fire 6800, 4810, 4800 and 3800 Servers and the Sun Fire V880 Server.

    Record-Breaking Results for SunGard Trading Systems
    With UltraSPARC III and Sun Fire 6800 Midframe Server

    Sun and SunGard Trading Systems/Global Markets announced a record-breaking 71,387 trades per hour and approximately 200 users for SunGard's TreasuryTrader application in a major financial performance test. Running on the UltraSPARC III processor based Sun Fire 6800 Midframe Server and Sun StorEdge T3 Disk Array, Treasury Trader supports more than double the greatest number of expected trades from the world's largest banks.

    The Java Technology Concurrent Version System Module
    CVS Client Library's Jars Available for Download

    The Files section of javacvs module now contains the latest development jar as well as the stable NetBeans 3.3.1 release version of the Concurrent Versions System (CVS) client library that implements the CVS client purely in Java technology. Javadoc Software is included. The library that implements a CVS protocol client in Java technology is designed to be reused.

    What's New on the Sun Global Application Developer Corner
    Locales Chart

    The Sun Global Application Developer Corner (GADC) is a collection of resources for corporate software developers and independent software vendors to create multilingual applications for the global market. The GADC is free to developers building multilingual applications on the Solaris OE and the Java technology platform. New on the GADC is a locales chart that contains information on locales, language, country, charset and Solaris OE version.

    Thomas Akin on "Hardening Cisco Routers"
    New O'Reilly Book

    "Hardening Cisco Routers," a new book by Thomas Akin, focuses exclusively on how to secure routers against attack, providing a succinct, practical guide to understanding and applying router security for network administrators who need guidance on securing their Cisco routers.

    Sun Security Hardware, Software and Services
    Creating a Properly Implemented Security Solution

    Maintaining effective security is a continuous and recursive process that identifies valued assets, analyzes potential threats, determines adequate security controls, assesses the effectiveness of controls and determines acceptable levels of corporate risk. Sun offers a brochure online detailing its security offerings.

    SANS Institute Security Digests
    Alert Archive

    The SANS Institute Security Digests is an archive of the Security Alert Consensus. Recent news items include updated CDE patches from Sun as well as other important updated information.

    Sun Security Web Site Glossary
    Sampling of Terms

    The Sun Security Web site provides a glossary of many words and phrases frequently used in documentation or articles. A sampling of terms includes ACL, adorned name, bootparams file, CMW label, DAC, GFI, IMAP, NIS+, PPP, spoof and tnrhdb database.

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