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Solution for Segmentation Fault with Java Virtual Machine
February 25, 2002,
Volume 48, Issue 4

Access1 is a library of timely technical information for the Sun developer community. Users have free access to TechNotes, white papers and the Access1 patch database, which covers product installation, security issues and driver updates. Developer Support contract customers are able to log and query support calls via email and receive special access to post-installation patches, bug reports and technical bulletins written by Sun technical engineers.

One of the recent items on the Access1 Web page concerns how segmentation fault occurs with JavaTM virtual machine (JVMTM) for Linux.

When running JavaTM technology applications under certain Linux installations/configurations, the JVM for Linux crashes with segmentation faults under a heavy load.

There is some information in the README file of the JavaTM 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SETM) Software Development Kit package that specifies changes that should be made to the Linux configuration that will limit the system resources available to the current shell and its descendants. However, this does not change the situation with the JVM crashing.

One of the most likely root causes for the JVM exiting with segmentation faults is a problem with specific versions of the Linux glibc library and the JVM for Linux. It has been discovered that the combination of glibc v2.2.2 and the JVM for Linux is not stable and causes the JVM to crash. Upgrading the glibc to a newer version such as glibc 2.2.4 will ensure that the JVM does not exit with segmentation faults under a heavy load.

The Tech Notes for February 2002 offer technical details on this and other problems and solutions.

Support Readiness Documents (SRDs) are educational documents created specifically for Developer Support Engineers. They have now been made available for the developer community and are available for free download in either Postscript or PDF format. Primarily for Java technology products, these SRDs focus on issues immediately relevant to support, such as installation, configuration and common user problems.

New documents include:

  • JavaTM Web Start 1.0
  • JiroTM Technology 1.5

There are more documents for J2SE, JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) and ForteTM Tools.

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