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25 Feb 2002
IT Managers Increasing Bottom Line Results
First in Series from Sun Journal Web Edition 3

The Sun Journal Web edition 3 presents a series on increasing bottom line results while reducing total cost of ownership. The first article in the series, by Steve Campbell, analyzes the needs of IT executives who must do much more with far less. He presents Sun technologies and services that address needs of mainframe customers who are rehosting applications in the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE). He then discusses a case study of a Tunisian bank that rehosted its applications.
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25 Feb 2002
Crawford Beveridge on Recession as Opportunity
Breathing Space

The Executive Perspectives article, "Using Recession as Opportunity" by Crawford Beveridge, (which originally appeared in on February 14, 2002), offers the viewpoint that the current recession offers an opportunity to reorder priorities.
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    25 Feb 2002
    Transamerican Life Canada Success Story
    Sun Fire Servers Reduce Batch Run Times by 73 Percent

    Transamerica Life Canada, one of Canada's leading life insurance companies, installed a Sun Fire 4800 Server to boost the performance of mission-critical actuarial applications and keep pace with the fast growth of its business. This resulted in reduced batch run times by 73 percent.
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