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25 Feb 2002
New Sun Certified Backup and Recovery Engineer Certification
Training Course

A new certification, ES-230 Design and Administration of Backup and Recovery Systems, has been developed for backup and recovery engineers responsible for the design and implementation of backup systems in the datacenter with an emphasis on VERITAS NetBackup or Solstice Backup Software. The examination is designed to measure knowledge of reliable backup methodology, restoring data and meeting design requirements.
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25 Feb 2002
Watters' Guide on Solaris 8 Operating Environment
Network Configuration

Paul Watters covers all aspects of deploying the Solaris OE in his book "Solaris 8 Administrator's Guide" as an enterprise-level network operating system, with a focus on e-commerce. Written for experienced network administrators who want an objective guide to networking with Solaris OE, the book covers installation on the Intel and SPARC platforms and shows how to set up Solaris OE as a file server, application server and database server.
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25 Feb 2002
Comparison of Solaris OE DVD and CD Installation
A Single DVD Can Hold Up to 4.7 GBytes of Information

Installing the Solaris OE has became easier due to DVD media. The entire Solaris OE can now be installed using a single DVD. This eliminates the need to swap CDs in and out of the drive. The two installation media for the Solaris 8 2/02 OE is available online.
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25 Feb 2002
"System Performance Tuning"
By Gian-Paolo C. Musumeci and Mike Loukides

The second edition of "System Performance Tuning" by Gian-Paolo Musumeci and Mike Loukides has just been released by O'Reilly. This completely updated new book shows system administrators how to make the best use of existing systems while minimizing the purchase of new equipment.
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