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"Business Intelligence Enables Smart Enterprises"
By Cyrus Golkar

The Sun Journal, Web edition 3 features an article "Business Intelligence Enables Smart Enterprises" by Cyrus Golkar. Business intelligence (BI) has become key for creating smart enterprises by integrating major enterprise-class applications. Smart enterprises must strive for a single view of their customers and then work to develop real-time personalization and interactive customer dialogue.

    Campus Pipeline Introduces Luminis Product Family
    Unifying the Digital Campus

    Campus Pipeline Inc. is striving to unify campus systems with its new Luminis product family, which consists of a Web platform, a content management suite and a systems integration suite. The company has partnered with Sun, whose Sun ONE strategy now brings standards-based software architecture to bear on higher education.

    Greg Papadopoulos on Digital Identity
    Executive Perspectives

    Getting personalized services that can actually anticipate your needs requires revealing a certain amount of information about yourself. How much you reveal is up to you, but according to Greg Papadopoulos in his Executive Perspectives article (which originally appeared on on February 14, 2002), the more you reveal, the better the service can become.

    Java Technology
    Java University Program
    Available at JavaOne Conference

    The Java University Program complements this year's JavaOne Conference by offering ten aggressive, full-day code-level training lectures for experienced software developers, architects and engineers. Classes run all day on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, 2002, at the Palace hotel in San Francisco. There will also be two Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, free to all Java University program students, on Saturday evening.

    Java University Program
    Available at JavaOne Conference

    The Java University Program complements this year's JavaOne Conference by offering ten aggressive, full-day code-level training lectures for experienced software developers, architects and engineers. Classes run all day on Saturday and Sunday, March 23 and 24, 2002, at the Palace hotel in San Francisco. There will also be two Birds-of-a-Feather sessions, free to all Java University program students, on Saturday evening.

    Sims Computing's Flux Enterprise Job Scheduler
    Created from Java Technology

    Sims Computing has developed Flux, a full-featured enterprise job scheduler for the corporate world, a scheduling software component that is written entirely in the Java technology language, providing sophisticated job scheduling functionality to Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition (J2SE) and Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) applications.

    Part Three of Building a Divelog Application
    Receiving Input and Event Handling Basics

    Part three of the tutorial on building a divelog application is available online. Part three by Dana Nourie covers receiving input and event handling basics. Nourie introduces the Diver class and shows you how to retrieve and display user input with text fields and check boxes, encapsulation and access control, arraning nested layouts, and using inner classes.

    Movex Enterprise Collaboration Application Suite
    Ported to Java Technology

    An article by Jon Byous on the Java technology Web site discusses an ambitious development effort recently completed by Swedish company Intentia International AB. Intentia, a provider of enterprise collaboration applications, has rewritten its entire suite of enterprise applications from RPG into Java technology code. The company has also signed a substantial partnership agreement with Sun that positions the Solaris OE as its only UNIX system platform.

    Java Technology Robotics Developers Kit
    by Simon Ritter, Technology Evangelist

    The EvangCentral Totally Tech Web site offers a Java Technology Robotics Developers Kit with complete detailed instructions for building and running the Java technology-powered Lego robot demo. The kit was written by Simon Ritter, Technology Evangelist. There are libraries provided to help you create robots using a variety of Java technologies.

    Sun and InforMax Inc.
    Bioinformatics Solutions

    The strategic alliance formed by Sun and InforMax Inc. will provide researchers in Asia with the most powerful bioinformatics solutions on the market. The new Application Service Provider Centre (ASP Centre) is based in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University and provides researchers in the genomic, proteomic and discovery markets in Asia Pacific with access to the most highly integrated enterprise system available.

    Openwave Systems
    First Wireless Vendor in SunVIP Program

    Sun has added Openwave Systems to the Sun Vendor Integration Program (SunVIP), an initiative that focuses on providing cooperative, interoperability support to customers. Mutual customers of Openwave and Sun can receive coordinated premium customer service, at no extra charge, through predefined vendor processes.

    Iomedex Selects Sun And Chrysalis-ITS
    For Complete Medical Digital Certificate Service

    An integrated software and hardware digital certificate solution from Sun and Chrysalis-ITS has been deployed by Iomedex to provide secure Certificate Authority services to Westsound Community Health Network, located in Washington. Chrysalis-ITS' Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and Sun's iPlanet Certificate Management System are combined to provide a comprehensive certificate infrastructure with hardware based protection for encryption keys, so that healthcare security service provider, Iomedex, can deliver a trusted means of authentication and digital signatures to its customers.

