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BEA Systems and Sun Drive Down TCO
Surpassing IBM Hardware and Software Costs
February 26, 2002,
Volume 48, Issue 4

BEA Systems Inc. and Sun have assembled a combination of products that can offer businesses superior total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to IBM. The results of a recently published third-party analysis by Crimson Consulting Group demonstrate that the TCO of IBM software and hardware is 2.4 times higher than the comparable BEA and Sun solution, which translated into $32.1 million in savings for a customer relationship management (CRM) deployment.

"Sun and BEA are the basis for the scalable, reliable JavaTM 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EETM) enterprise infrastructure we are basing our business on for the next 10 years," said Kevin Armstrong, associate vice president of the Technology Group at National Century Financial Enterprises. "This infrastructure has enabled us to deploy applications and portals to serve our customers, investors, employees and partners better. Sun and BEA are a winning combination for us by giving us a lower TCO by providing superior technology, service and support."

Crimson Consulting Group, a marketing consulting firm located in Los Altos, Calif., recently analyzed IBM's TCO versus the TCO of the combined BEA and Sun solution. Crimson analyzed three different, real-world e-business computing scenarios, all of which consistently demonstrated that the combination of BEA WebLogic software and Sun hardware provided a TCO advantage compared to IBM WebSphere software and IBM hardware. One scenario modeled a CRM application run across three computing data centers that required high performance throughput and 100 percent availability. Crimson's analysis demonstrated that IBM's total cost of ownership was 2.4 times higher, or $32.1 million more, than the combination of BEA WebLogic software and Sun EnterpriseTM Server systems.

The Sun and BEA alliance helps expedite and simplify e-business computing, as well as eliminate risk. BEA and Sun help minimize complexity, deliver higher capacities for growth and provide the ability to deploy applications quickly. These capabilities lead to significantly improved data center efficiency and streamlined operating costs via a simplified, more manageable system environment. Through solution sets, Sun iForceSM Centers, and enterprise and professional services, Sun and BEA resources are well-coordinated to deliver fast results.

"BEA is one of Sun's most strategic partners," said Patricia C. Sueltz, executive vice president, Software Systems group of Sun. "We collaborate extensively, across thousands of customer engagements in the field, and continue to demonstrate a lower TCO to customers for joint BEA and Sun solutions. This TCO analysis helps validate the point that Sun and BEA customers can expect significantly improved data center efficiency, streamlined operating costs and a less complex, more manageable system environment."

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