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Upgrade Allowance Program for Sun StorEdge 9900 Storage
Addition of the Sun StorEdge 9900 Systems
February 25, 2002,
Volume 48, Issue 4

The Sun StorEdgeTM 9900 systems have been added to the Sun Upgrade Allowance Program (UAP). Specifically, Sun StorEdgeTM 9910 system consolidation trade-ins and Sun StorEdge 9960TM system consolidation trade-ins have been added to the Sun UAP. Allowances vary depending on the system configurations and quantity being traded for the Sun StorEdge 9910 system and Sun StorEdge 9960 system.

UAP helps customers break free of financial constraints associated with current storage investments and move to an enterprise-critical solution. The Sun StorEdge 9900 system is designed for modern IT environments with enterprise-critical requirements. It can be used to consolidate multiple platforms onto a single host-independent storage system, which can help lower total cost of ownership. (With its uniquely flexible fabric switching design, the Sun StorEdge 9960 system enables multiple data and LUN path resiliency necessary for seamlessly running concurrent MVS, UNIXR systems, and Windows host platforms).

Upgrade Plan

Upgrades to Sun StorEdge 9900 storage system are available as a full system swap. No components migrate from any of the Sun StorEdge line to the Sun StorEdge 9900 series. Customers with older generation Sun StorEdgeTM A5000 series or Sun StorEdge TM A3500 series or SPARCTM Storage Arrays may qualify for consolidation.

All storage trade-ins are offered through consolidation. A minimum of 3 TB Sun StorEdge 9910 system configurations or 5 TB Sun StorEdge 9960 system configurations qualify for the consolidation allowance.

Systems being upgraded must be owned by, used by and in the possession of the customer a least 90 days prior to upgrading. To qualify for the consolidation allowance, the customer must return within 60 days all storage devices traded to the Sun StorEdge 9900 system. RMA kits (UG-RMA) must be ordered with device to be traded. These kits provide customer instructions on where to return the used (residual) equipment.

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