    NDCHealth Migrates to Sun Technology
    Saves Money and Offers Improved Performance

    NDCHealth, a multi-segment health information services company, has successfully migrated their multiple-terabyte data warehouses and related applications to Sun servers, running the Solaris OE. As a result, NDCHealth has consolidated to a smaller number of powerful servers, saving money on hardware, software, and IT support costs, while offering improved performance to customers.

    Software CD for Sun Computer Systems
    Complete Catalog

    The Software CD for Sun computer systems includes many features Solaris OE on Sun Hardware and AnswerBook Software, Sun Enterprise Server Alternate Pathing 2.3.1 Software and SunVTS 4.6 Toolkit (Sun Validation Test Suite).

    Project JXTA Virtual Network
    White Paper

    Bernard Traversat, Mohamed Abdelaziz, Mike Duigou, Jean-Christophe Hugly, Eric Pouyoul and Bill Yeager have written a white paper on the Project JXTA Virtual Network. The Project JXTA protocols establish a virtual network overlay on top of the Internet and non-IP networks, allowing peers to directly interact and organize independently of their network location (firewalls or NATs).

      "System Sizing Template"
      By Joachim Wolf, Srinivas Nagaraju, Sridhar Chava and others

      System availability and performance play a key role in achieving customer satisfaction. Reliable system sizing helps to ensure these two important criteria are met. "System Sizing Template," a Solaris Developer Connection Program Technical Article by Joachim Wolf, Srinivas Nagaraju, Sridhar Chava and others, provides guidelines for ISVs and others who need to perform a system sizing study. It contains questions, suggestions and tables that are adaptable to individual sizing requirements.

      Transition of Solaris Bandwidth Manager 1.6 Software Part Numbers
      EOL all of the English-language Part-numbers

      Part numbers for Solaris Bandwidth Manager Software are being transitioned in compliance with the Marketing Part Number Reduction initiative. All of the English-language part numbers will be EOL'd and the L10N-based part numbers will be maintained. All L10N products contain the English version, including the software binaries and documentation. In addition, the number of multiple-system licenses will be reduced and the less popular numbers will be eliminated. There will still be multiple system licenses, but with fewer variants.

      Sun Fire 280R Server Reprice
      New 900 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu Configuration

      Large reductions in component pricing enable Sun to take large price cuts on Sun Fire 280R Server configurations and on the 750 MHz UltraSPARC III CPU. A new, single CPU 900 MHz UltraSPARC III Cu configuration provides the convenience of an additional factory configured system. Floor-Tile-Ready (FTR) Sun Fire 280R systems are also being repriced.

      Sun Fire 15K Server Capacity On Demand 1.1 Program
      Add CPU and Memory Resources as Needed

      Sun is offering its first Capacity On Demand (COD) offering for the Sun Fire 15K Server. The COD 1.1 offering gives customers all the benefits of a Sun Fire 15K Server system with the option to enlist and pay for resources only when they are needed.

      Sun Enterprise 250 Server Reprice
      Configurations Include Two 400 MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs

      Because of reductions in component pricing, Sun is reducing system pricing on Sun Enterprise 250 Server high end configurations that include two 400 MHz UltraSPARC II CPUs. Available features include six internal disk drives, dual redundant power supplies and dual power cords, hot swap power supplies and hot plug disk drives.

      Pre-load Solaris Operating Environment Software
      On Sun Fire 15K Server Domains

      All domains on a Sun Fire 15K system can be pre-loaded at the factory with the most recent, generally available Solaris OE software by using one of the eleven newly created marketing part numbers. This is designed to improve the ease of installing Solaris OE software on a newly ordered Sun Fire 15K system. This service offers the ability to specify any one of the L10N language versions to be pre-loaded.

      SunTone Cluster Platform 15K/9960
      Redundant Sun Fire 15K Servers

      The SunTone Cluster Platform 15K/9960 is the industry's premier integrated cluster solution for high-end datacenter requirements and high volume OLTP applications. This system includes redundant Sun Fire 15K Servers with 24 900 MHz UltraSPARC III+ processors, a Sun StorEdge 9960 system with a minimum of 5.8 TB, Solaris 8 OE and Sun Cluster 3.0 Software. Processing power and storage capacity can be increased. The system is suitable as a mainframe and/or consolidation alternative.

      Sun Adds Netra High Availability Suite Software
      To Sun cPCI Telecom Blade Servers

      Sun's Netra High Availability (HA) Suite 2.0 Software offers software redundancy "out of the box," helping network equipment providers build telecom server platforms with virtually no single point of failure. With features such as reliable network file system and boot server, carrier-grade transport protocol, cluster events and checkpoints, the Netra HA Suite 2.0 Software can be used to create a highly available, dynamically scalable cluster of distributed nodes or augment existing HA frameworks.

