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Sun StorEdge DLT7000 Tape Drive Autoloader
Order Date Extension
February 25, 2002,
Volume 48, Issue 4

Sun StorEdgeTM DLT7000 Tape Drive Autoloader order date is being extended for the L180 and L700 (one drive) because of a high demand in sales. The previous last order date was January 16th, 2002, but it is being extended to April 16th, 2002, as the order date and November 15, 2002 as the last ship date.

As storage needs grow, high-capacity backup and archiving also increases. The time available for making backups has also reduced and is sometimes concurrent with the processing of data. Digital Linear Tape (DLT) technology provides an ideal solution for high-capacity and high-performance backup and restore with exceptional data integrity at an affordable price.

The Sun StorEdge DLT7000 Tape Drive Autoloader has a capacity of 35 GB. It comes in Sun's desktop enclosure, the Sun StorEdgeTM FlexiPack device, with everything necessary to run the device on Sun workstations and servers. With a standard SCSI-2 interface, they connect to a wide range of host adapters, including Fast-Wide SCSI. The Sun StorEdge DLT7000 is supported under SolarisTM Operating Environment (Solaris OE) 2.5 and later releases and can accommodate most of the leading data management software packages such as Solstice BackupTM Software and VERITAS NetBackup.

Other Key Features

  • Performance: 5.0 MB/sec transfer rate, fast-wide single-ended SCSI interface
  • High reliability: Linear serpentine recording format, exceptional Mean Time Between Failure (200,000 hours) and head life (30,000 hours)

For specifications of the Sun StorEdge DLT7000 Tape Drive Autoloader:

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