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Sun StorEdge TCO Challenge
Sun StorEdge Complete Storage Solutions
February 25, 2002,
Volume 48, Issue 4

Building an effective storage infrastructure demands a broad understanding of current data capacity, data classification and data growth trends. Sun StorEdgeTM Resource Management Suite Software can help optimize the storage infrastructure. With the Sun StorEdgeTM TCO challenge, Sun can help IT managers reclaim at least ten percent of their annual storage budget.

Or conversely, Sun can help IT managers increase their storage utilization by at least ten percent. Either way, IT managers can apply Sun's knowledge toward best practices to significantly improve service-level agreements while reducing risk.

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If eligible, IT managers will receive a 50 percent discount on a Sun storage assessment (normally $20,000 (US)). They will also get a Data Interpretation Report detailing their storage environment. If Sun can't identify ways to reclaim at least ten percent of the annual storage budget, IT managers get the Sun Storage Assessment fee back and can keep the Data Interpretation Report. See Official Rules.

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Also on the Sun Web site is a white paper "Storage ONE Tuning the Storage Infrastructure to the Needs of the Application."

Businesses are faced with the challenge of balancing quality of storage service with total cost of ownership to effectively monitor and measure service level agreements in expanding storage environments. These corporations struggle to satisfy user requirements without compromising corporate objectives.

Storage ONE is Sun's initiative to deliver an integrated and automated storage management solution focused on delivering application storage service levels commensurate with the applications net value to the business.

In the past, to combat increasing demand for storage, companies were quick to add more capacity since the cost/MB of storage had been steadily falling. With the recent economic downturn, however, IT budgets have fallen under scrutiny and IT managers have been forced to defer IT purchases and do more with less.

The economic downturn has also resulted in IT staff hiring freezes and consequently, the amount of capacity managed per company has in some cases doubled while the number of IT administrators responsible for managing that capacity has not.

Compounding this problem further has been the adoption of new storage architectures such as storage area networks (SANs) and network attached storage (NAS), which introduce a new level of complexity. IT is faced with managing a heterogeneous storage, systems, and networks enterprise with staff levels, skills and tools that are difficult to obtain. Without automated solutions to proactively monitor, report and manage this growth, storage return on investment will be poor and service levels will suffer.

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