      Upgrade Program Enables Easy Trade-up
      To Sun Cobalt RaQ and Sun Cobalt Qube Server Appliances

      Sun's new upgrade program enables current Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 customers to easily trade up to Sun Cobalt RaQ Server appliances or Sun Cobalt Qube Appliances at reduced rates. This Sun program follows Microsoft's recently announced end-of-life plans for Windows NT Server 4.0.

      Sun StorEdge 9960 Fixed Configurations
      For the Sun Fire 15K Server

      Four new fixed Sun StorEdge 9960 configurations have been developed for Sun Fire 15K Server datacenter customers. These configurations have three raw capacity points: 5.8, 13.7, and 20.9 TB and contain the typical number of host ports, cache size, shared memory, spare drives, FC cables and software required for the array size. In addition, an additional 5.8 TB capacity configuration especially for Sun Cluster Software customers has been developed with additional host port connections for redundancy. Licenses for the Sun StorEdge 9900 Resource Manager are included in all the configurations.

      Reprice of Sun StorEdge L180 Tape Library
      Staying Competitive

      The Sun StorEdge L180 Tape Library list price has been decreased in order to stay competitive. The Sun StorEdge L180 Tape Library accomodates up to ten drives, with the flexibilty to combine drive types for performance, capacity or multimedia support. It is designed to provide simple unattended backup and remote monitoring in a small footprint.

      StorEdge L6000 Tape Library
      Up to 6000 Slots for Data Cartridges

      The new Sun StorEdge L6000 Tape Library has up to 6000 slots for data cartridges (media) and holds up to 80 drives of the 9840A SCSI and/or 9840A FC drive technology. The Sun StorEdge L6000 Tape Library, is sold as a base unit with 2000 slots, with drives, robot speed upgrade, additional capacity and media options sold separately.

      Sun StorEdge PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI Host Adapter
      The First Dual Channel PCI LVD Host Adapter from Sun

      The Sun StorEdge PCI Dual Ultra3 SCSI Host Adapter, the first dual channel PCI LVD (Low Voltage Differential) host adapter from Sun, is now being introduced. Adding to Sun's family of SCSI adapters, this new Ultra3 card provides data transfer rates of up to 160 MB/s, delivering maximum I/O capability to Sun customers requiring direct attach storage solutions.

      Reprice of Sun StorEdge DLT8000 Flexipack Device
      Native Capacity of 40 GB

      Sun has repriced the Sun StorEdge DLT8000 Flexipack device in order to remain in the competitive market. This is a great value for customers who need a single drive tape unit in a desktop enclosure with a native capacity of 40 GB and a native throughput of 6 MB/second. The Sun StorEdge DLT8000 Flexipack device is designed for the backup of workstations and workgroup servers and/or use as a boot device for larger servers.

        Telecom Leader Alcatel Chooses Sun's New Storage System
        Consolidating With the Sun StorEdge 9960 System

        Alcatel will deploy the 7 TB Sun StorEdge 9960 system as part of its datacenter consolidation solution, which incorporates Sun hardware and software products, including the Sun Enterprise 3500 Server and the Sun Enterprise 4500 Servers, along with NFS client software. The system is optimized for the Solaris OE but will support other heterogeneous environments.

        Security Bulletin 215: snmpdx
        Patches for Buffer Overflow in snmpdx(1M)

        Sun has issued Security Bulletin #00215, cross-referenced CERT Advisory CA-2002-03 with the title snmpdx. Patches are being released for Solaris 8, 7, and 2.6 OE (SunOS 5.8, 5.7, and 5.6 Software) which relate to a buffer overflow in snmpdx(1M). Sun recommends the installation of patches immediately on systems running the Solstice Enterprise Agents Software, snmpdx(1M), on SunOS 5.8, 5.7, and 5.6. Vulnerable systems include: SunOS 5.8, 5.8_x86, 5.7, 5.7_x86, 5.6 and 5.6_x86 Software.

        iForce Integrated Security Solution
        Perimeter Defense

        The iForce Integrated Security Solution helps deploy perimeter defense security for enterprises and service providers that want to offer hosted security services to their customers. Integrating applications from both iForce and SunTone Partners including Check Point Software Technologies, Recourse Technologies, Trend Micro and Tripwire, this solution provides increased prevention and detection, improved capture systems and faster response to all types of security threats.

        Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 Board
        Delivers 4300-Plus New Secure Socket Layer Sessions per Second

        With the release of its Sun Crypto Accelerator 1000 Board (SCA1000), which delivers over 4300 new Secure Socket Layer (SSL) sessions per second when used with the Sun Fire 6800 Server and the iPlanet Web Server, Sun achieved a record performance level surpassing any other single secure web server solution reported to date.

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